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Taking us back to tour childhood memories...
anandjkumar20 May 2012
one of the finest ,sweetest and brilliant films of all times.. takes us back to our childhood when even funerals were turned out into opportunities to play with our cousins and have a family get together.. On the other side it shows the greed and selfish nature of the people for money and wealth. The characterization of each and every one is perfect and it depicts the dark as well as brighter sides of the characters. The realistic approach to the making makes it even more enjoyable and the cute little children makes everyone smile with their every move...Any other rating than excellent will not be suiting for this movie..
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Amazing Red Seeds
cinemarays20 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am one of those lucky people who got the opportunity to watch the premier of Manjadikuru. I got into the theater with a lot of mixed feelings and anticipation about the film: the sweet little attractive name, a Malayalam film made by a woman, my favourite actors.... Everything urged me to watch this movie and it was undoubtedly one of the best gifts I gave myself.

The movie tells the delighting story of the ten year old Vicky, who comes back to his maternal home from Gulf for very few days and his vivid experiences in his homeland. He discovers the new worlds of friendship with funny Kannan, cute Manikutti and the innocent tamil servant-girl Roja. The stark contrast between the clear untainted world of children and the hypocritical & mean ways of adults brings about a beautiful evolution of the story. The director's eye for every detail is very much visible and every scene looks carefully carved. The brilliant direction supported by a smartly woven screenplay, spectacular cinematography (some frames look like paintings) and excellent performance by the actors, especially the kids, launch the movie straight in to the heart of the audience.

This inspiring movie, a marvelous gift for any film lover, an incredible directorial debut from Anjali Menon, is the one that I will watch many more times. The movie will definitely be received with great enthusiasm, both nationally and internationally.
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A good movie which gives good old memories
Aby Mathew12 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I went back to my childhood while i was watching this movie. resembling most of the scenes as which i did when i was young. there're certain faults which i found in the movie are the usage of certain English words like "get up,friends" used by kids who are 3rd standard sounds a bit odd. but its not a point to notice ans a fault. Anjali Menon have a good gift to Malayalam movie industry thought it took 4 years to release in the theaters. Good frames and apt crew chosen for each character. that would be one of the gem factor of this movie. Village,Ancestral home,play grounds are the sweet memories which stays in everyone's mind forever and this movie has succeeded in portraying it in front of the viewer
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Excellent movie!!! a must watch for all Malayalees..
Md Shaheer22 September 2012
Anjali Menon has pictured innocently and beautifully the life in Kerala, 20 decades back. The kids demonstrated the life in their grandfather's house, where all their parents have assembled for the Grandpa's funeral. The story revolves around the incidents happening in house, the relationships, the changes happening, and all these through the eyes of the kids. The kids namely Vikki, Kannan, Archakkutty and Roja ran around in that huge house and its premises. Vikki who came from abroad found everything with a sense of amusement. Kannan and Archa who lived in the house, at first could not accept Vikki. Vikki's mom hated him, playing with those kids, especially with Roja, the 12 year Tamil girl who was a servant in their house. But quickly they became thick friends. They played around, roamed around in the premises, Vikki learned swimming, and many more. They plan to save Roja from the torture of the adults and help her to escape to her home town. They see the relation ship among their parents, the siblings developing as they live together. They dream of a world without any boundaries, where there is only love and care. Where no one hate one another.

You can read more, in the following link

I was surprised when I heard that its Anjali Menon's debut film. It was a great professional work, the script and the direction. hats off. The film made everyone in the theater sit an watch it in a sync. All laughed together, smiled together, clapped together and even the tears were shed together.

A great work indeed from the director, the cast and the whole team. We expect more such movies in Malayalam.
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A must watch!
sujithcalicut16 August 2012
Anjali Menon tries to see a lot of goodness around us which are otherwise left unnoticed. Her close observation of a typical Kerala society is beautifully manifested in the film. She could portray shades of relationships in a single family impressively. The perspective she selected to tell the story(that of children at a funeral) is interesting. I always wondered what goes in the mind of the 'happy' children at a funeral where the elders are sad or pretending to be sad and serious. The special care she took to unveil the plight of women characters is outstanding. The film is able to make the audience think with its mild satire of the life around us.
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Thoroughly memorable!
Balagopal Menon6 August 2012
It is rather baffling why such a wonderful work of art would not be allowed to be enjoyed by the viewers for a long time after its creation. Because that's what Manjadikuru is: a genuinely enjoyable, memorable and poignant movie. Anjali Menon has proved what a true film director she is. Because good movies are always the products of good directors. All the others come later. It was so reassuring to have watched this film in theatre after all the fatigue and frustration one normally endures as a result of watching circus that some misguided filmmakers dare to call a feature film. The storyline of Manjadikuru is something anybody can connect to; in fact, I think even the non-Malayalis would appreciate this beautiful film. The performances by the seasoned actors- Murali, Urvasi, Kaviyur Ponnamma, Rahman, Jagathy etc. are superlative. Thilakan imposes his presence like no other, even if he doesn't have a single line to utter. The children virtually steal the show from the seniors. In the end, the emotional flow of the movie did manage to bring a smile on one's face as well as a lump in one's throat. Ms. Menon, Thank you.
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One of the Finest Movie Experience
viimal18 May 2012
Watched Manjadikkuru today ! It was one of the finest movie experience.

The movie really looked at the world from a child's perspective. Every single scene is inundated with sweetness and the innocence of children. It is such an extraordinary work of movie-making that it is in a realm of movies that are able to connect with anyone who remembers their childhood. It is a children movie which will be equally enjoyed by adults, and that's simply because it will take any adult back to their childhood days,

There are so many things that I liked about the movie , which includes a great cast ,The characters were believable and immaculately portrayed. Especially the kids, they will definitely tug at your heartstrings with their innocence, and their performance is stunning to say the least and only the hardest of souls will not be moved. Rest Everyone did their role beautifully , the whole cast was superb . Now about the crew, Cinematography is beautiful , the images are haunting, Make up and Art deserves special mention ! The Score is superb and music is used wisely , the simplicity of the movie is maintained in the music as well .

What captivated me most about the film was that the story was told so well. the pacing is perfect,It's hard to find a good story teller, and it seems that we can trust Anjali with this.The story is simple, but its spellbinding and so riveting, that it takes us right into the world of those kids .This movie has a soul and every frame emotes such innocence that I have never seen much in Malayalam movies.

I was extremely impressed with the movie and moved by the simplistic and powerful effect the film had on me. This shows that the simple things in life are often more important. I was thinking, If we embraced the Kid in all of us the world would be a better place .

So go and grab your seat and watch this movie , I assure it will keep you entertained with a nice story , lot of funny moments, some silent smiles,a journey back to your childhood and a good climax.
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A Little GEM
Aravind Nair6 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Manjadikuru" is a film that surely reminds us our old child hood good days and makes our eyes wet...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It gave me a nice nostalgic trip..1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't miss this little "GEM"

With superb visuals by Pietro Zuercher and music by Ramesh Narayan, the writer-director packages this cute film in a genuine way. Though it would have been more delicious had the length been a little shorter - mainly due to some of the songs that come in between - the film will deepen your attraction to this wonderful land called Kerala.

It is to the credit of director Anjali Menon that she has used the stars only to the extent that the script demands, without considering their 'off screen aura'.

Prithviraj makes his presence felt mostly with his spectacular narration. From Murali, Urvashi, Bindu Panicker, Rahman, Praveena, Sreedevika, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Sagar Shiyas and Sindhu Menon, all the actors have done their roles in an impressive manner.

Manjadikuru comes as a whiff of fresh air. Enjoy this fabulous debut of a new talent called Anjali Menon straightaway!
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Getting Serious With The Trite! ♦ 50%
Tejas Nair2 July 2013
Anjali Menon proves herself that she is not idiosyncratic. Ustad Hotel had bought references. And now this... its plot is based on popular property disputes around the world. What Manjadikuru lacks & why I rate it a meager 5/10 is because of its clichéd plot & poor editing.

It is poignant in its style & narration. Its cast is one of the best I have seen. Their performances are good, too. The children steal the show, for sure but I am impressed by Urvashi & Rahman. Prithviraj is invisible. It was a treat to watch Murali (I actually saw the movie after his death) & Thilakan.

But, since the base is fully borrowed, it creates no dent in the universe. Children not caring about their folks & solely coveting the property inheritance is so ordinary. While, it emotionally touches the viewer, the real emotion is that of being dejected & fooled. By the end you realize that the primary & secondary plots are very commonplace & the makers haven't done anything except for the locations & cinematography. Humor is average.

BOTTOM LINE: I am disappointed. Nothing new!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Profanity/Nudity/Sex: No | Violence/Gore: No | Smoking/Alcohol: Mild
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