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Best Kylie Concert ever
janehui1 April 2015
Best Kylie show. Even better than les folie, showgirl, kiss me once etc. Kylie's vocal and performance were better than studio version. She handle the interaction with the audience well and everyone went crazy with her. She had the best combination of singing and dancing and posting in X 2008, sang well danced well. Very confident with herself. She gained some weight when compared to 2005/6 but she was absolutely sexier. Definitely the queen (princess) of pop music and fashion. The adaptation of both her old and new hits are perfect. Totally own the stage. Wish we could have a CD version. The X 2009 live in NY was still great I love O2 more.
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Just amazing
pdlhw5 August 2012
This is not a concert, it's THE SHOW. I saw the show in Buenos Aires and even it was great , it was not the same, because the stage and the stadium were smaller, and I'm sure was difficult to recreate this masterpiece. The show was beautifully created and directed. It is flawless. No mistake was made. You can see they though in every single detail. Lights, make up, custome design, set design, everything was brilliant. Kylie was superb... Nowadays, were some singers do playback, Kylie offers great vocals, and a well thinked complementary choreography. Kylie is brilliant flirting with the audience where at the same time she shows how strong her performance could be. The band and the dancers gave a convincing performance but at the end , just because the way she is, Kylie shines.
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