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  • The seven remaining teams stay in Russia as they travel from Krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk. At the Detour, some teams struggle to stay in the race when they have to navigate their Lada cars with manual transmission through Siberia's icy streets. At the Road Block, one person from each team has to strip down to their bare essentials for a bone-chilling task.


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  • Previously: Seven teams ended up in Siberia and the flight attendants won the leg. Margie and Luke hit Kris and Amanda with a blind U-turn, effectively knocking them out.

    This week At the theater of Musical Comedy, the fourth pit stop on the Race. The seven teams remaining are taking a mandatory rest period. Christie and Jodi are the first to leave, riding the Trans-Siberian railroad to somewhere no English speaker can spell. Kisha and Jen are next and catch up with the flight attendants. They get their train tickets, but have a 10 hour wait before they leave. All the teams are on the same train. "Let last become first and let the first become last," says Mike White. "He's quoting the Bible, thank God. It's a miracle!" dad Mel jokes.

    They all get sleeper cars. Mike White is impressed with Margie and Luke. "He's going to create a whole new archetype: the sinister deaf kid," he jokes.

    Victor think allegiances are falling away. They think it's going to be a mad dash once they hit Novosibirsk.

    It is. They de-train and all run for cabs. The cheerleaders wait and stop for Margie and Luke. The stuntmen race across traffic, because they can.

    Kisha and Jen end up last because Kisha ran the opposite direction from everyone off the train.

    They find the clue box with a Detour. The choices are "Russian Bride" or "snow plow" (two unavoidable aspects of Russian life, Phil tells us). In Russian bride they choose a car with a four-speed manual transmission and have to find a bride in a giant apartment complex. Then they take her to a church where, after the wedding photo is snapped, they get their next clue.

    In snow plow they have to operate a snow plow through a training course. Margie & Luke go snow plow and Tammy & Victor follow along. Margie & Luke, Tammy & Victor and the cheerleaders all stop and ask for directions. Tammy & Victor get answers first and leave. Margie & Luke follow and get left behind when Victor takes off. Luke's suspicious of them.

    Christie and Jodi arrive at the Detour and try to leave before the stuntmen get there.

    Mel & Mike arrive at the giant apartment building and go looking for the bride. Mike takes time to compliment the bride.

    Jaime & Cara catch up and pass Victor & Tammy. They arrive at the stadium and choose a snowplow.

    Mel & Mike ask directions to the church and the flight attendants don't believe the drunk dudes who give them directions.

    Victor completes his snow plow lap and Tammy hops in. Luke gets frustrated with his mom's crooked driving.

    Elsewhere, Kisha and Jen find the bride in the building and the flight attendants find the apartment when they see the car parked out front.

    Tammy & Victor finish driving first and get a clue sending them to the largest library in Siberia where they'll search for their next clue. The cheerleaders and Margie & Luke are close behind, leaving shortly before the stunt men get there.

    Mel & Mike finish with the bride and the flight attendants get a man to drive them to the church - but it's the wrong one.

    They get directions inside and head to another one as the bride freezes quietly.

    Margie & Luke reach the road block. They have to run 1.4 miles in their skivvies. Tammy decides to do it before they know what she's doing. Victor is jealous.

    Luke sets off, followed by Tammy. Cara walks. The locals giggle.

    Mel & Mike reach the clue. Mike reads "Who has stamina and absolutely no shame?" and immediately volunteers.

    Kisha & Jen drop off their bride followed by the flight attendants, in last place.

    The temperature reads -4 Celsius.

    Luke finishes first and arrives at the ballet. They're No. 1. They win a trip to San Lucia.

    Tammy is 2nd and reports to Jaime that Cara is walking. But she rounds the corner and picks up the pace. They're 3rd.

    Mike runs in his giant Russian boots and regrets his footwear choice, but scores high on the visual comedy scale.

    Kisha & Jen and the flight attendants are still in their cars, trying to maneuver on icy roads and a manual transmission.

    Mike White finishes the race followed by Mark. The stunt men race up the stairs on the Whites' heels.

    Kisha & Jen arrive at the road block. Christie ends up running the course in her thong (they fuzz out her buns on TV). "My dad's gonna die," she says. Jodi gets her finger looked at after slamming it in the car door.

    Kisha & Jen just barely finish ahead of Christie & Jodi. But Phil has good news: they're still in. They'll be leaving last and will have to complete a speed bump at some point.

    Next week: Luke is bothered by the poverty in India and the cheerleaders lose their bag. Also, a camel makes an appearance.

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