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Television that Home Video Forgot: Jack & Bobby (2004)

Jack & Bobby

Showcase Inventory

Created by Greg Berlanti, Steven A. Cohen, Vanessa Taylor, Brad Meltzer

Produced by Shoe Money Productions, Berlanti-Lippell Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Aired on WB for 1 season (22 episodes) from September 12, 2004 – May 11, 2005


Christine Lahti as Professor Grace McCallister

Matt Long as Jack McCallister

Logan Lerman as Robert “Bobby” McCallister

Jessica Paré as Courtney Benedict

Edwin Hodge as Marcus Ride

John Slattery as Peter Benedict

Keri Lynn Pratt as Missy Belknap

Show Premise

When we look back on all of the great American Presidents of the past, one can’t help but wonder about their lives and what they are really like behind their exterior. What lessons did they learn that would make them capable of leading a nation? What if we could see those moments that would inform the kind of President they would become? What if we could watch their life happen with the hindsight of
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Nominees at the 26th Gemini Awards

Yesterday, the Canadian Academy released its list of nominees for the 26th Gemini Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

Best Animated Program or Series

* Glenn Martin Dds

* Hot Wheels - Battle Force Five

* Jimmy Two Shoes

* Kids vs. Kat

* March of the Dinosaurs

Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series

* Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock

* Degrassi: The Next Generation

* How to be Indie

* That's So Weird

* Vacation with Derek

Best Children's or Youth Non-Fiction Program Series

* Artzooka!

* In Real Life

* Spelling Night in Canada: Canspell 2011

* Survive This

* TVOKids - Mark's Moments

Best Comedy Program or Series

* This Hour Has 22 Minutes

* Call Me Fitz

* Good Dog

* Halifax Comedy Fest 2010

* Living in Your Car

* Rick Mercer Report

Best Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie

* Fakers

* The Kennedys

* My Babysitter's a Vampire.

* The Pillars of the Earth

* Sleepyhead

Best Dramatic Series

* The Borgias

* Endgame

* Flashpoint

* Skins

* The Tudors
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Judy Greer Talks Archer: El Secuestro

Judy Greer Talks Archer: El Secuestro
Judy Greer discusses her character Cheryl/Carol who reveals many secrets on the next episode of FX's Archer

Archer, FX's hit animated series, airs on Thursday nights at 10 Pm Et, and the next episode, Episode 2.10: El Secuestro, uncovers some new secrets. Judy Greer portrays the secretary Cheryl/Carol on the series, and viewers will learn her last name, her actual net worth, and her biggest fear in this upcoming episode. Judy Greer recently held a conference call to discuss this revealing new episode. Here's what she had to say below.

I was wondering how did you first get started in animation and what was it about Archer that made you decide to do the show.

Judy Greer: My first experience in animation, I think I did like one word on Family Guy like 100 years ago. I mean, seriously, like ten years ago, I think I said one word
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Michael Eisner Does Newspaper TV Comedy

Exclusive: Michael Eisner's Tornante Co. is making its first foray into live-action series with Circling the Drain, a single-camera comedy presentation it is self-financing and independently producing. The project, written by Josh Brand (Northern Exposure) and to be directed by Tucker Gates (Lost), stars Caprica alumna Alessandra Torresani as a 25-year-old reporter at the style section of a newspaper who loses her job and ends up on the obituary desk. The 8-10-minute presentation is now in pre-production and will start filming on Monday. Executive producing are Eisner, Brand, Gates as well as Tornante's head of development Steve Cohen and head of production Noel Bright. The idea for Circling the Drain was generated and developed internally at Tornante with hands-on involvement by former Disney chief Eisner. "He loved the idea of a young girl who is starting out life writing about death against the backdrop of an industry that
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The Best Career Revivals of TV and Film - Part 1

Lots of actors make a movie or attempt to headline a television show, fail, and then vanish into obscurity. Maybe they resign themselves to character roles or bit parts, or they say "I'm going to concentrate on my family." It's noble, but time and time again we've seen these types burst back onto the public radar courtesy of a breakthrough role in a television series or film. Below is the first part of a list of the ones we think are the best and have since had the longest lasting impact. Feel free to suggest additions.

• • •

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - Neil Patrick Harris

Granted, that poster was actually for the second Harold & Kumar movie, but the fact remains: that brief cameo in the stoner flick Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle gave Neil Patrick Harris an unprecedented bounce-back. After his child-star role in Doogie Howser, M.D.
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Viacom CEO talks Comcast-NBCU

New York -- Viacom and other content producers must look at possible challenges that the Comcast-nbc Universal deal could pose, president and CEO Philippe Dauman said here Monday during a luncheon keynote appearance.

He also said Viacom is not for sale and discussed why its content focus makes sense and why his firm doesn't need to own a broadcast network to have bargaining power with distributors.

Speaking at the 37th annual UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in an interview conducted by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner who is now CEO of his own shingle the Tornante Co., Dauman said he was on vacation when Comcast's play for a 51% stake in NBC Uni was announced last week.

He argued that there are clearly concerns for content producers like any time when "a dominant distributor" adds to its reach. "As long as we have a level playing field, we'll be fine" though,
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Eisner in the Spotlight for Nickelodeon

  • The Wrap
Ex-mogul at TCA to promote animated series "Glenn Martin Dds" for the network.

By Daniel Frankel

Appearing on a TCA panel also featuring Kevin Nealon to promote the new Nickelodeon stop-motion-animation series he executive produces, Michael Eisner offered some insight into his post-Disney career.

“Instead of having 120,000 people at Disney to help me, if I have an idea, I have to figure it out to get it done,” said Eisner, whose Tornante Animation produces “Glenn Martin Dds."

The show voice stars Nealon as a dad who seeks to build family togetherness through a cross-country Rv trip.

Eisner was asked w...
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