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Trailer for Keisuke Yoshida's "Sankaku"

Here’s the trailer for Sankaku, the latest film by director Keisuke Yoshida (Raw Summer, Cafe Isobe).

The film stars Sosuke Takaoka as 30-year-old Momose, a bit of a loser who’s currently living with his girlfriend Kayo (Tomoko Tabata). However, their relationship is far from loving, as they’ve recently fallen into a rut and have become slightly bored of one another.

One day, Kayo’s 15-year-old sister Momo (Erena Ono of AKB48) comes to stay with them during her summer vacation from junior high school. As soon as she moves in, Momose can’t seem to calm down around her, as Momo does things like walk around in her underwear or cutely whisper things in his ear. In spite of his relationship with 27-year-old Kayo, Momose finds himself charmed by the way-too-young Momo in a strange summer love triangle.

Nikkatsu will be releasing “Sankaku” in Japan on June 26, 2010.

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