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time waster
DogFilmCritic2 March 2015
I just finished watching this short and i really wanted to like it...but honestly it didn't entertain at all i felt dumbfounded it started OK but there was nothing there, the only curiosity i got is how two great actors Emily Blunt and Tom Riley got involved in this, i love short movies when they are well done you get to ask were would this story go if it was any longer you wonder a lot and you find you own conclusions but my main problem with this one is to short i could have gone some extra 5 minutes,and by having it to short it goes no were and it doesn't answer anything instead of asking how would the story go, you just wonder if the director or the actors couldn't see how bad this looked on screen.
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A little too short.
DustinRahksi4 February 2013
I think I am going to have too cheese this review and double space it, there is not much to say.

This could have easily been turned into a mediocre horror film, or even worse it could have turned out like The Strangers, but instead we get ten minutes of nothing.

You may say "give them a break", but no it was bad. No characters, no plot, no suspense, no acting, and lame results. I don't know what the point of this short was, it didn't accomplish anything. And if this is the best idea someone had for a film "you can kiss refreshing horror cinema goodbye, no originality here people.

Some how Emily Blunt is in this, I wonder how that happened, I guess you could say I was curious as to what this film had to offer.

I can't say I regret my purchase, it was only two dollars. I would have also liked if the ending was explained, but oh well. Buy it if you want, it's not like your wasting your two dollars.
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