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Scientology Dogma
Jayashrii26 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My state representatives received this DVD in the mail. I viewed it with one of them. This "documentary," made by one of the Church of Scientology's front organizations, is a boring, repetitious, and bizarre mix of highly selective information, rapid-fire mini-sound bites from people in the street repeating short phrases or single words (e.g. "bipolar" "Zoloft"), "experts" opinions, and ominously-colored and flashing graphs and numbers (e.g. millions of dollars) with portentous-sounding voice-overs. The message is that psychiatry is a mercenary hoax threatening everyone and that psychiatric medications have no good effects and kill lots of people. Since the film provides no research supporting claims made in the film and the "experts'" credentials — and even, in many cases, their actual positions regarding psychiatry — seemed dubious, I looked for facts online. I was saved considerable time because someone else had already checked all the presenters that could be found and had written them asking if they were aware of the nature of the film they appeared in, providing them with the minutes where their comments appeared so that they could check to see what was included in the film. Some seem to have responded. I found an extensive article by University of Texas bioethicist Dr. Howard Brody who appears often in the film. In his article he expresses his positive opinion of psychiatry and psychotropic medication and presents a clear and careful analysis of the entire film. I can't include the URL but it isn't hard to find. I also found a statement by a state representative from another state about how he narrowly escaped publicly endorsing Scientology's anti-psychiatry position, explaining, "They misled me." (not by this film, however). There may be a good documentary somewhere about the very real problems with the pharmaceutical industry: the profiteering, the way they advertise, conflicts of interest by professionals, etc., — but this isn't it. This video merely promotes Dr. Thomas Szasz's incorrect ideas from his half-century old book in complete ignorance of facts and sound subsequent research.
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Don't bother: it's a typical ditzy Scientologist rant
mrtraska26 April 2009
If I could give this film a zero out of 10, I would. I'm betting the two good reviews it got here were from Scientologists, considering that they produced this crap. I don't think psychiatry is without its faults, and I think the rest of the medical profession needs to demand more accountability from psychiatry and that hard data from repeatable research will, over time, determine which psychiatric treatments work and which don't. But I want data on that, and NOT from scientologists or their supporters! They're nutcases, and their assertions are neither plausible nor backed up by peer reviewed research. This is a jeremiad riddled with assertions, nothing more, and richly deserves contempt. But it certainly doesn't deserve your time or any of your money.
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Facts on DSM
mellerk20 April 2011
I stopped watching this right at the criticism of DSM. To be diagnosed by DSM for depression : You have had an episode of depression lasting at least two weeks with at least five of the following symptoms: (1) You are depressed, sad, blue, tearful. (2) You have lost interest or pleasure in things you previously liked to do. (3) Your appetite is much less or much greater than usual and you have lost or gained weight. (4) You have a lot of trouble sleeping or sleep too much. (5) You are so agitated, restless, or slowed down that others have begun to notice. (6) You are tired and have no energy. (7) You feel worthless or excessively guilty about things you have done or not done. (8) You have trouble concentrating, thinking clearly, or making decisions. (9) You feel you would be better off dead or have thoughts about killing yourself. AND These symptoms are severe enough to upset your daily routine, or to seriously impair your work, or to interfere with your relationships. AND The depression does not have a specific cause like alcohol, drugs, medication side effect, or physical illness. AND Your depression is not just a normal reaction to the death of a loved one.

The documentary was saying everyone fits into these categories. Sorry but thats a lie. People should use their digression - If you fit this i would suggest first seeing a psychologist or talking to a friend to get some clarity on the reason why you may be feeling this way, however if you feel in desperate need for an escape go to the psychiatrist who will give you some drugs that will hopefully only be needed for a short period of time until your body naturally can cope on its own.

Psychiatrists are trained in medicine first so thats what they know - they will try and fix problems using medicine which isn't always the best way however sometimes is appropriate. The reason they prescribe so much is because thats what their job is - if you want someone to talk about your problems with go to a friend or family member however if it something out of their hands and you don't know how to handle it try a psychologist.

DSM is very good - if someone is prescribing you medication and not using DSM I would think critically about their motives and look into side effects and misuse of the drug.

This documentary is just so 1 sided its ridiculous - its actually an incredibly unscientific way of looking at what we know.
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Ream of Psychiatrists Talking About Themselves & Their Practices
brooksenglish27 November 2010
This is a hugely relevant documentary considering the vampiric nature of our modern health care industry in the USA that leaves 45,000 citizens dead annually, and 50 million plus without any care at all, not to mention the tens of millions more who are unlucky enough to be paying health insurance as not part of a large business plan (b/c they can be dropped for any reason). This film reminds me of SICKO by Michael Moore.

OK, before I go further, yes, the voice of the video is like on Discovery Channel, you know, dramatic and exaggerating, and they do repeat information like a sneaky Goebbels technique, and do not present the other side - that maybe in some cases drugs can be effective and that in some cases they might help ease the pain in a divorce or trauma for a short time, which I believe is true. However, having been said, I totally agree with this film's guests that psychiatrists engage in unethical behavior on a routine basis in order to make money. Duh! Everyone knows that the medical industry has been swallowed hook line and sinker by pay- to-play industry.

This documentary also touches on how the DSM IV (now IV+) pathologizes almost every possible thing a human being can experience, and how it is used as a drug-dealers best friend to get paid by insurance companies. This is TRUE, in my view, from watching the film. It's even more true now that BIG Pharma and Insurance hold a literal death grip on the nation's health insurance reform.

I've read all the reviews here and can say that I'm still not convinced that they actually deal with the criticisms presented in this film, but just use bad names against it - "boring", "ditsy Scientology rant", "repetitious", "awful science and pure propaganda", and others. I'm a skeptic of Scientology, but now I know one reason why Tom Cruise loves it and has remained faithful to it. FYI, I'm NOT a Scientologist, but a professor of English and longtime practitioner of Nonviolent Communication. This film has a huge number of psychiatrists, consumer advocates, and people and children affected by psychiatric drugs. I've known for decades the relationship between psychiatry and legal drug pushing; since the crusades eliminating the midwives and public medical systems of women healers, this is a long, long history. For more info, see Coercion as Cure: A Critical History of Psychiatry by Thomas Szasz (a psychiatrist for over fifty years). There are many more books on this subject that are very well researched. He's on and Youtube, too. There's a great book too, by Ph.D. Jeffrey A. Schaler defending Szasz, in his book, Szasz Under Fire: The Psychiatric Abolitionist Faces His Critics - overwhelmingly positive five star reviews. I HIGHLY recommend ALL psychiatrists reading this to buy and read both books.

Some mentioned University of Texas bioethicist Dr. Howard Brody as not being against the big pharma industry, but he's STILL talking about the "dark side of medicine" in this debate last Sept, 2010. Just Google his name.

Also, clearly from a cursory review of the CCHR, this group believes psychiatry is bad and has no good side, which I believe is short-sighted. Sometimes drugs can help someone cope with extreme mental states, but there are other therapies which can replace the drugs to help them get off them as soon as possible. The fact that psychiatrists 99% of the time tend to overlook these and only deal with drugs as a remedy, is a total tragedy and an outrage!!! Shame on you as a profession! I won't even touch on the use of psychiatrists in torture in Iraq and Guantanamo, which the movie didn't touch on because it was made earlier.

Thank you for bringing this to most people's attention and allowing this documentary to be viewed for free!

Obviously, the field is open for other documentarians to portray this issue in a more objective way, and with less propagandistic methods, which in the end, is much more convincing to those with the power to do something.

Blessings and well wishes to all!
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Just plain awful science and pure propaganda
katicat22 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst pseudo-documentaries I have ever seen. It mixes anecdotal evidence with consumer snapshots, opinions, is full of half truths and incorrect statements. It is OK to be skeptical about research funding by drug companies and conflicts of interests, however it is not OK, to tar all research with this brush. It is not OK to criticize an entire profession and to state that these drugs do not help many individuals. Screening tests are not diagnostic tests - and so the error of judgment by anonymous directors, producers go on and on and on. As for the marketing techniques of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), they send their DVD free to video stores hoping for a wide audience. Well done - we are not that stupid. I sincerely regret the time I took to preview this compilation of rubbish . But at least I am saving others the same agonizing boredom.
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A very important documentary to watch
joe_04824 April 2009
I found this documentary to be extremely informative and important in today's world, what with the flood of drug advertising hitting us daily in the media. There are so many new diseases and disorders it makes one think our doctors have been doing some great research and finding new diseases, and coming up with just the right pill for them...but this is NOT the case. Watch this documentary and find out the real reasons we're seeing so many new disorders and their treatments. It has nothing to do with science nor medicine! If you suffer from depression you would be better off talking with a friend or a clergyman than taking a prescription, psychotropic drug for it. Everyone should get very familiar with this important documentary.
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Excellent Documentary On The Facts And Truth Of The Cults of Psychiatry And Psychology.
inzaghi-28 February 2009
This documentary is one of the most important documentaries to protect yourself, your family, and others about the extreme dangers of the pseudoscience fraud of psychiatry and psychology. If you want to learn about psychiatry and psychology and its extreme dangers, this documentary is extremely important and will give you all the facts you need. We live in a world today of psychiatrists having power to drug and abuse every person on the planet and make them a patient for life for profit. This documentary will tell you the facts and truths about psychiatry and psychology and how to avoid this dangerous pseudoscience fraud so you can protect yourself and your family and never become a victim of this dangerous cult. I applaud CCHR and Scientology for making this documentary and teaching the world about the truths and facts of the great fraud of psychiatry and psychology. This documentary along with "Psychiatry An Industry Of Death" saved my life from taking dangerous, toxic, mind altering drugs that are not cures. I am now off these toxic poisons after 18 years of use and feel much better. I never knew it was the psychiatric drugs causing all of my physical and psychological problems and illnesses. I was brainwashed and tricked by psychiatrists and the system that the sickly feelings i had was from my so called "underlying" so called "mental illness". Now that i'm off the drugs and thanks to this documentary i feel better and have distanced myself from psychiatrists and psychologists forever. I thank CCHR and Scientology for telling me the truth and facts about the great scam of psychiatry and psychology and they saved my life. Don't fall for what psychiatrists and psychologists tell you. All their diseases are invented and made up!.

(Highly Recommended Documentary!) Thanks CCHR!!
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Very worthwhile watch
milpool2131 May 2009
This is a must watch in our current world. Most people simply don't have the where-with-all to question a doctor, when they most certainly should. Drugs for mental illnesses is a supremely important issue that a lot of us face today. The sheer number of people that these drugs kill and severely hamper the lives of each year is staggering.

Making a killing covers a lot of ground, and is absorbing the whole way through.

Question everything: especially religion, government and your parents.
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divided opinion
fleaflo11 December 2010
I'm really at odds with myself about this documentary. On the one hand it really points out how irresponsible the pharma lobbies uses it's power to exploit the people. On the other hand does it downplay the actual mental problems people have (e.g. there is no such thing as a bipolar disorder and depression- everyone has it sometimes...). Most disappointing is the sensational style of the documentation. You wouldn't have needed all these visual and audible effects to reach the audience. In the end I'm none the wiser. That's very unfortunate because this topic really needs to be illuminated so that treatments focus on nutrition, therapy (e.g. psycho- therapy) and systemic approaches (e.g. analyzing social patterns)
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Making a killing DVD
ruaraidh_macleod15 February 2014
Excellent DVD, why can't this information get out to the masses. It had so so so many facts and examples I have seen. Please watch this Documentary.

The details about Bi-polar - correct.

The details about ADHD - correct.

Industry insiders, Doctors, mothers, physicians, Congressmen and woman. How anyone could disagree with this information is beyond me.

How can electro shocking children or giving them drugs in the same classification as Cocaine for potency be classified as therapeutic or healing?

The video highlights that no research is done on diet, teaching techniques anything like this.

Please watch this.

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Scientology or not, this issue is vitally important - See Mad In America website
bgiffin-004612 December 2017
OK. So it is the Scientologists again bringing to light social issues. - And that is why they get clobbered all the time. They don't shut up!

But..., the Scientologists have this video right. Over-drugging of psychiatric "medicine" is an epidemic catapulted into America and the world an aggressive pharmaceutical drug cartel. Marketing is key, science takes a back seat. (One positive point about this group is that at least it seems they are internationally coordinated and aren't siding with one country or the other.)

Ron Hubbard said in his description of Scientology that he merely pulled all the material for the religion from many other religious and philosophical sources. ... Well, now the Scientologists did it again with the making of their "Making A Killing" documentary of psychiatric drug abuse. - Please go to for insight on how actual psychiatrists with a conscious are combating this deadly scourge of psychiatric medication overdose in their own industry. The Mad In America website is NOT the Scientologists, so you can feel better about that if that was keeping you from paying attention to this monumental issue.

Dr. Peter Breggin who is a regular on the nightly international Coast to Coast AM program with George Noory (great show) has a blog up there now on the Mad In America site titled "Psychiatry: The Brain is a Malignant Tumor!" There is another interesting blog currently found on this website that I liked too "How Psychiatry Evolved Into A Religion". Check it out!
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