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Try to sleep tight after watching this impressive little horror.

Author: tyler-and-jack from Edinburgh.
12 May 2010

Fewdio, a company I had never heard of until someone gave me a link to one of their short, terrifying little movies. This one, in fact.

A woman is woken by a phone call that leads to a terrifying revelation.

Short and sweet, Fewdio movies are often a masterclass in how to create chills, goosebumps and jumps and this short remains one of their very best. The only reason I don't rate it higher is because a) it's only a couple of minutes long and b) there's an annoying, unnecessary easy scare at the very end.

Anyone who is interested in this title should check it out immediately, Fewdio have their own site online and a number of titles available to view there, all of them worth checking out. You won't regret it.

See this if you like: Creep, Breach, Mockingbird (all Fewdio titles, some unlisted on IMDb).

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Author: jaezelaya
1 October 2012

3 minutes and a cast of 3 is truly all you need to be freaked out. It was by accident that I came across this short through my Tumblr feed (thanks to undeadcritic for the gif) and I immediately wanted to know more. I had to go searching for Bedfellows as I didn't realize that it wasn't a full length feature film, but Drew Daywalt and Fewdio do horror right with this one.

I found it on Youtube and trust me when I say that I was checking locks and windows. I'm not easily scared, but this is for the horror fans, the vets of the genre who want to be on the edge of their seats. I was almost disappointed that it wasn't an actual movie, but it gets the job of scaring the crap out of you done!

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Well done

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
9 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Bedfellows" is a little American horror short film from 7 years ago. It runs for 3 minutes, but that is not really true. It takes half a minute to start and the end credits also run for over a minutes, so it's really only roughly 75 seconds of action. We see a woman lying in bed next to her boyfriend receiving a phone call at night, one that is gonna change everything. I thought this was a pretty good work and it's not so easy to make a convincing movie with such a short runtime. Writer and director Drew Daywalt made it work with "Bedfellows". This was the second time I watched this film, not as effective and entertaining as the first, but still a good watch overall and I recommend it. Almost a must-see for horror movie fans.

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Don't pull back those covers lady, you really wouldn't like to see what lays beside you...

Author: Foreverisacastironmess from ukwitchcountry
18 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A very nice short for what it is, the idea is certainly a scary one and clever in how it's set up, plays out, and pays off in such a brief span of time. You think your significant other is sleeping next to you in the bed but then your phone rings, and it's from them - like f**k!!! What the hell would you do next? There's either freeze in terror, confront the stranger or run like your ass was on fire! For me? Think I might wanna try out the running! And of course beyond how frightening the idea alone is the fear factor is also helped out a lot by the fact that what's eagerly waiting beside her is some kind of hideous bone-white ghoul which leers in excitement as she slowly reaches over to uncover it... And then it ends on one totally unnecessary jumpscare that the director Drew Daywalt always feels the need to wrap things up with at the last second. I can't decide if the scare would have worked better if the woman would have turned it over and seen that horrific face smiling right at her, or how it does end with her about to find out and staying in the anticipation of that.. And that sure is a great face on the monster, pretty excellent makeup job they did on it, that's something else I've noticed with with several of Daywalt's horror short films, the monsters in them always look really effective and scary. Unfortunately something else about them is that they're often so short and to the point that there's not enough development for me to really love them that much, not enough 'meat' to the bone so to speak. I do love the guy's knack though of being able to hold one long shot for a fairly long period of time and create a solid amount suspense without any boredom, he creates a genuine unsettling creepiness in such short running times. I wonder if he could actually translate that into a full movie if he had the opportunity.. That's something you hear again and again in the comments for these things, talking about how awesome it would be as a movie. But I think that's a little short sighted, this kind of straightforward building up of tension to the one big scare moment from beginning to end ideally works best as a short, it wouldn't be the same as anything else. It's a good spooky flash of short though, it's suspenseful and it plays out very well very fast. Good scary crazy stuff for when you're in horror mode!

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A three minute master-class in horror.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
31 January 2015

A woman is awoken from her sleep in the middle of the night by her ringing cellphone. She nudges her partner Danny and asks him to pass the phone to her, but he doesn't budge. She reaches over him to get the phone and answers it. To her horror, it is Danny on the other end: he's locked himself out of the house after having gone for a walk. So who is it curled up under the sheets next to her?

Three minutes of pure horror from low-budget scare-meisters Fewdio, Bedfellows is the stuff of nightmares, with its atmospheric build-up and creepy reveal being the precisely the kind of thing guaranteed to cause sleepless nights for those of a nervous disposition. Flawless direction, a convincing performance from Kerry Finlayson and truly skin-crawling make-up make this a totally unforgettable experience—two million YouTube viewers (thus far) can't be wrong.

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