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Producer Sharon Cicero Dies at 53

Sharon Cicero, former president of Madonna’s Maverick Films and partner at Longbow Prods., has died in her Westwood home on March 12 after a long illness. She was 53.

Her TV production credits include several telefilms such as Lifetime’s “Acceptance” starring Mae Whitman and Joan Cusack, CBS’ “The Summer of Ben Tyler” starring James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern and “Forever Love” with Reba McEntire and Tim Matheson.

The California native grew up in Sherman Oaks and graduated from UCLA with a degree in kinesiology and biology in 1982. After attending two years of medical school, Cicero’s career path was altered by a chance summer internship in the entertainment industry that led her to join CAA.

Cicero worked in CAA’s TV department as a packaging agent until she moved on to become Maverick’s prexy in 1992. She was named VP of Longbow the following year and later became a partner.
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[TV] Acceptance

Taylor Rockefeller’s life sucks. Her mom is pressuring her to pick an Ivy League school even as her grades slowly fall, her parents are separating, and she has this teeny tiny problem with stealing her neighbors’ mail. Nothing is going right for her, until she visits Yates College. Yates is everything Taylor (played by Mae Whitman of TV’s Parenthood) is looking for in a school, and she knows it is where she is meant to be.

While her classmates prep for Harvard and MIT, Taylor must find a way to prove to the interim Dean of Admissions that she is Yates material. But can she get into one of the top 50 ranked schools in America (even if they were accidentally placed on the top 50 list) when even her admissions essay on Mother Teresa winds up being depressing?

Acceptance is an over the top look at what the underachievers
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Party Favors: News Harsh

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Hamsterdam, MD - News at 4:20. As part of the celebration for the upcoming season of Weeds, Glick University polled over 4,000 Americans about what TV News personalities they wanted to see get high during a broadcast.

Naturally there were ground rules including the disqualifications of news organizations that contain notorious on air potheads. This meant no votes were collected for the cast of The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Fox and Friends. You think Steve Doocey is sober? Hard to think that any of those folks have eyes that aren’t pied 24-7.

10, Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) had a lot of folks who reacted that it’d be like, “Dude, I’m getting high with dad.” Of course this initial elation is cut down with the horrifying fact of “Dude, I’m getting high with dad and it’s just not someone I need to party with.”

Rick Sanchez
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Joan Cusack: ‘I Don’t Want to Be a Helicopter Parent’

Ron Smits/London Ent/Splash News Online In the new Lifetime movie Acceptance, Joan Cusack portrays the mom of an overachieving high school student struggling to gain entry to the college of her choice. Her two children in real life — Dylan John, 12, and Miles, 9 — aren’t yet in high school, and Joan says she’s happy that college is far from their minds.

“I have friends that are going through that stuff,” the 46-year-old actress notes to TV Squad. “There are some parents whose kids are in grade school who do think about colleges, and fortunately, I don’t have that particular burden.”

As Dylan and Miles have gotten older Joan has gotten more selective in the roles she accepts, admitting that she is hesitant to stray too far from their “awesome” hometown of Chicago. “And I use that word ‘awesome’ because I have two young boys,” she says with a laugh.
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Joan Cusack: The TV Squad Interview

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Joan Cusack has made a career of finding the comedically crumbling foundations beneath what are at first normal-seeming characters. The two-time Oscar nominee also has a knack for making the most out of her roles, and in the new Lifetime movie Acceptance, both of her greatest skills are on display.

In the movie, which debuts on Saturday at 9Pm Et, Cusack plays Nina Rockefeller, the hard-driving and high-strung mother of the movie's protagonist, Taylor (played by Mae Whitman of Arrested Development). The movie examines the pressure on high school overachievers to go to just the "right" college, and the story is told in a way that looks at it from both the students' and the parents' perspectives.

Cusack called me from Chicago (where she lives full-time) earlier this week. We talked about college pressures, if the notion of a Lifetime movie has changed, and why she loves working with her brother John so damn much.
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