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Aidan Turner is the only one of the original main cast members not to have appeared on Doctor Who (2005). Russell Tovey (George) played Alonso Frame in Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (2007), Lenora Crichlow (Annie) played Cheen in Doctor Who: Gridlock (2007), and Sinead Keenan (Nina) played Addams in Doctor Who: The End of Time: Part One (2009) and Doctor Who: The End of Time: Part Two (2010). Also, 'Dean Lennox Kelly', who plays 'Tully' also played 'Shakespeare' in 'The Shakespeare Code'. Additionally, Donald Sumpter who plays Kemp in Season 2, has appeared in the original Doctor Who (1963) serials The Wheel in Space (Episodes 1-6), The Sea Devils (Episodes 3-5) and the more recent episode Hell Bent (2015).
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Annie's eyes are normally brown but they turn blue when she is visible to humans and turn violet when she is haunting.
Toby Whithouse originally conceived the show as a drama in the vein of This Life (1996) with the three characters sharing a flat. Originally, Mitchell was a sex addict, George had anger-management problems and Annie was an agoraphobe. Whithouse added the supernatural elements later, finding what he believed to be the underworld equivalent for each character: the sex addict Mitchell became a vampire, the angry man George became a werewolf, and the agoraphobe Annie became a ghost.
The producers of the show felt that it would stretch the budget to the limit if they had to digitally remove Aidan Turner's reflection from everything that had a reflective surface, so they came up with the notion that vampires can only be invisible in objects with silver backings, such as mirrors and cameras.
Annie appears in the clothes she was wearing when she died which change subtly depending on her state of mind.
According to Aidan Turner in a BBC3 question-and-answer session, Mitchell's fingerless gloves were more necessity than fashion statement due to the freezing set temperatures filming in wintertime Bristol.
The production of season four was delayed by a key cast member breaking his leg.
George was voted "One of British TV's most annoying characters".
Mark Gatiss portrays the Vampire overlord, Mr. Snow, in Series 4. The name is given to him for his icy demeanor. Ironically, Gatiss's character on "Sherlock", Mycroft, was nicknamed "the Ice Man" by series baddie, Jim Moriarty. The two characters even share a similar wardrobe.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Over the course of the show, none of the main characters appears in every episode. The longest serving character was Lenora Crichlow as Annie, appearing in 30 of the series' 37 episodes, and the shortest being Kate Bracken as Alex in 9 episodes.
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