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No Newt Is Good Newt
Terminally incompetent Digby Digworth,a reporter for the Pilbury Post, is sent by his irascible editor Max De Lacey,along with his dog Hacker to cover explorer Baz Allen's quest to find the rare blue-spotted newt but only succeeds in progressively injuring Baz. Rival journalist Selena Sharp is also aboard and she and Digby go head to head in their contest to be the first to spot and snap the legendary Bigfoot. Digby dresses as a female Bigfoot,attracting the amorous attentions of the legendary creature and,almost inevitably, killing the blue spotted newt in the ...
5 Jan. 2009
Out of This World
Digby sends Hacker into orbit to take a picture of outer space for a contest whose prize is a year's supply of pizzas from Planet Paolo but of course he quickly crashes with no photo taken. But an alien addicted to pizzas lands nearby,breaks into Planet Paolo and eats up all the prize. Not only does Digby get the blame for this but his efforts to take the winning snap only sends the alien back into outer space with no photo to show for it.
Monk-y Business
Digby takes Hacker to St. Edna's monastery to judge the monks' organic vegetable display and,hearing the monks refer to their honey as 'pure gold' assumes there is treasure hidden in the cellar and dresses as a monk to find it. Unfortunately he not only fails to find it but lets a burglar escape and knocks out a policewoman with a marrow.
8 Jan. 2009
Digby and Hacker are sent to do a story on a top model,but the model turns out to be a cat,which runs off at the sight of Hacker. Digby and his dog must give chase and return the model to the cat-walk in time for the photo session.
9 Jan. 2009
Fight Night
The pair are sent to Pilbury gym to interview vicious all-in wrestler the Ballista as he prepares to fight the Biter but Digby not only drops a weight on the Ballista's foot but locks his mother in the broom cupboard. With the Ballista incapacitated Digby has to take on the Biter but the Ballista is also out for revenge and makes it a three- way fight,all ending in tears.
12 Jan. 2009
Hair Brained Scheme
Hollywood action movie star Kent Cheesenberger arrives to promote his latest film and Digby and Hacker go to the press conference to interview him. Digby is convinced that Kent is wearing a wig and considers what a scoop it would be to expose him but his attempts to get secret evidence are constantly thwarted by the irate hotel manager.
13 Jan. 2009
Don't Read All About It
Famous children's authoress T.K. Towling comes to town to promote the latest book in her popular 'Billy Watson' series and both Digby and rival journalist Selena Sharp compete to be the first to interview her. Unfortunately Hacker destroys the only copy of the new book and Digby has to think fast to replace it.
14 Jan. 2009
Gran Day Out
Digby drags up to infiltrate Granny Smith's gang of old ladies tunnelling into the bank from the tea shop next door to steal a priceless ruby. The gang are caught but Digby inadvertently eats the evidence which he mistakes for a cherry on a cake.
15 Jan. 2009
Magnetic Attraction
Pilbury Police proudly unveil their robot cop B1LL to local reporters,including Hacker,whose electric collar interferes with its circuit,and Digby,whose flash camera causes it to run riot,falling in love with Councillor Wainright and going on the rampage to romance her. Digby drags up as a decoy but only succeeds in destroying the long arm of the law in the process.
16 Jan. 2009
Stop Gear
Sent to photograph the world's largest biscuit Hacker and Digby are more intrigued by Professor Stinkworth's manure-powered car outside the house next door. When boorish Clark Jamieson comes to test the car for lads' TV show 'Vroom Engines' and is disdainful of it, Digby is sure he intends to sabotage it and takes appropriate action. However he gets the wrong saboteur,breaks the world's largest biscuit and generally covers himself in anything but glory.
19 Jan. 2009
Keep Young and Beautiful
Digby's latest scoop is to interview Professor Price,who has invented an amazing anti-ageing cream but,due to Digby's clumsiness,the professor applies too much and is regressed to being a toddler. Furthermore Digby seems to have lost the formula. He has to retrieve the situation to impress cosmetics buyer Muriel Van Der Plank and actually manages to restore the professor by creating a new ageing cream. Unfortunately the two creams get mixed up when Muriel comes to apply them on herself.
20 Jan. 2009
The Pilbury Post is running an environmental campaign and has chosen its worst reporter, Digby Digworth, to act as its eco-warrior. His dog Hacker is worried about their new electric car as it runs off a mains cable, and Digby's attempts to reduce greenhouse gases are hampered by a shot at the world record for eating baked beans.
21 Jan. 2009
Bloomin' Marvellous
Digby and Hacker try to race rival Selena to photographing a rare lily, which only blooms every hundred years, but Hacker's attempts to improve its growth almost kills it. To bring it back to life Digby treats it with South American fertilizer but overdoes the dosage, causing it to explode.

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