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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • In order to throw a psychic woman off, a man envisions sexual fantasies with her:
  • In these fantasies, at around 45m and 44s in, you see a woman bent over, with her breasts visible, but not focused on, so that they are not fully shown. She is then seen closer, from the breasts up (they are not seen), spitting saliva as the man is presumably having sex with her. This lasts for about 10 seconds.
  • In the next, at around 53m and 25s in, you see the woman take her suit off, you see her cleavage and then it cuts to her naked back. The man pushes her head down to his groin, and he makes pleasurable noises, it is implied that she is giving him oral sex. You then see his face, seemingly pained, as another woman's head comes up, bloody, implying she bit his penis off. This last about 40 seconds.
  • A woman is described as from the 'pleasure district' until somebody cut her face up. You then see her mouth bloody, implying that she bit the man's penis or testicles off.
  • We see a woman in a bathtub from the shoulders up.
  • A man says that other men will do 'nasty' things to a woman if she is captured alive.

Violence & Gore

  • A door is blown open and we see several people shot in slow motion: one man is blown back from the force of the blast (we see the flesh on his abdomen and chest flutter from the force), another man is shot through the cheek and mouth (we see the bullet enter and exit taking tissue with it and leaving a bloody hole), another man is shot through the face leaving a gaping bloody wound (we see part of his teeth through the hole) and another through the abdomen (we see the bloody wound).
  • Three men are bound and are bloody from being beaten as a woman tells other men to "skin them and throw them off a balcony": the three already blood-soaked bodies flatten when they hit the ground (pedestrians scream and scatter).
  • We see another glimpse of a man being flayed with a large knife and we hear the man yelling.
  • A man is shot in the mouth with a "hot shot" bullet which ignites inside his head like a road flare, melting his face off. We see the corpse on the floor with a smoldering hole in his head.
  • A man's head is blown off by a high-powered bullet (we see the bloody body with the head missing).
  • A man's head gets shot very gorily to the point where it starts losing its shape.
  • A villain is pushed through a plate glass window and falls many stories to her death (we see blood splatter from underneath as her face hits the ground first).
  • A huge gun is loaded and fired into an area where a man and a woman are trapped: we see many people struck by bullets and blood splatters, sprays and puddles.
  • A man is shot through the back and we see a bloody hole in his protective vest and blood smears on the wall behind him.
  • A man is shot repeatedly in the back and neck and falls dead with a lot of blood visible.
  • A man shoots another man several times in the face.
  • Four men are shot and they flop to the floor dead as blood splatters and sprays.
  • Several armed men shoot into a booth thinking a man is inside and we see the bloody body of a man tied up inside afterwards.
  • A man is shot in the head and falls dead.
  • A man fires a gun and the gun explodes and takes off his arm (we see the bloody stump) and as he collapses to the floor, a woman finishes him off with a kick in the face (blood spurts from his mouth).
  • Two men are shot in the back and many people run and scream.
  • A woman is shot in the abdomen (we see a bloody wound).
  • Several men burst into flames and run around screaming after an incendiary bullet is shot at them.
  • A stun grenade is thrown into a group of armed men and they are shot repeatedly.
  • Several men are shot and the flip and are thrown from the impact as blood splatters and sprays.
  • A man is crushed under a heavy security door (we hear a squish and see a puddle of blood on the floor where he had been).
  • Two men fight with punches and kicks, they slam each other into walls and floors and one hits the other hard in the throat, collapsing his windpipe (we see the throat caved in); he gasps, spits blood and collapses dead.
  • A woman punches a man in the face (we see his bloody nose and mouth).
  • We see a woman pressing her thumbs into a man's eyes, very brief, we see the eyes bloody and we see the man later with what looks like camera shutters in his eye sockets.
  • A man lifts tarps covering dead bodies and we see pools of blood, and very bloody and flattened bodies; he opens the mouth of one of the victims and identifies him as a drug user.
  • A man patches a wound in his abdomen and we see the gaping hole being filled with a foam, and then stapled shut and cinched closed.


  • 47 f words (3 paired with mother)(1 paired with god damn it), 11 uses of shit(1 paired with bull), 7 uses of bitch,1 use of whoring, 1 use of ass, 1 use of hell.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The plot revolves around a fictional drug and we see stylized, lurid effects of it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The eye gouging scene may be seen as disturbing.
  • The tone is very dark and gritty.
  • Lots of blood, not for the faint hearted.

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