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Excellent Game
acplayer1817 February 2009
I love the Animal Crossing Series, so this is pick is obvious. I have all 3 games and are great in their own way. City folk sort of combines the largeness of the first with the features of the second. The main difference of this title is the City, the City expands many of the game features and helps to make the game seem a bit more exciting early. I love how there are now 4 separate houses instead of just 1 big house than before and also that hairstyles can be changed earlier than waiting a long time. Another great feature is the expanded catalog and clothes. Highly recommend for any animal crossing nut or for new gamers who love these kinds of games!
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Love Animal Crossing, as my name says, and I LOVE (with caps) the latest release!
animalxingluvr1 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As you may guess from my name being animalxingluvr, I'm a huge fan of the Animal Crossing series. Although the GameCube version belonged to my brother and not me (in my family I had to SHARE systems until Christmas of 2007 when I got a PS2, and then a Wii for Christmas 2008), he let me have a character in his town, called Halmond. I own Animal Crossing: Wild World for DS, where my town is Larcomie (pronounced lar-coh-me), and I just bought City Folk two days ago (new without the Wii Speak microphone which I do not need) on September 29th 2009.

When you start up the game, you have a choice between "starting fresh" or moving characters from your DS game. I imported two of my DS characters onto my Wii.

My town in City Folk is called Kartown (it's like "cartoon" and "town" put together within the 8 character limit used by the game for naming towns and players - I believe the Able Sisters' shop has a 16 character limit, though I am not positive - but spelled with a K instead of a C). Yes, this time around in the Able Sisters' shop you can create "pro designs," which allow you to have s different design on the front, back, and left and right sleeves. This was a huge relief for me because when playing the previous games I got annoyed when I made a pattern that didn't look right when my character wore it.

Another detail that I know about is the function of the "Wii Speak" microphone when playing Wi-Fi. I don't have any use for the microphone so I didn't pay for the game to come with it.

Although my last note about this game was a little surprising: Although in the GameCube and DS versions, Mr. Resetti, the angry mole with health problems who paid you an unavoidable visit when you reset, used to only appear AFTER resetting for the first time, in City Folk he appears the second time you load your game, and this time it's because you REMEMBERED to save, as he says, "You and me chatting like this? It means you're doing something right." This first visit from Resetti allows him to tell your character to "keep up the good work" because AC veterans will remember Resetti hates digging through cement to visit you, because he gets too angry for his own good - literally. The visit from Resetti when I loaded the game for each of my characters was a bit of a surprise, but I would actually consider it a welcome change from the previous versions of the game.

After considering all the different aspects, I'd have to give Animal Crossing: City Folk a 10 out of 10.
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