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Season 1

17 Aug. 2009
Amish Anguish
When his family fails to appreciate the beauty of Niagara Falls because they are too addicted to Blackberries and Gameboys, Glenn confiscates the devices and stops for a few days in an Amish village to teach his family a lesson.
18 Aug. 2009
The Grossest Show on Earth
When Conor realizes that he has never won anything in his life, Glenn takes the family to a roadside circus to cheer him up. While there, Glenn acts as the circus dentist and Conor develops a long-hidden (and disgusting) talent.
19 Aug. 2009
Save the Tooth
After reading an article in a magazine about his favorite childhood park being torn down, Glenn rents an RV and forces his family to go on a road trip to the park to protest.
20 Aug. 2009
Pimp My RV
Glenn promises that Jackie can redecorate the RV to cheer her up. But when they pick up a mysterious stranger who says he can help with the interior design, Glenn's jealousy threatens to get in the way of his family's happiness.
24 Aug. 2009
We've Created a Mobster
Tired of customers welching on their payments, Glenn inadvertently goes into business with the mob. And Courtney and Wendy dupe Conor into participating in a foxy boxing scheme in an effort to make more money.
25 Aug. 2009
A Bromantic Getaway
Frustrated with the family's huge carbon footprint, Jackie forces everyone to go to her hero Rick Montana's eco-village. However, things do not go as planned when Rick ignores Jackie and begins a bromance with Glenn.
31 Aug. 2009
From Here to Fraternity
At their college reunion Glenn is determined to show Conor that he is no longer a nerd, while Jackie tries to teach the girls about the importance of sisterhood.
14 Sep. 2009
Korea Opportunities
When Wendy's secret life as a former North Korean gymnast threatens to tear her and Courtney's friendship apart, Glenn does whatever it takes to get Wendy back, even going up against the #3 most powerful man in North Korea.
28 Sep. 2009
Fatal Direction
Tired of Glenn getting lost all the time, Jackie buys him a North Star (an operated assisted navigation system). Unfortunately, the navigator falls in love with Glenn and plots to kill Jackie so she can become Glenn's wife.
12 Oct. 2009
Little Miss Backstabber
Jackie and Courtney enter a mother/daughter pageant. When Courtney ditches Jackie for Glenn, Jackie adopts Wendy and the two pairs ruthlessly attempt to sabotage each other. Conor tricks a girl into believing he is blind.
19 Oct. 2009
Miami Spice
Glenn has a hard time dealing with the fact that his mother has a new boyfriend and has become a swinger. Elsewhere, Courtney becomes a fan of golf-cart racing and Conor gets an unexpected pet.
26 Oct. 2009
Halloween Hangover
Jackie wants the kids to have the best Halloween ever, but Glenn's sugar addiction threatens to ruin the whole night. Meanwhile, Courtney is feeling threatened herself when she learns that Wendy has a crush on Conor.
9 Nov. 2009
Mom Dated THAT Guy?
While in LA, the Martins visit Jackie's ex-boyfriend who has never gotten over her and who goes a little too far in trying to win her back. Conor is selected to participate in a new game show, "Are You Smarter than a Chicken?"
29 Nov. 2009
Deck the Malls
Glenn forces the family to get jobs at the Mall of America after they all go on a huge shopping spree with his money.

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