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Season 3

23 Jan. 2011
Nina, Mitchell and George move into a former hotel in Wales with a basement suitable for the werewolves' transformations. Annie appears on a TV screen and Mitchell follows a recently deceased man in the hospital where they are working through a portal to Purgatory to save her. He meets sparky ghost Lia,who confronts him with some of his previous grisly handiwork and identifies herself as one of his train victims but allows him to take Annie back into the world.George pursues Tom,another young werewolf but gets arrested after landing in a 'dogging' area though Nina ...
30 Jan. 2011
Adam's Family
Nina and George encounter Adam, who looks fifteen but is forty-six, a recently orphaned vampire whose late parents were his blood supply. They give him a room in the house but Mitchell is not welcoming, having problems of his own. In addition to recalling Lia's words that he would be killed by a werewolf he is visited by Richard Hargreaves, carpet layer and vampire, on behalf of the 'old ones', vampires irate with him for the train massacre, who want to send him away to South America before the police grow suspicious. Richard and his wife Emma seem a cosy middle-class...
6 Feb. 2011
Type 4
Whilst Mitchell confides in George his love for Annie the ghost herself is followed home by Sasha,a zombie or Type 4 supernatural being,stuck in limbo as a result of Mitchell's saving Annie.Annie and Mitchell learn that she has escaped from a morgue where zombies were being used in painful experiments. Though putrefying Sasha refuses to believe she is one of the undead until she freaks out her boyfriend so Annie gives her a make-over and a night on the town before she passes over. Mitchell has problems with Graham,an ageing Goth vampire who threatens to tell Annie ...
13 Feb. 2011
The Pack
Whilst Annie and Mitchell come to the conclusion their relationship can only be spiritual, Nina and George,concerned how their baby will turn out,seek out Tom and his surly father McNair,who has told the lad that being a werewolf is empowering. However he has not been entirely honest with him and how he became a lycanthrope. McNair hates vampires,who killed his wife,and Mitchell,in view of Lia's prediction,fears that McNair may be his killer so he gives him to Richard and Emma for cage-fighting. But when Tom,Nina and George are taken instead,McNair and Mitchell join ...
20 Feb. 2011
The Longest Day
Nina and George feel the need to get Herrick out of hospital before the authorities ask questions so,claiming that he is Nina's uncle Billy,they take him home to a less than rapturous welcome from Mitchell, even though Herrick seems to be genuinely amnesiac and unsure of who he is. Cara turns up,wanting to restore Herrick to his former powers but he rejects her and she kills herself. Before Mitchell can do anything to Herrick,Wendy,a nervous social worker, comes to visit and is surprised to find that officially no Uncle Billy exists - though Nina manages to fob her ...
27 Feb. 2011
Daddy Ghoul
George reads of the death of his father,whom he has not seen since being bitten by Tully,and goes to observe the funeral from a distance. However he learns that George,senior, only faked his death,having moved out of the house to live in a trailer after his wife Ruth,devastated to think that her son was dead,left him for young George's bullying gym teacher. The two Georges go to visit Ruth and the parents are reconciled but find it hard to accept that their son is a lycanthrope. D.C. Nancy Reid visits the house after Nina's phone call. Annie finds it hard to believe ...
6 Mar. 2011
Though the Heavens Fall
After confessing his guilt to Annie, Mitchell is arrested and dragged off to the police station,where he is terrified that,when his photograph is taken,his identity will be exposed. The McNairs come back to the house after the father has been injured fighting vampires. He knows Herrick of old and,as the full moon rises,prepares to kill him but ends up dead himself. Herrick is now fully restored of his powers and memory and goes on the rampage,killing Nancy - whose superior Cooper,also a vampire,was finished off by Annie - and threatening Nina.
13 Mar. 2011
The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
A uniformed Herrick slaughters Mitchell's police captors before putting him into a cage and bringing in George,whom Herrick hopes will kill Mitchell after being told that Nina has been attacked. However they are saved by the arrival of Tom,who escapes with George whilst Mitchell kills off Herrick for good. Annie is lured into purgatory by Lia,who tells that she lied to Mitchell about his being killed by a werewolf to scare him but that he believes her prophesy will come true. Sensing that Annie now despises Mitchell Lia lets Annie go and she is able to help bring Nina...

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