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Plot Summary

  • DeWitt leaves Dominic in charge of the Dollhouse when she has to leave for a short period. Topher finds a chip in the imprint chair which has been used by other agencies to alter the programming on the actives. As the Dollhouse looks for the spy within, Ballard learns more about the Dollhouse.

    - Written by Jesse Sanchez
  • When Topher discovers a microchip and reports to Boyd, they suspect that there may be a spy within the Dollhouse in which they both, as well as Dr. Saunders, Ivy, and Adelle become suspects. Echo volunteers herself to be programed as a detective to help Laurence find the mole, while Sierra is programed to go undercover as a worker at NSA (the only government branch that the Dollhouse does not have any contacts in) to find the spy. Meanwhile, Adelle is revealed to not only be the head of the L.A. Dollhouse branch... but also to be an anonymous client when she hires Victor to be programed as her lost love. Elsewhere, Ballard finally learns that Mellie is the lethal Dollhouse Active: November, when the mole contacts him via November's tampering and requests him to focus on his investigation to the Dollhouse's clientèle.

    - Written by matt-282


Topher discovers that there is a mole inside the Dollhouse. Everyone is a suspect. Adelle is out in a conference so she puts Dominic in charge...

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