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Sex & Nudity

  • A man is seen kissing a woman lying on a couch, she is in a bra but otherwise both are fully clothed. He later tells her that "It's Christmas, I just want to fuck"

Violence & Gore

  • 9/10 There is no gore in the film until 10 minutes in, then for the las 6 minutes there is immense blood and gore
  • A girl is opening a present in front of a Christmas tree when it grabs her and begins crushing her, covering her body and the camera in blood. when it has killed her it drops the body on the floor and blood covers the hard wood.
  • A man rushes to save his daughter from a Christmas tree when it trows a star into his neck. Blood sprays from his neck and covers the camera, the walls, and the faces of his wife and son
  • A dead cat covered and dripping with blood is held by a Tree and thrown at a family opening presents
  • In perhaps the most horrific scene, a man is kissing a woman on a couch. He sits up and a tree grabs him and his partner by the neck. The tree snakes a branch into the woman's mouth. She begins crying blood and one of her eyes is popped out by the branch as it exits her head. The Branch continues to move and enters the mans mouth, proceeding to pop his eyes out as well. The branches pull the blood covered bodies together and the scene fades as the eyeless bleeding faces are made to kiss by the tree.
  • A lumber jack is seen on a table as two trees chop his leg off with an axe, with blood spilling out over the floor.
  • A woman with a blood covered face is seen screaming as a sapling attacks her
  • Many people are seen with blood covered clothes and faces, and there is lots of blood covered snow
  • A tree jumps on the head of a baby, smashing it and causing blood to splatter over the pavement. The tree than drags the body off, leaving a trail of blood


  • In the opening several foul mouth lumberjacks chop down trees, using words like Fuck, Shit, and Cunt
  • A man tells a woman "It's Christmas, I just want to Fuck"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lumberjack is seen holding what looks like a cigar in his mouth at the beginning of the film, though it does not appear to be lit

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the opening a forest of Christmas Trees is cut down, The lumberjack's language, the Tree's screaming and their dubbed text can be frightening and upsetting
  • A tree yells to other trees that they are all going to die while they are trapped in the back of a truck
  • The entire Treevenge sequence that takes up the last 4 minutes of the movie has large amounts of blood, screaming, and horrifying events

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