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Great actors, really bad movie.

Author: from Denmark
23 December 2010

The only thing that impressed me about this movie, is that they managed to make a really bad movie with really good actors.

They should have spared the image of the actors and done a cartoon instead. Or not done the movie at all! I wouldn't believe some of the high ratings given. I haven't met anyone who enjoyed this movie. I went to see this movie at the cinemas last year, but I still feel a ripped of one year later…

What bothers me the most, is that with all the all the issues, cliché happenings, embarrassing moments you find at a traditional Danish Company Christmas Lunch(Julefrokost) you should have enough material to create a brilliant movie – especially with that cast!

There are so many other great danish movies, don't waste your time or money on this one.

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Great actors, poor movie

Author: Babes-2 from Denmark
16 October 2011

I was looking forward to having a couple of hours good laugh, and with the plot and the number of talented actors represented in this movie, how could I not? ...But I didn't. Far from. I don't think that either I, nor the friends watching the movie with me laughed even once. So disappointing.

The lines were tacky, the actors mere shadows of their usual talented selves.

I don't know what went wrong. I went to see the director's previous movie, "Blå Mænd" and found it to be refreshingly funny, but this one is JUST NOT FUNNY. It displays the kind of humor Danish movies were full of in the 60s and 70s, but even then they at least seemed to believe in what they were doing. This is not the case in this movie.

One piece of advice: Save your money for something better!

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Danish Movie when it is at it's finest

Author: danskoriginal from Florida
21 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not a Oscar contender but it is a fine comedy in the best tradition of Danish film making, we live in a time where people seem to want more reality than fiction in their movies.

The movie focus on a disgruntled Son's attempt to take over his dads small mechanics shop by sending a employee undercover to the annual Christmas Party, for people who have never been to a Danish Christmas party it might appear a bit strange, but I assure you the movie are holding back, a old saying is that if you do not wake up after a Christmas party with regrets you haven't been there at all.

I am not sure non Danes will get much out of this movie, but I am Danish and it was hilarious.

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Author: nzpedals from whakamaru
18 August 2015

Even with sub-titles. Set in a small-town with a big car dealership opposite a small workshop. Holger's. And his beautiful daughter. Near the end of the year they have a big party.

A new guy wants to get a job there. There is a joint interview where all the candidates are together. Saves time and effort.

Lots of great laughs. Lots of very good acting, with subtle glances instead of wordy stuff.

Some very funny scenes as they all get a bit tipsy, Stella, who has a masochistic streak especially, and a manic bulldozer that crushes everything.

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Top 5 of worst movies ever made..... in the world!

Author: marabue from Denmark
1 December 2012

A lot of great actors. Thats it! The movie is one of the worst ever made. Anyone praising this, must have some financial gain. Because it does not get worse than this. I have actually seen this twice, because I could not believe that it really was that crappy. But it is.

This has to be the directors + produceres that complete ..... How the heck did they get this movie made. The director has made one other Lortefilm, Blå Mænd. which also has some of the similar problems.

I am actually stunned, that they did not test screen this. They must have had a lot of fun making the movie, and forgotten to think about the audience. Because no one I know, likes this movie.

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It is a sin so many good actors in such a bad movie!

Author: mesmermann from Denmark
27 October 2009

When salesman Anders begins his new job, he is given a special task: to infiltrate one the company's competitors and during the annual Christmas event steal their confidential customer file. As Anders romps through the commotion and antics of the celebration, he realizes that life is an ongoing process of learning and that he is only a beginner

I was in the cinema and was positive about the movie... to it stated. It was like to see a movie with no script or storyboard. The making of the film, was probably like making a toast. The whole cinema laughed not once. Awful movie. Shame on you Rasmus Heide. He's movie from last year, was better. It is a sin so many good actors in such a bad movie!

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Not for kids - thank god

Author: capuni from Denmark
10 November 2009

Finally a Danish Christmas movie that doesn't include children and their divorced parents, who are searching for the greater meaning of life, trying rekindle long lost love and at the same time, once again, understanding that Chrismas is about sharing and being nice to one another. Duh. There's a thousand of those movie out there.

Thankfully, this movie is not that. This one has elements of the spirit of Christmas, admitted, except it's seen through the bottom of an emptied glass of snaps.

What I dug the most about Julefrokosten was that it never tried to be anything other a really good laugh - and hilarious it was. The cast did an amazing job, and even though it's not a film, which leaves you pondering about the greater meaning of life, there was still depth to many of its characters; you identified and sympathized with them.

Do yourself a favor and go see this little marvel. You'll have a blast. 10/10

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Author: danishcuti from Denmark
3 November 2009

This movie was definitely the funniest movie i have seen of 2009. Filled with excellent Danish wit and humor this movie is the culmination of talented acting, writing and directing. Rasmus Heide did very well with the 2008 Blå Mænd (Take the Trash) with Thure Lindhardt as the lead. In this one he takes a back seat so the talented Thomas Voss can express his comedic side. As usual with Danish humor, it's dirty and funny but with a plot that is very well put together it becomes a great movie, which has and will be seen by many fans of Danish comedy.

This is Thomas Voss's first lead role, though he has previously been in many of Denmark's best movies of late. Danish Cinema is in serious need of fresh faces and Thomas Voss is one fresh face you don't want to miss. So enjoy the movie as it was intended, with high spirits and friends.

10/10 purely for the politically incorrect humor and Thomas Voss

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