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A bad TV movie
grahambthomson9 April 2012
I went to see this film after I saw an initial rating on here of 8 out of 10, but let me tell you it is very, very poor.

The film is littered with blatant product placement to the point that I thought at some points I was watching a slick advert. The first of these adverts is when the film lead stops to buy a drink of coke for no reason and proceeds to slowly drink it with the can taking up most of the screen, really just like an advert.

This was a little annoying but I kept hope that this was a small issue in what could become a very good film. Unfortunitly it didn't and car and phone adverts continued through the film. The script was poor and events unbelievable. Most of the action scenes you will have seen copied from Bourne or other action movies but made laughably similar but much worse. The acting from weaver was poor, although I am not sure if the blame lies with sigourney or the director. To be honest Bruce Willis is by far the best actor and carries the film for the first 20min giving some hope it will become a good action film, unfortunately it did not.

I have never walked out on a film but after a number of laugh out loud moments ( at the film ), I was seriously contemplating it. I may be wrong but i think we have a nomination for a rotten tomato award.

3 stars is being kind,
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Don't bother.... it's a waste of time.
If you've seen the Bourne Trilogy, and then you go and see this - you're going to be severely disappointed. It's like a poor man's version! This film tries to be everything that the Bourne series was - but fails spectacularly. Every element of this film that comes together to make the whole - is worthy of criticism. The storyline is amateurish. When you get to the end of the film, you recollect what you've just seen and think to yourself - man there were so many far fetched scenes and wholly unnecessary ones - but then again, if plot didn't contain them, there'd be no film! I'm sorry to be so vague, but this film was put together like a recipe. The writer must have asked himself - what do I need to put into an action/thriller to make it worthy of that genre? Got all the elements together, and mashed them together hastily to produce this utter waste of time. You're left devoid of any satisfaction by the time you reach the end. Just don't watch it and save yourself some money. Rent it on DVD, you'll thank me later.
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Not Great But Entertaining
Ralphus215 October 2012
"In the Cold Light of Day" is no "Bourne Identity". It has something of a made-for-TV look to it. At one point while watching, I was reminded of the 80s action/espionage type films sometimes directed by the likes of Lucio Fulci (Contraband, 1980) or Ruggero Deodato (Cut & Run, 1985). I suspect "In the Cold Light of Day" will look as bad in 20-odd years as those earlier films look today. OK, this film is somewhat better production values-wise (but lighter on the Italians' trademark violence), but it still has that Euro-American co-production 'el cheapo' look to it.

Nonetheless, it is, as my review heading states, quite entertaining. It plods along amiably enough for much of its length until the film's highlight, around 16 minutes from the end: a very well executed and imaginative car chase sequence. It's pretty long, well-shot (as is much of the film, incidentally), includes several creative elements, and is fast-paced and pays off well. It's one of the best car chases this reviewer recalls seeing in quite a while.

I suppose a score of 6 out of 10 is quite generous for a mediocre film such as this, but it does reflect the entertainment value this reviewer enjoyed.
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Absolutely awful
pauls15626 August 2012
If I could give this movie a 0/10, I would.

First off, and the only good thing about this movie is, there were some great actors and actresses in this movie. However, they couldn't pull off their respective roles really well.

Bruce Willis is made out to be, according to the movie poster, a lead character. Instead, he was only in the movie for the first 20-25 minutes.

Sigourney Weaver was the movie's villain. Her character tried to project a calm, cold/chilling, I don't give a crap demeanor. Instead, she just came off as sounding silly.

The plot was predictable, as was every scene in the movie. Product placement in the movie couldn't have been any more obvious.

It doesn't make sense how the movie's hero, a Wall Street trader, is able to outrun and outsmart trained CIA agents...

There are too many flaws in this movie to summarize it in 1000 words or less so, if you are going to watch, be prepared to be bored to tears...
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Cashing in on Bourne
Brian Slater24 August 2012
Even without a viewing of the trailer, I came into this movie with mildly high expectations as the the outline and cast list sold it to me. I wasn't expecting ground breaking, I wasn't expecting Willis/Weaver to have the roles of their careers, I was however expecting a middle of the road Bourne style action/mystery/spy thriller that had me entertained and interested... I was WRONG.

Although I wasn't expecting anything new, I thought maybe a new take? No. This movie was the movie you've seen a million times, but worse. It was clichéd to the extreme, the acting was laughable and wooden and everything about it seemed hard work. Even the one scene Willis and Weaver shared together seemed laboured, like neither really wanted to be there at all.

There is nothing memorable about any part of this film whatsoever other than the blatant and at times literally 'in your face' product placement. I've never seen anything quite like it. The whole movie looked like it was written in 5 minutes with the sole purpose of cashing in on Bourne, selling a few Audi's and cans of Cola, and providing Mr Willis and Ms Weaver one more paycheck before inevitable retirement (seems Weaver will do anything for a peanut these days).

2/10. Poor, poor waste of time. Avoid.
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A good and solid movie
timandm15 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this movie... I'm actually surprised I took time to watch it because of all the bad reviews I've read. I expected a boring and completely predictable movie that moved at a snail's pace... I was wrong...

1: The storyline is pseudo-predictable, but how many movies involving CIA agents aren't? Nonetheless, it still has enough twists to keep you guessing a bit. 2: The acting is excellent. Think about it... Bruce Willis AND Sigourney Weaver... 3: The technical aspects of the movie (cinematography, special effects, etc.) are excellent. 4: It has a good pace. It slows down in places but only to reveal more of the storyline...

It's a good solid movie. I recommend it.
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The Cold Art of Crap Film Making.
lewiscole18217 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can't remember a film I've seen that has been as bad as this one. The plot is confusing at times and very poorly written with some scenes being laughable while the excessive and boring action scenes are pretty dire. If the thought of seeing Bruce Willis would persuade you to see this film regardless, don't bother; they kill him off 15 minutes in just as you start to get a small hope he could save this abomination. The rest of the cast give a lacklustre performance overall.

I'd urge you to please save your money and not see this film, unless of course you enjoy an excessive amount of product placement, which is probably the only thing this film succeeds in doing.
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musclehead5223 January 2013
I have to disagree with the bourne analogy.I just don't see it ,after watching the movie I felt it went in a bit of a different direction and I actually thought the movie was entertaining,and cavill seemed unaware for the most part what was going on.Was it a blockbuster,or huge like the bourne's ? No.But it had merit and I am I admit,a little into cavill,and think he is on the rise.the thing is though,is that they are doing a lot of movies along this same line.Still,all in all,though its not great,i wouldn't go so far to say that its not worth a watch.There may be a few mistakes and oddities in the show,but still it kept my attention to the end.the storyline seems to lack here and there,but I guess I still think it turns out to be a fairly good watch.
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Pathetic, boring, uninspired and flat
Alex Vojacek31 August 2012
If I have to describe this movie with just one word, this will be: "flat".

It is when a movie tries so hard to be original when you know that it will fail miserably in doing so.

From the start the movie is victim of a thousands clichés that on and on progress from worse to unbearable as the movie end.

There is no character progression whatsoever, dialogs are flat, there are no indications of a script, there is none in fact.. Two sides looking for a briefcase that contains a "something" that is not even mentioned in the end is a pathetic attempt as a plot resource.

Even worse is the fact that Bruce Willis is non-existent in the movie, he is basically just for the sake of putting his face in the front cover of the movie.

Sigourney tries so hard with SO little, she surely doesn't need to accept this kinds of roles, specially with movies such as this one.

There are so many plot holes and incoherences that I completely lost all my interest 50% into the movie, for example, in the first 40 minutes of action, our main character was surrounded by cops as soon as he displays a gun, he couldn't move without being surrounded by cops, he even manage to have a warrant order for arrest from the local police, but, incredibly enough, the last 40 minutes of the movie we see car crashes, tourist and local people being killed for no reason, shooting in the streets, so on and so forth with ZERO cops, totally ridiculous!

The movies is a pathetic attempt at an action movie, flat and excessive in violence for no other reason than the lack of a good script.

It doesn't even deserve a 2 in my scale, since any B-movie will surpass this one very easily.

My advice, do not waste your time on this one, it's flat, boring, very unoriginal, being done a million times before and much better.. if you want to see real action with a good script, please, rent or take out of your personal collection the first Die Hard, you will be much more entertained, even if you saw it a hundred times.

Total waste of good actors.

1 out of 10, horrible.
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Horrible Movie
Mahmood Ibrahim3 May 2012
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The cinematography is migraine-inducing, the directing is pathetic and the main character is laughable with the most exaggerated of acting methods. It seems the entire premise of the movie is to blur in and out of frames while affording no story, no character development and ultimately no point to over half of the existing scenes.

I did not have the opportunity to walk out of the theater because of the company I was with. However, if I could, I would have because it is simply impossible to maintain any interest in this movie. I do not think it is worth seeing anything this director makes in the future.
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