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Season 5

3 Feb. 2013
The Trinity
Ninety years earlier vampire Hal and werewolf Lady Catherine attempted,unsuccessfully,to end the war created by the devil through the Trinity between werewolves and vampires. In the present Alex,discovering that she drowned,searches for her body with Tom's help so that she may pass over. Hal is approached by the sinister Dominic Rook who tries to tempt him with a supply of blood if he will engineer a vampire take-over but Hal refuses,shortly before being responsible for office worker Ian "Crumb" Cran being run over. To prevent Ian dying Hal turns him into a vampire ...
10 Feb. 2013
Sticks and Rope
As Hal and Tom go head to head as employee of the month - an idea suggested by Hatch,who likes to see vampires and werewolves at odds - Alex discovers another ghost in the house. This is a little Victorian boy,Oliver,who killed himself after causing his younger brother's death playing hide and seek. It becomes apparent that Hatch has sent Oliver to the trio as a trap and,though the child successfully passes over, having admitted to Alex that he was bait,she is warned that 'He Will Rise.' Rook meanwhile grooms Ian Crumb to do his bidding.
17 Feb. 2013
Pie and Prejudice
Hal is now manager at the Grand,Hatch having scared off his predecessor. When disgruntled TV weatherman Larry Chrysler comes to make a personal appearance Tom,recognizing him as a fellow werewolf,is impressed and invites him to stay at the house and school him in the ways of success. Hal however sees that Larry is a has-been and a free-loader,exploiting Tom,and needs to be got rid of. Alex is befriended by Lady Mary,a mischievous eighteenth century ghost who can read people's minds by feeling their heads. She believes she was Hal's last victim and has successfully ...
24 Feb. 2013
The Greater Good
Having disposed of Larry for Hal, Rook, his department being depleted, billets Bobby, a dim werewolf from the 1980s, onto the trio. Tom, his appointed minder, is initially annoyed but starts to bond with his charge as they work together at the hotel. Hal also brings Ian Crumb to the house in an effort to curb his blood lust. Hatch recognizes Rook when he comes to the hotel and, in his quest to get rid of supernaturals, persuades Rook to unleash the lycanthropic Bobby on the hotel, an act in which quick thinking from Hal and the werewolf Tom prevents bloodshed. Hatch, ...
3 Mar. 2013
No Care, All Responsibility
Tom rescues and employs Natasha, a young womam as a waitress and falls for her, unaware that Rook is using her in the plot with Hatch to drive a wedge between vampires and Werewolves. Hal initially recoils from her but finds her useful as a blood donor now that his thirst has returned. Alex is convinced that Hatch is evil and steals a file from Rook, linking him to many deaths at the hotel over the years. She goes to tell Hal but is appalled to see him drinking Natasha's blood but offers to help. Sadly Natasha is yet another sacrifice in the fight between good and ...
10 Mar. 2013
The Last Broadcast
Alex escapes Hatch's clutches and stops Hal,who has just claimed more victims,and Tom from fighting by revealing that Hatch is literally the devil incarnate. Hal explains that the demonic plan was to cause chaos by setting supernaturals against each other - hence the employee of the month contest. When the trio find the streets strewn with corpses Hal reveals that Hatch could cause people,such as Natasha and Bobby,to commit suicide by suggesting it to them. Learning that Hatch is in a television studio about to broadcast to the nation that it commits mass suicide the ...

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