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Season 3

25 Jul. 2011
The Big Cat
Digby takes Hacker to Sykes' farm to find out why no egg deliveries were made and learns that the hens are scared to lay as a giant wild cat is prowling the area. Digby builds a trap to catch the beast only to discover that it is a tiny but extremely vicious kitten. But even somebody as stupid as Digby Digworth could not fail to outwit a kitten?
26 Jul. 2011
Restaurant Reservation
Sent to deliver the paper to chef Lester Lukenal at the Skinny Mallard restaurant Digby is mistaken for the food critic judging Lester's Pudding of the Year entry - which of course he destroys. Whilst Digby diverts Lester by ordering a meal Hacker attempts a repair job but when the real critic arrives she gets a surprise when the pudding is unveiled.
27 Jul. 2011
Going for Gold
Digby vows to save the Pilbury scout hut from being demolished to make way for a Hippo hypermarket,in the process hoping to gain his gold award badge at last. After he and Hacker have staged a sit-down protest Selina turns up,expecting Digby's ineptitude to provide her with a scoop of her own. When Digby decides to pull the hut to safety Selina is not disappointed.
28 Jul. 2011
Seeing Stars
Max sends Digby and Hacker to accompany his precocious niece Belinda who has won a contest to meet Geordie pop star Leonie Hart. However Digby falls foul of Leonie's manager and his efforts to smuggle Belinda into the studio end up by incapacitating Leonie. When the two girls finally meet it is not a happy encounter - and Hacker is there to capture it on camera.
29 Jul. 2011
Foul Play
As a life long supporter of Pilbury United Digby defies Max and goes to the press conference for the team's hot new signing,striker Carl Plummer - and overhears Carl planning to steal the transfer money. Digby gets Hacker to swap the money into another bag whilst he creates a diversion on the pitch. His skills are dazzling - sadly his plan is anything but.
1 Aug. 2011
Come in Digby Your Time's Up
When Max's eccentric aunt Annie specifically asks that Digby write the article on her antique shop, the oldest shop in Pilbury, it is inevitable that his clumsiness will result in all the antiques being smashed. However, this is just what Annie wants, so that she can close the shop and open a cats' home. However, no one has told Digby, who tries to hide in a grandfather clock, only to find it has been delivered to Max's office.
2 Aug. 2011
Always the Bridesmaid
Digby is sent to cover a society wedding, where, prior to the ceremony, he starts eating the cake and spatters the bridal gown with icing. Though he and Hacker do their best to fix things, Hacker's swallowing the wedding ring and Digby's plan to put everything right so that the guests will never notice lead to a registry riot.
3 Aug. 2011
Taking Pictures
Digby and Hacker become security guards at Pilbury art gallery to lay a trap for the thief stealing portraits of local worthies,including Hacker's painting of Max. Overhearing the gallery owner making a sale of two cars over the phone Digby assumes she is the thief and tells the head of security - which is not a good idea as he is the actual burglar.
4 Aug. 2011
First Past the Post
Expecting the sack after another disaster Digby sends Max his letter of resignation,which also includes some insulting comments. Next day he regrets it but his efforts to retrieve the letter from the post fail and it arrives at Max's office. It looks as if Digby's only hope is to succumb to the advances of Clarabell, the secretary who fancies him.
5 Aug. 2011
Whilst visiting the studios where the top soap 'NorthEnders' is recorded Digby causes chaos on the set but Hacker wins a role in the soap,becoming so popular that a jealous co-star sabotages his big scene,getting him the sack. To save his friend's job Digby breaks into the studio office to find his contract but only succeeds in wiping clean a week's episodes from the computer.
8 Aug. 2011
Digby's Dilemma
Looking for love Max sends Digby and Hacker to check out the Warm Hugs Dating Agency,run by gold-digging Veronica Potts. Wrongly believing Digby to be wealthy Miss Potts comes on to him but throws him out after he has given her a supposedly valuable necklace. Digby's efforts to retrieve the necklace result in the destruction of the agency's computer and Max ending up with a very unlikely date.
9 Aug. 2011
Now That's Magic
Whilst Hacker wants his new-found skills as a magician to hit the front page Max prefers Digby to cover the Pilbury fun run,taking part in it in drag. When Hacker's new trick leaves the two men handcuffed together Digby looks to have a get out clause but Max has other ideas and Digby ends up breaking the course record - or so he thinks.
10 Aug. 2011
The Digworth Method
Digby is invited to address students about his work but footage of an angry Max,and of his usual incompetence,plus the fact that he has his hand stuck in a biscuit jar,only show him up to be the bumbling idiot that he is. Could it be that he has been used by Selina to demonstrate to the audience how NOT to be a reporter?

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