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A film of such seductive grace, humor and startling side trips into buttocks-clenching ghastliness that auds won't know what to make of it (although it won't keep them from wanting to visit Ireland immediately).
Intriguing mix of engaging drama and wonderful dialogue, all infused with stirring hints of the supernatural.
Village Voice
The Eclipse is a curious Irish ghost story that fiddles with the recipe just enough to produce interesting results.
Wall Street Journal
A leisurely and quite lovely drama that honors the conventions of gothic ghost stories without the slightest stain of self-irony.
With a well-knit array of picturesque long shots, shadow-strewn medium takes and the occasional silhouetted close-up, The Eclipse finds plenty of heartfelt gravity in its tale of love lost and found on a gothic coast.
Though The Eclipse travels a sleepy route to a shrug of anticlimax, it’s refreshing to see a film acknowledge that life and love don’t end at 50, even in the outsized shadow of a soulmate’s death.
Although The Eclipse is technically a horror film, dealing as it does with issues of the supernatural, it has the heart of a romance and the tone of a drama. It's slow, thoughtful, and melancholy - at times seeming to forget that a ghost story is supposed to be at least marginally scary.
Boxoffice Magazine
A charming oddity, a character-driven drama with just enough fringe genre elements to both enhance and distract, though ultimately hewing closer to the former to make the latter only a minor annoyance.
A moody little number, The Eclipse makes good on its name by sometimes obscuring its themes and even point, which can have its charms though also severe drawbacks.
Never finds a common ground between the fantastic and the heartfelt. Such unintegrated flip-flopping between a muted character study and a horror flick relying on cheap scare tactics leaves you feeling mildly schizophrenic

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