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At the bottom of the pool and no one left to help

Author: Ron Mueller from St. Louis, MO
6 September 2010

Here's a series that started out somewhat interesting. Justin was a level headed manager that ran a tight ship and balanced it with good people skills. The support team was excellent with security, servers, and general staff all towing the line and generally working together for the betterment of the company and their customers.

Then comes season 2 and by chance (wink, wink) in walks Matt. Screaming, yelling, and being everything that management isn't (and HR's worst nightmare). You have to wonder why an international company would allow a person to run one of their operations like this and go even further by allowing the viewing public to see behind the curtain. If ever there was a hunger starved ratings oriented company, it would be the corporate Hard Rock executives that put ratings (and the hope for more business during a dying economy) about instilling a positive and safe work environment.

I quit watching and won't watch just to let Hard Rock know that creating an environment of fear and intimidation is not what American's want. Shame on Hard Rock!

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Drink, Eat, Shake that ... and be merry.

Author: WrathChld from United States
30 September 2009

Remember when "Reality" shows were a new concept. These days reality shows are clogging up the channels. With that said, you can imagine how old and played some of these ideas can be. "Rehab" is no exception, but on the other hand it does take place in the hottest party in Vegas.

I caught the show once in a while in the first season. It wasn't bad. Entertaining. It was something to watch. Now in the second season I am glued. I am glued because there is a new Pool Manager. Yeah, doesn't sound like pool manager would be a high ranking job, but when you are Pool Manger at this party it is everything. This new guy is a total TOOL. I watch because I can't believe he is still working there. Besides bumping heads with one of the heads of Security, he totally disrespects everyone. He is suppose to be professional and some of the things he says to the employees seems to be grounds for dismissal.

I really don't know what happened to the manger in the first season. He didn't put up with crap, but he sure treated people much better. The one thing I will say is if it wasn't for the new guys antics I probably wouldn't watch. Maybe it is all for TV??

Check it out, if not for the story line. ... for the view.

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What a lame show!

Author: Board from Denmark
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a lame show!

My headline really sums it up. Granted, I really, really don't like reality show (who does?), but this is one of the worst ever.

Every single person is this show is despicable. It's all about flashing off and being seen "because I'm a princess" or "because I'm so buff" or whatever. Well, I suppose "The Grind" on MTV started that trend many years ago, but I had hoped that would have been put to rest. Here, they even made it into a reality show about the people running this party place. How much fun do you seriously think it would be to watch a reality show about bartenders with silicone boobs amidst buff tan guys who are just there to get drunk? This has, oddly, being going on for several seasons now. I only watched episode 15 (mid-season 2), but that was more than enough.

One character needs special attention: The girl Julia is looking at guys all the time, but admits she might be a little bit picky when it comes to finding someone. No, really? "I once dumped a guy, because I didn't like how his hair ended on his ankles. He had hairy legs, but not hairy feet, and then the hair just stopped instead of phasing out". Great gal! Then she continues later: "This guy bumped into me, and I was like totally smitten right away. He stole my heart". Then he asked for her telephone number. "No way. I'm a good girl. I don't just give out my number". Yaih! Good work, honey. If you never give anyone a chance maybe that's why you're 31, single, miserable and complaining about why you can never find a guy.

The episode I watched (I had to subtitle it at my job, so at least I was paid to watch it) featured some guy named Barry who was trying to recruit bartenders here for his own club. What an arrogant and rude bastard. I was actually happy when they kicked him out. The only times I felt entertained was when I was laughing at how despicable these people were. Seriously, though. This is really crap TV with no content at its worst. Maybe it's fun to watch for teenage guys who like to look at silicone inflated bimbos, but that's about it.

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