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5 Feb. 2012
Eve of the War
In the future the world is seen to be at risk of take over by vampires. In the present Annie,Tom and George look after George's baby Eve after Nina has been murdered by vampires. Despite her parentage the child is fully human with no werewolf traits but vampire leader Griffin still wants her dead as,according to kindly vampire archivist Regus,she will save the world from his kind. Griffin takes her but,thanks to Regus and disgruntled young vampire Dewi,she is saved and Griffin killed though George too pays the price. On the other side of the country a ghost called ...
12 Feb. 2012
Being Human 1955
Following a supernatural radio announcement Leo, Pearl and Hal arrive at Annie and Tom's to pay homage to George and Nina's baby daughter Eve, the Chosen One, who will save the world. Knowing that this means the extermination of vampires, Hal is less pleased to see her than the others but remains the only one of the three to survive when Pearl and Leo, having declared their love for each other, pass over. Hal appears to come close to killing the baby but is prevented by Tom. However, following a visit to a pawn shop by the two boys in keeping with Leo's last wish, ...
19 Feb. 2012
The Graveyard Shift
Despite his protestations that isolation curbs his blood lust Hal is persuaded by Annie and Tom to work in the cafe with Tom,where they meet a weird Goth girl Michaela. After a confrontation with Fergus Annie seeks the help of Regus,who tells her that Eve's nemesis has a burnt arm and who suggests they leave town with the baby,but before they can do so vampires led by Fergus pursue Michaela,Hal and Tom from the cafe back to the house where Hal leads his house-mates in killing the vampires. Michaela is vampiricised but loves it and goes off with the 400-year old Regus....
26 Feb. 2012
A Spectre Calls
Kirby, a charming ghost from the 1970s,arrives,apparently sent by Nina to help look after Eve and immediately charms Annie. However when a doctor is called out to the baby Kirby gives him a heart attack and it is clear that he has come to harm the child,dividing the household and setting Tom up for an assault charge from which he is saved by vampire lawyer Cutler. Kirby is a serial killer seeking notoriety but is dispatched by Annie using electricity. Hal investigates the train tunnel massacre,questioning a female doctor who is later killed by Cutler to keep their ...
4 Mar. 2012
Hold the Front Page
Youthful-looking vampire Adam returns with middle-aged, sensible girlfriend,headmistress Yvonne,pursued by the gutter press out to expose their affair. Despite initially believing the household to be delusional Yvonne has a strange effect on Tom and Hal,giving them erotic dreams and causing them to fight over her for she is a succubus,who casts a spell on any man she touches - though Adam truly loves her and they leave together. Vampire-hunting journalist Pete is on their trail but makes the mistake of explaining his interest to Cutler,with fatal results. Cutler then ...
11 Mar. 2012
Puppy Love
Tom meets a brainy young soulmate, Allison, and finds a bond between themselves to discover why the vamps are trying to expose the wolves. Meanwhile Annie makes a poor judgement call at the door and is now in guard of helping Emrys to find his closure so he can pass over. Hal is smitten by a brief meeting with a young cutie, Alex, and he tries to see if he can court her without succumbing to his urges. In the background Golda has returned to restore order before the Old Ones return and has taken control from Cutler. Does Tom find love, but Allison learns he is a true ...
18 Mar. 2012
Making History
Cutler reminds Hal of the time when he was a leader of the historic vampires known as the Old Ones,indoctrinating Cutler and causing him to kill his wife. Finally he gets Hal to drink a glass of blood though Hal tries to fight his impulses,sparing Alex,though she is killed by another vampire and becomes a ghost. Learning that Cutler aims to prepare the world for the coming of the vampires by showing that werewolves are the real enemy Hal ultimately thwarts his plan to film Tom,having transformed into a werewolf,kill a cellar full of people. The woman who claims to be ...
25 Mar. 2012
The War Child
Cutler greets the Old Ones led by Snow as Annie tells Alex and the boys of her meeting with Eve,who asked her to kill her. She says that she cannot and destroys Cutler when he comes to the house to harm the baby girl. Tom plans to kill the Old Ones by means of a suicide bomb,a fact which becomes known to Milo,a werewolf who is part of Snow's entourage and whom Tom rebuffs,just as Hal refuses Snow's offer to join him in his conquest of the world. Hal and Tom visit the vampires' lair with the baby,latterly joined by Annie. Snow tells her that he wants Eve but has no ...

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