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Season 1

22 Feb. 2010
I Don't
For the past fifteen years on her birthday paramedic Eddie has asked long-term partner and mother of his two sons Lillie to marry him. She always refuses,claiming that don't need a marriage licence to be happy. Her friend Babs is irritated by her feckless,unemployed husband Dickie's futile get-rich-quick schemes and is considering leaving him whilst Dickie's brother Clint, usually a sex mad bed-hopper, is smitten by cool,hard-to-get Abbie. When an elderly female patient who spoke glowingly of her happy marriage, dies,Eddie asks Lillie to reconsider but she declines, ...
1 Mar. 2010
Dinner for Six
Sent packing by Babs Dickie parks up outside Clint's flat, pranging Clint's car in the process. Clint,in an effort to impress Abbey, throws a dinner party though he cheats by ordering the food from an Indian takeaway. He invites Lillie and Eddie and bribes Dickie to bring Babs. All goes well until Eddie accuses Lillie,suspended from work after socking an irate husband, of wanting to call off the wedding. This sets Babs and Dickie off and both couples leave - though they do reconcile. Abbey,however, is impressed by Clint's concern for them whilst Geena, Babs' teenage ...
8 Mar. 2010
Burning Rubber
Lillie gets her job back as, at her tribunal, she proves that the alleged victim of her assault, was faking it. Jack is bullied at school because of his bookishness but Gina capitalizes on it and the school bully appoints him tactician for the football team. Babs and Lillie have a girls' night in with Abbey, who tells them she is ready for sex with Clint. However Clint, having taken Dickie to a pole dancing club to cheer him up after rejection by Babs on their wedding anniversary, ends up with dancer Fabiola and has to make a choice. Lillie's propensity for smelling ...
15 Mar. 2010
Eddie takes Lillie to hospital for tests, which indicate a tumour. Abbey is set to get jiggy with Clint but bolts when she sees a text from Fabiola on his phone. However he wins her back by climbing up her building to her balcony, annoying a neighbour on the way. Gina takes Harry to a dance but leaves him to go off with Eros, a boy her mother considers unsuitable whilst Dickie, out shopping, gets the come-on from store detective Natalie.
22 Mar. 2010
Concerned that there is not enough money for a decent wedding Lillie borrows a dress from Abbey's modelling agency,giving Clint a close shave when he and Abbey go to the dry cleaners with it and find Fabiana works there. Nothing is said but Fabiana implies it might be. After saving a circus strong man's life Eddie and co-driver Flo persuade the circus folk to provide a big top and performers which makes the reception a huge success. Dickie thwarts Eros from stealing the wedding presents, causing Gina to see Harry's true worth. The happy couple go to their hotel but ...
29 Mar. 2010
Lillie dies and Eddie dedicates a park bench to her, where he and his sons go to 'commune' with her. Babs and Gina move into Eddie's house to save money as Babs and Dickie grow apart and he takes up with Fabiana, who had come round to show Clint up but moves into the Winnebago. When Abbey realises who she is, she leaves Clint. Harry hops into bed with Gina but Eddie resists the temptation to look in on Babs. Instead he imagines a conversation with Lillie, after which he goes to sleep, dreaming that he is on a trampoline, surrounded by his family and friends.

 Season 1 

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