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8 Nov. 2009
God's Chosen People
In 1633, Charles I Stuart, a Catholic at heart, turned his belated royal entry in Scotland into a disaster by imposing a more 'lavish' Anglican style on its native, staunchly austere protestant Presbyterian 'kirk' (church). It's the prelude to a series of bitter, at times bloody conflicts. Key events include the 1638 the National Covenant, the 1640 war, the 1642 Scottish part in the English civil war. Similar religious strife occurred in the reigns of Charles II, James II, open Catholics in continental exile, and the protestant challenger, the Dutch usurper William of...
15 Nov. 2009
Let's Pretend
Fleeing the usurper William of Orange, toppled king James II Stuart resided in Louis XIV's grand spare palace St.Germain-des-Prés, with a Jacobite court in exile. William wanted war on Catholic France, so he granted parliament a liberal regime. Scotland was ignored, in famine because of the war and denied the English colonial trade until William Patterson founded the Royal Bank - and trading Company of Scotland, which made a quarter of the country's sparse cash vaporize in the Panamanian Darien colony. Effectively paying off the impoverished nobles and promising ...
22 Nov. 2009
The Price of Progress
The 1764 Jacobite defeat at Culloden left Scotland divided and bankrupt. A Scottish diaspora throughout the colonial British empire (e.g. Culloden plantation on Jamaica), including Jacobite exilees, played a key part in building a rich, confident Scotland. Instead of fatal religious fanaticism, enlightened capitalist modernity was successfully adopted in science, overseas commerce, industry and society by self-made Scots, as studied by Adam Smith. Glasgow became their leading, opulent merchant port city, exploiting the colonies. Its small rich elite owning everything ...
29 Nov. 2009
This Land Is Our Land
1792 brought France and soon the continent its socio-political revolution, Scotland new sheep breeds which made the greedy Highland chiefs, by now London-based aristocrats, expel the farming clansmen to coastal crofts, which thrive on the new crop potatoes until the blight. Sir Walter Scott's novels revived Scotland's romantic feudal past now it was truly over. Hoping to stop class struggle, which failed as Radicals's attempted revolution, Scott invented the 'tartan traditions' for king George IV's royal visit to Scotland. But the emancipatory ideas would still win ...
6 Dec. 2009
Project Scotland
In the 20th century, Scotland's old industry decayed even worse then England's. After the Great War arms effort, this meant low wages, high unemployment, dependency on British aid. Various opinions conflicted whether Scotland should rely on English solidarity, strive for full independence or accept an in-between autonomous status, known as Devolution. The last won out in the end, after the discovery of North Sea oil in the 'Scottish' part of UK territorial waters.

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