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Good for adults and teens with a sense of humour

Author: hideme666 from Canada
31 July 2010

It's an edgy show. Check out the Amish episode -- absolutely brilliant! Why are there so many hostile reviews? The reviews mostly seem to come from viewers of a channel called NICK (is that a kids channel?).

This show has unique, high quality and appealing animation. They certainly don't skimp on the animators.

The few episodes I've seen have been quite interesting and have had good production values. The plots may be bit over the top but there aren't many animated shows out there that can capture my attention (most of them are quite bland and have been gutted to meet PG13 censor requirements).

Check it out and ignore the NICK viewers (was there maybe a concerted effort to malign the show?). It's worth your while (especially the Amish episode)! This is a show that could very easily grow to rival the Simpsons when they peaked.

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This show is sick!!!!

Author: jasonisu4 from United States
18 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched an episode of this show on Nick and it was the most disgusting piece of garbage that I have ever seen on Nick. I can't believe that Nick would even show something like this. I don't even know where to start. The clay animation that is used for this show looks gross and it almost looks like that mess of a show Robot Chicken that Cartoon Network likes to air. Aside from that the content in this program is just awful. In an episode I saw a guy get stabbed in the eye with a knife and they showed blood spurting out of his eye. Then they show a guy get gasoline poured on him and he burns alive. Then a tiger swallows half his body while the other half is shown hanging out of the tiger's mouth. I also saw a boy stick his head in the butt of an elephant. Yes an elephant. While this goes on a crowd watches and they start to throw up. Vommit is clearly shown coming out of about 5 or 6 peoples mouthes. And while all of that was going on they even had the presence of mind to play a laugh track like something was supposed to be funny. None of it is funny, it's just sick. And it's on Nick. I would expect something like this to be shown on Adult Swim or something. The person who allowed this to be shown on Nick needs to be slapped. Nick has really gone downhill in the last couple of years but they have hit an all time low by showing this sick, pathetic excuse of a show!

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What was Nick thinking?!

Author: Ace_Of_Flames from United States
19 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hey, does your idea of funny involve crude, disgusting jokes with weird animation and an annoying laugh track? Then this show is for you! Where to begin...well, first off, the animation is fairly bad. And by that I mean the entire show looks bad. Every character has this odd look to them, kinda like what you see in shows like Robot Chicken. That along with everything else is not realistic, and at the same time not exactly cartoonish. Somewhere in the middle. Nonetheless, I assure you that you're going to want to throw up because even looking at this show will make you sick because of the gross and unappealing style it has. Seriously, that image of the dogs butt is still stuck in my head, I'm scarred for life. Glenn and his family aren't exactly God's gift from above either. As far as realism in their movements and all....well, their made of clay and it's a stop motion animated cartoon. I never really cared for that kind of stuff.


Wow, with all these hideous looking people you would think the humor would be able to make up for it. Well, that's absolutely wrong because nearly every joke is repulsive. And when it's not, it's just unfunny. I mean come on, a guy preaching about living life to it's fullest then dying is slightly amusing, but not really original. A kid shoving his head up an elephants butt? Now that's just too much. Glenn Martin DDS completely misses the mark in terms of being funny. Oh, by the way, the laugh track makes me want to bang my head against the wall. So annoying. What makes it worse is that it's like it's trying to tell people when to laugh: as if the creators themselves knew that the show was going to be bad and that everyone needed to be pushed to get even a chuckle out of them.

HUMOR: Horrible

Overall, this show just blows. A few things in it might make you giggle once in a while, but never does it feel fresh or likable in any way. In fact, Glenn Martin DDS at times feels almost unwatchable. If the promos didn't turn you off to ever watching it, thirty minutes of it will make you regret ever doing it in the first place.


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What is this trash?

Author: shoetomos from United States
19 August 2009

This show is awful, crude, and downright Nasty. I can't believe that they would even air this crap, it's not entertaining all. The jokes are not funny, the look of show in general is really bad and to top it all off there is a laugh track. A freaking laugh track! I knew from trailers they ran that it would be bad but the laugh track just took it all to another level. The writing its self makes no sense. There was also a scene they showed in the trailer that let me know for sure how crude this was, the Dad was digging in some kids mouth and his whole hand went through the kids mouth including the chair he was sitting in. It's bad enough that Nick is suffering with the crap they show during the day and now this? Ugh please end this. This show is just begging to be canceled, I won't be surprised if it doesn't make it past the first season.

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A sleeper hit.

Author: Joe Bloch from United States
14 January 2010

This show is really funny, and next to 30 Rock, is one of the few TV shows I actually look forward to seeing ever week. It's such a weird fit for Nick at Nite! I think that's why a lot of regular Nick at Nite viewers post such nasty comments about the show -- it's not aimed at them. And the people who WILL like it haven't discovered it yet. Hopefully, they will. It really belongs on Fox or Comedy Central.

My kids enjoy this show, but there's also another layer of comedy which goes over their heads, and entertains adults. Lots of political humor, bashing the left and right, sly references to obscure TV episodes, and some sex jokes. Glenn just might turn out to be a closet homosexual!

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Pure Garbage

Author: mulberrygal from United States
6 September 2009

I cannot believe the same network that shows Spongebob, Dora, reruns of Andy Griffith and Bill Cosby would show something like this garbage. It isn't funny, and it isn't appropriate at the time slot it is scheduled to be shown at. Have mercy and put this show out of his misery before it drags Kik down any lower. I watched because I believed the hype that it was going to be one hilarious, belly laugh. The only thing my belly did was turn,followed by my hand turning channels. Come on Nik, if I want to watch garbage I would head to the local dump and watch it being ground up, which is what you should do to this sorry excuse of a time slot filler. Nik you you are above this junk!

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Terrible, awful, no good show

Author: starlett2010 from Watsonville, CA, U.S.
20 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So, I caught a couple of commercials for this show and had hopes. I am a fan of Robot Chicken and other Adult Swim shows and I was excited to see that Nick at Nite was offering the same type of humor on their channel. Wow, was I wrong. Glen Martin, D.D.S is a horrid show. It literally gave me a headache. First, the story line is boring and I think can be found in a little movie called National Lampoon's Vacation. Except the "twist" here is that the father is dentist. The show tries extremely hard to copy the growing trend of gross, bizarre, sexual and otherwise adult humor and fails miserably. The jokes are so bad that a laugh track is added in to alert the audience that they should be laughing. But there's nothing funny about the crap on this show. The dentist shoves his hand down a child's mouth to retrieve his bitten off finger only to have his hand exit out of the child's anus. The show is appearance fixated on anuses because there is a running gag in which the dog's large, extruding anus is featured. Disgusting. As I said before, I am a fan of "gross" humor, but only when it is intelligently, satirically and tastefully done, which Glenn Martin, D.D.S is not. This show tries desperately to be funny, is horribly executed, and is just kind of creepy. If you're looking for a new Robot Chicken, Family Guy or South Park kind of show, forget it. Glenn Martin, D.D.S has none of the charm, wit or satire of the other shows. If you want a show that features disgusting and offensive material that caters to lewd morons without a brain in their heads, then this is the show for you. Otherwise, I'd stick to the reruns of your favorite shows.

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Even the canned laughter stopped laughing

Author: alister black from United States
3 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was embarrassing. This show makes you feel embarrassed for everybody who made it. And, yet, at the same time you feel angry at them. Every joke is forced and unfunny, every line is a failed punchline, every sight-gag is explained and analyzed until it's even less funny that when it started. The on-going joke is that the dog has a large rectal opening, and for some reason everybody who sees the dog has to stare and tell people about it. Dogs have ass-holes is the point they're trying to make. And this is funny...? When first aired, every line was followed by canned laughter. Not an exaggeration. Every line, every sight-gag, every brisk movement was followed by laughter. The insight that's trying to be given is always ridiculous and every joke is so forced and predictable it's hard to watch. It's made in a style that is nauseating to watch: choppy and chock-full of unnecessary movements to remind you they can make the dollies move. The worst is the hands; every sentence is accompanied with jazz hands because they made movable fingers and they're clearly proud of it. I have watched one episode experimentally and felt sick and angry. I watched another because my friend didn't believe how bad it was. Both were unbearable, and even the commercials are enough to make you want to punch the writers and creators in the face and remind them they aren't clever, they aren't giving a satirical look at society, they are playing with child's toys and writing with childish immaturity. I will be very happy when I stop seeing any previews so I can assume the network came to their senses and canceled it. It's sad, Catherine O'Hara used to be funny.

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13 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Terrible, TERRIBLE.

Author: EvelPlatypus from United States
19 August 2009

I like Kevin Nealon as an actor, I think he's a decent one, but even someone like him can't save the atrocity to television. The show is about the Martin family, an obnoxious family of annoying, tech-savy disgusting-looking clay figures. The father, Glenn Martin (Kevin Nealon), a dentist, decides to tear them away from their materialistic needs in an attempt to make a stronger family, puts them in an RV and takes away their cell phones, gaming consoles, etc. Now, the plot sounds pretty good, I'll admit it HAD potential, but this was advertised as a comedy, but the laughs are missing. The character's personalities are annoying (and they look ugly). The animation is exceptionally bad (Good example: "Moral Orel") and the writing is poor. The jokes are terrible and immature. Honestly, I feel as if I've wasted my time. This attempt at comedy...I haven't seen such a terrible attempt at comedy since Disaster Movie (Yes, I went there). Please, Nick at Nite, go back to running re-runs of 80-90's sitcoms. Do what you do best, and replace Glenn Martin, DDS with a show like...Alf? Actually, I can't picture Alf on N@N, so forget that...

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:( just not good

Author: theshinepolice from United States
12 September 2009

i'll be honest and say i did not watch more than about 10 or 20 minutes, but i hated those minutes. the show was stupid. just stupid. i don't care about crudeness or political incorrectness. i LOVE south park. i like family guy, the Simpson's, always sunny in Philadelphia, and all that. but i hated the stuff i watched on Glenn martin dds. just stupid and i am surprised well known people are involved. i might give the show a chance the next time, but jeesh i hope it doesn't disappoint me, but it most likely will. it just seems to try to hard. nick is not comedy central and shouldn't try to be. i like icarly somewhat and the 90s stuff like rugrats, angry beavers and Pete&Pete was superb. Nick should focus on the humor it did best, cute and kid friendly (and some of those shows even had some occasional little innuendos i didn't catch until i was older, but those are so subtle most kids would probably notice.) the show as it is now, just isn't funny and if this gets compared to South Park again without stepping up its game, i will get very angry. since i love shows that are a bit crude the producers were probably trying to wow viewers like me, but i am not impressed.

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