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An utterly random movie surfing the torture porn wave
dschmeding17 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I have to say that I haven't seen such a random movie for a while. "Neighbor" ... and here it starts, even the title of the movie makes no sense with the "plot" of it. Everybody read the synopsis so I won't get into it... there is nothing more to say about what goes on here except they spiced it up with a non-linear chaotic time-line that suggests a deeper meaning but when the credits roll you will yell at the screen about the plain stupidity of it all.

So what are the major letdowns? There is no character development whatsoever, the main villain is not explained except for some shallow sidelines that suggest she experienced something bad (duh!). The female lead overacts like hell, scenes are mashed together randomly and we never learn why the hell she is shortly portrayed as some kind of a nurse just to turn into a waitress the next moment and then become a rock chick with leather skirts and boots that she lends from a guys house. The "posh" neighborhood is portrayed inconsistently, the torture scenes are just there to reel the Hostel/SAW fans in and whats most despicable of all that the movie tries to be smart and funny with some movie quotes and lame jokes while the overall tone of the movie just doesn't fit with this element.

Why is the girl obsessed with the guy, why does she shed one tear, what about her notebook that is strongly accented in the beginning and then dropped on the sidelines, why is that ridiculous acid face burn (worst Special FX in the movie BTW) inserted with some ghost visions just to get dropped as well. The script is a mess, visuals and actors are OK.... but this is one of the most obvious signs lately that this torture movie hype needs to end.
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So this is what passes for a movie nowadays?
TomTom23324 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Hey, we got money for some good gory effects." "But we don't have any money now for actors, a writer or director" "Ah, we don't need it. Just get some people off the street. No one will notice."

Sometimes you watch a "movie" so bad you can't believe that there was someone in the world who actually uttered the words "yes, I will see this gets funded" The lead actress is very easy on the eyes - and then she tries to act and even someone this attractive looks ugly. Everyone else is worse.

The director, if you can call him that, has his name above the title. I don't know why. When I saw that I assumed he was someone of note I must have not heard of before but after looking at his credits, he's not. And of course he possesses no actual directing skills. None. Just think if you saw some bad video on youtube and the guy who made it puts his name above the title. It's that stupid.

This "movie" makes no sense. But the worst thing of all, besides the terrible acting, writing and "directing" is the fact it still got a DVD deal. Really, it's pretty amazing what can get a DVD deal nowadays. Now my six year old is pretty handy with the camera - I wonder if this director can hook us up. I will make sure my six year old puts his name above the title on his work.
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Rather dull torture themed flick that tries to be too clever and fails.
Corpus_Vile5 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
An unnamed psycho chick (America Olivo)breaks into the homes of suburbia, subjecting the inhabitants to horrific degrees of torture. She soon has her eye on likable guy Don, (Christian Campell)who is planning on hosting a party with his friends. However, his plans are interrupted in a bad way when our anti heroine pays him a call. Will he survive what she has in store for him? Or will his tormentor be hosting a party of her own?

I caught this at the Edinburgh Fabfest, and when the producer introduces an honest to god doctor to warn patrons of a film's content, I couldn't help but suspect a cheap gimmick, and unfortunately, I wasn't wrong either.

Apart from some very impressive FX and set pieces, (and one scene in particular is guaranteed a reaction from guys and will be the talking point of the film), there's really nothing new to see here at all.

It attempts to make use of a disastrous time slip plot device which fails miserably, and will have you scratching your head as it's ultimately meaningless, and appears to be an attempt to give the film some gravitas, which it doesn't have, because ultimately, the film doesn't really go anywhere, and has no particular plot to it.

However, fans of extreme horror for the sake of it, who may have liked Grotesque for example, or who are fans of set pieces, could do a lot worse here though, as the film definitely doesn't shy away from extreme content, shows an absolute willingness to push the envelope, and again,is technically brilliant in its execution.

The film overall however, is a pretty unremarkable and ultimately disappointing affair, which is a pity, as it potentially could have been great.
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Pointlessly horrendous, and horrendously pointless
martynmc724 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
All those who attended the Celluloid Screams horror festival in Sheffield tonight were 'treated' to an uncut and unrated UK premier of Neighbor in the presence of the films producer, who both introduced and attended a Q&A after the screening.

To sum up the plot (of what little there is) Neighbor is the logical conclusion to the current wave of torture-porn, consisting of little more than a woman who breaks into her neighbour's houses and tortures them for fun. Some of these neighbour's are having a party, and one by one they arrive and get tortured in increasingly nasty and violent ways.

When introducing the film the producer told the audience it was OK to laugh as this wasn't meant to be serious, however, the tone of the film is very dark and not really particularly humorous. I guess the producer thought that the killer telling some jokes here-and-there, and torturing a man by sticking a swizzle-stick down his penis until it bleeds, and then breaking the stick inside (get it...cocktail!) counts as humour. Well I'm afraid I found the film unsettling, unnecessary and nasty.

However, my main issue concerns just how pointless the whole film is. There is no reason for any of it, and in fact the producer admitted to the audience that the non-linear timing was added so people thought the film was deeper than it was (he also admitted he didn't really like movies and preferred music, and that the editor had to throw up when editing some of the scenes...which I don't blame him for.)

Ultimately, this film was made to be sick and nasty, at least in other such extreme cinema a semblance of point could be found (such as Salo, or Cannibal Holocaust), but Neighbor is having none of it. I doubt it will get a release (and the censors will hack it to pieces before it does), and if it is released I cannot really recommend it to anyone. Suffice it to say it left a very sour taste in my mouth.

I gave this film 2 stars as the acting is very good, and the SFX are astounding considering the budget (though to be honest, the realism is what makes this nasty pieces of trash even worse). See it if you must, but don't expect to enjoy it or get it out of your head for a long while to come.
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saying this is awful is being kind
Flashlight_Redlight25 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
i cant believe how bad this is. its one of the worst movies ever made. it is shot on video with really bad actors and a director who has no clue what hes doing. whoever wrote this garbage should go to prison. i admit we couldn't watch the whole thing it was just to boring. the guy getting tortured seems to just be getting pinched or something because he doesn't act like hes in any real pain. the girl doing the torturing is a terrible terrible actress. the special fx are week. i don't know what happened at the end because i couldn't watch the rest it was so boring. how did this end up on a DVD ? can someone tell me that. those bad straight to video blair witch project parodies were actually better than this. i give this movie a one only because you cant go any lower. this is the worst movie ever made.

the day i posted this i got an email from another user who said the director flags all the bad reviews. then a few days later my post was gone. so be careful. i am contacting the IMDb about this, this must be against the rules.
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worst movie I've ever seen
troy1269531 July 2010
Matched by the terrible effects and acting of the worst movie you can see, the plot of this movie was awful and made no sense what so ever. I laughed at this movie the entire time, and it wasn't meant to be funny. This movie contained the worst acting I've ever seen, and the worst attempt at special effects that I've ever had to endure, trying not laugh the whole time. I do not recommend that anybody should watch this movie, unless you want to see an atrocious story plot filled with bad acting. I don't know why this movie got anything higher than a 1, but it doesn't deserve anything higher. Anybody who liked this movie, are people that don't know a real movie from a pathetic excuse to call a movie. This movie to me, will be the worst movie I've ever seen. But i haven't seen M. Night Shyamalan's The last Airbender yet so it probably wont be for very long.
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There are no words to describe how awful this is
On_The_Mark28 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The fact there is the word "awful" next to the one when you choose it here is about as apropos as it gets.

This was bad. It makes Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 look like Citizen Kane and that is no exaggeration, my friends. Sometimes you come across a movie so poorly executed, you sit there mouth agape wondering if it's real. The fact that someone actually wrote what was saw on the screen down, in English, boggles the mind. Even the actors had to be giggling at how bad it was, not that these people are going to get a lot of work with the level of skill displayed (although it's not like they had a lot to work with) - but the lead guy, he was just terrible and he's supposed to be the brother of Neve Campbell. Well, Martin Sheen and Patrick Swayze have a bad actor brothers too, so there you go.

The guy who directed this mess should be punished. He should be locked in a room and forced to watch it over and over and over for a week straight. He should be arrested and fined and banned from ever directing anything ever again.

And for you wannabe filmmakers, take note. This is exactly what you do not do. If you want to make a movie, make sure there's a story. Make your characters three dimensional and work on your dialog. Just having a bunch of gore with no real story does not make an entertaining film. Learn how to direct a film keeping in mind the viewpoint of the people watching (this guy sure didn't).

Luckily we didn't have to pay to see this waste of a DVD and I honestly feel sorry for anyone who was duped into thinking this was an entertaining movie and forking out whatever money you had to pay (even a dollar is a rip-off).

I like to write letters for stuff that is really good or really bad (this being the latter) and the only place I can think of complaining is Lionsgate. Yeah, Lionsgate? Have they scraped the bottom of the barrel or what?
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A dreadfully odious pile of rubbish
pickles5529 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I read one review here...someone actually claimed this was done by a guy who is a mixture of Hitchcock and Tarantino. There isn't a dimension in the spectrum of dimensions that this would be true. This clearly was written by someone who worked on this pile of twaddle. Even Tarantino, whose tastes are of a 15 year old fanboy, would have been insulted. To put this in perspective, it would be like saying the cat playing piano video on youtube was done by someone who is a mixture of Spielberg and John Ford. It's insulting.

The acting in this rigmarole border on high school playish...the director has zero clue what he's doing. I haven't looked at his credits yet but I find it hard to believe this wasn't some guy who was just plucked off the street. He has no skills yet his name is above the credits. So not only is he taking credit for this ludicrousness, but somehow thinks his name will bring in viewers. I can see no other reason why his name would be in the title. At least we know that name is now synonymous with terrible cinema. He makes Uwe Boll look like Frank Darabont.

We could not finish this, it was too amateurishly written, directed and's clear we've reach a new age in DVDs...literally anyone can make a movie and get it on a DVD. If you stay away from one rental in 2010, make it this movie. this a movie?
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Interesting premise, but horribly done with out of continuity F/X
white_fire418 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has a good premise. A girl who lives in your neighborhood, going around and killing everyone around you in varying forms of gory torture, just to entertain herself. The thought of that would be very scary in real life, and if done properly, could make for a very tense, entertaining movie.

It's unfortunate this idea was turned into this horrible B 'movie'.

While it starts off very strong, and in a very interesting way, it unfortunately goes downhill, especially after the half way mark when it tries to do hallucination based alternate time lines that make no real sense and have no point being in the movie, other than to provide more gore.

A young woman, who is never named, starts off in a kitchen, eating some cereal, going through the house as if just waking up in the morning, giving the viewer a sense of calm. This quickly turns to horror, as she goes upstairs, into a room very calmly, and finds the actual husband and wife of the house, tied up to chairs, with horrible looking wounds on their bodies, the wife dead in the chair. Very chilling and nerve racking, as the Girl displays massive psychosis and a very calm nature while finishing off the occupants.

From there, we go to the main leading man, who just had a crap load of shrooms and wakes up in his chair, watching TV on his widescreen....which is inexplicably hooked up to an archaic cable TV device. It makes no sense whatsoever if you are aware of technology of both today and yesteryear. And this is just the first of many head scratching things in the movie.

We find out that the main lead guy is a 'musician', hangs out at a local eatery/pub a lot, is infatuated with a girl from the bar, but never says anything to her, was in a relationship with a rather chubby, unattractive blonde who works in a book store filled with seemingly nothing but paperback books....I haven't seen a store like that in about 10 years.

He has two male friends, one of which is getting married, which only ever comes into play in the aforementioned hallucination sequences later on, and serves really only at a feeble attempt of character development.

After spending a night at the house working on music, and then watching a movie together....3 men, watching a movie together, with no hint of beer or anything....just a bit odd. But not as odd as where they all actually live, because the 'neighborhood' is constantly shifting and changing, from posh, to suburban, to ghetto hood depending on the shot in the film. Incredibly inconsistent, even in the interior of the house, as the main leads basement looks like a rat dwelling, and yet the upstairs looks like it's taken care of by Martha Stewart? See how I went from one point to another there without finishing the first point? Expect that A LOT in this movie. It will randomly cut from one thing to another, and never really finish certain shots/stories.

Anyways, after the movie watching, the male lead is standing in his driveway, a bunch of stuff with the friends, then he's in his basement tied up in a chair by the Girl. What follows is inconsistent, blathering nonsense, punctuated with scenes of bloody gore.

Now, with the gore....while it looks decent, it too, unfortunately, is very inconsistent. For one thing, the main guy has his wrists duct taped to the chair, but in one shot when he's 'escaping', the tape is magically gone and he's free. I kid you not.

One girl is given a glasgow smile with a hacksaw....yet in scenes just a minute or two later, with her cheeks all torn apart, you can literally see the sides of her mouth, still in tact.

The main guy has his eye lids pinned up into his forehead, yet again, later on, the holes still in his forehead, his eyelids are fine, in fact back to completely normal, no holes, no nothing! At it's very core, it's essentially a girl who just tortures the hell out of everyone in a few houses for an hour and a half, with about 20 minutes of WTF is going on thrown in the middle for some reason.

This movie could have been something much better, but ultimately, it's just bad. Besides, any movie that constantly finds an excuse to throw in the beginning of the credits from some movie the director made 10 years ago, which was also a B grade movie, is just not good.
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Just when you thought it was safe to rent a DVD
Mariah_Livingston1 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a girl, ya, and I like horror movies. I like gory movies. I like Saw and Hostel and I saw someone compared this to them and I was excited and then I saw this and I have to say I cant believe how awful this is. It was bad. I would be embarrassed to say I had anything to do with this. The directors name is over the title so he must be proud but I don't know why because this stinks. There were two guys in my school who ended up making a movie with some friends and it got on DVD and got on Cinemax and now they're making money and I guess thats how this movie got made because its really got cheap production values and no script and no one seems to know what their doing. this gives me hope that i can make a movie that can get on DVD. If something this amateurish got on DVD, anyone can do it. I have seen some bad straight to DVD movies lately and then I saw some good ones for a while so I thought the quality of filmmaker out there was getting better and then I saw this and that good feeling was lost. But on the positive, Im getting together with my friends to make a movie, at the worst it will be better than this, so look out for it! PS - someone PMd me and told me the director flags all the reviews he doesn't like. Mine just got flagged and I reposted. I'm reporting this guy. Please, if you have been flagged, please PM me. This is wrong.
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