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9 Nov. 2008
The Last of the Free
The earliest history of Scotland is shrouded in something of a mist. Much of that early history is mythologized and seen through the eyes of others such as the Roman, Tacitus. Hadrian's wall was the line in the sand between Roman and unconquered Britain and the Romans only rarely ventured north. The Romans left Britain in 409 and the the Picts - or painted ones - were the dominant group. They were no wild barbarians but just as they vanished, Scotland came into being. The Picts were not the only group however with the Christian Gaels occupying a large territory. It's ...
16 Nov. 2008
Hammers of the Scots
Alexander II became the King of the Scots when he was just a teenager. At that time, England claimed ownership of the Kingdom of the Scots but Alexander saw himself as an equal to the English king and he sought to free himself and his people from their English overlords. King John of England laid claim to much land in the north and Alexander wanted to take back what was rightfully his. England plunged into civil war when King John signed and then refused to the items agreed to in the Magna Carta. With angry English barons somewhat sympathetic, Alexander invaded ...
24 Nov. 2008
Bishop Makes King
By 1305, King Edward I of of England reasonably assumed that Scotland had ceased to exist as a political entity. William Wallace was dead and the Scottish king, John Balliol was in exile in France, a defeated and broken man. After defeating the Scots militarily, he allowed Scottish nobles to keep their lands provided they swore loyalty to him as king. The Church however played a decisive role as Scottish bishops had power that was independent of the English crown. An appeal to Rome had paid dividends when the Pope ordered the release of Balliol and recognized the ...
1 Dec. 2008
Language Is Power
The difference between the highland and lowland cultures are considerable and it all began as a feud between two families in 15th century Scotland: the Stewarts and the MacDonalds. Alexander MacDonald was lord of the isles and King of the Hebredes who had backed the Bruces and had the luxury of 10,000 armed men. It proved to be a time for artistic development with strong cultural and family ties to Ireland. Ties to the Scottish kingdom to the east were not so strong. James Stewart, King of the Scots, was a prisoner of the English from the age of 12. Scots were not ...
8 Dec. 2008
Project Britain
At Scottish king James V's 1542 death, his infant heiress Mary was coveted as a bride by Henry VIII to avoid his Anglican England being invaded by Catholic enemies from the north. Despite a treaty signed by nobles and an English invasion, her guardians got her exiled to France to the glorious Loire chateaus court. There she is betrothed to King Henri's son, dauphin François - fourth in line for the English throne, (to hope for a Franco-British Catholic empire), but Henry's illegitimate daughter Elisabeth succeeds. Francois II's fatal ear infection left Mary a widowed ...

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