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26 Sep. 2010
Trying My Patients
Hacker can now talk but this is of little comfort to Digby,when he ends up in hospital with a broken arm. Hearing that the local football captain Pedro Ramirez is also a patient Digby sets out to thwart an officious matron in order to meet with the star player for a scoop but,as ever,ends up scoring an own goal.
29 Sep. 2010
Curses Foiled Again
Hacker and Digby go to the museum where Professor Sandybottom is displaying his collection of Egyptology,including a mysterious statue of a sacred but apparently cursed dog. When the statue goes missing Digby fears he will be blamed and gets Hacker to substitute as the statue. Unfortunately a mummy that has come to life takes a shine to and pursues Hacker. Can Digby get his scoop or will it be 'wrapped up' in a different way?
6 Oct. 2010
You Are Feeling Very Sneaky
Pilbury is in the grip of a spate of burglaries but Max is more concerned that Digby should take Hacker to see local 'dog whisperer' Darren Hound to cure him of his tendency to play practical jokes. Whilst with Darren Digby discovers that he is the one hypnotising animals into robbing their owners but can he avoid being hypnotised himself?
13 Oct. 2010
Army Manoeuvres
Digby and Hacker visit an Army camp to do a feature but are put into uniform and drilled by tyrannical Sergeant Bluster. When Digby hears Bluster say that the Colonel "does not have much longer with us" he suspects foul play and tries to thwart it but, as ever, gets things wrong.
20 Oct. 2010
Digby & the Viking
Hacker and Digby are metal-detecting in spooky Viking Wood when Digby discovers what he believes to be a hoard of ancient treasure though in fact it is stolen loot buried by notorious burglar the Pilbury Panther,who uses the legend of the Viking ghost to keep people at bay from his stash. Fortunately Hacker is well-versed in Kung Fu,which he puts to good use when he and Digby are interrupted,but is his opponent the Panther or a genuine Viking spirit?
27 Oct. 2010
The Laughing Cavalier
Digby and Hacker go to Max De Lacey's brother Rex's mansion to cover a story on its ghost,the Laughing Cavalier but Hacker inadvertently disintegrates it with his Ghoulie Blaster. Digby must impersonate the cavalier to fool visiting spirit hunter Antonia De Ghoul if he is to stand a ghost of a chance to get his scoop.
3 Nov. 2010
The Heat Is On
Digby and Hacker go to the park to cover a story about the summer heat-wave and discover that two crooks are controlling the weather from their ice cream van in order to increase sales. Digby has them on the run but unfortunately causes a snow storm in the middle of summer.
10 Nov. 2010
Freeze a Jolly Good Caveman
Archaeologist Professor Krinkelhoffen has discovered a frozen cave-man,which he puts on show at the local museum. Digby and Hacker go to take a photo of him but Hacker unfortunately defrosts him,causing him to run amok. Digby has to use Hacker as live bait to lure him back into the museum and refreeze him.
17 Nov. 2010
Fangs for the Memory
Digby and Hacker visit a retirement home to interview Frank, the oldest man in Britain, but find themselves competing with rival reporter Selena Sharp. Since Frank can only talk with his false teeth in and Digby's clumsiness keeps knocking them out it is left to Hacker to impersonate Frank over the phone to divulge the secret of long life.
24 Nov. 2010
Double Digby
Digby and Hacker attend the local teddy bear convention at the Pilbury hotel ,unaware that criminal Fingers Golightly,who has had plastic surgery to change his appearance and is Digby's exact double,is also there,to retrieve a stolen diamond. Confusion reigns with Digby inevitably being mistaken for the crook,thereby facilitating his escape.
1 Dec. 2010
Down in the Mouth
New confectionary sensation Colonel Croc's Grinballs is sweeping the town and Digby goes to interview the 'Colonel', a man in a crocodile suit who hypnotises him into eating so many of the sweets he needs the dentist. In fact Colonel Croc is also the dentist,drumming up trade by ruining people's teeth but,unsurprisingly,it is Hacker,not Digby that gets the scoop by exposing him.
8 Dec. 2010
Back Tud-or Future
Digby is in a Port-A-Loo, which gets towed away to a Tudor mansion where actors are portraying Henry VIII and his court. Convinced that he has journeyed back in time, Digby is determined to 'save' the woman playing Anne Boleyn from being executed and locks her in a cupboard whilst he takes her place at the block but only ends up by being arrested.
15 Dec. 2010
Court in the Act
In a clip show featuring scenes from past episodes Digby appears in court where Selena accuses him of multiple cases of cruelty to Hacker as well as numerous other offences against the people of Pilbury. The judge sentences him to two hundred years in prison. What a nightmare. Or is it?

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