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Nfts appoints Alex Garland as first associate director

Ex Machina writer-director takes up two-year position.

The UK’s National Film and Television School (Nfts) has appointed Oscar and Bafta nominated writer, producer and director Alex Garland as its first associate director.

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Garland is known for writing the screenplays for Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later and Sunshine as well as Never Let Me Go and Dredd. He made his feature debut as a writer-director with 2015 sci-fi Ex Machina, which received Oscar and Bafta nominations.

His next film is sci-fi Annihilation, which stars Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac and is set for release next month.

Garland’s time in the Nfts role will last two years. His responsibilities will include acting as a role model and creative figurehead for the Nfts student body, contributing to learning through masterclasses and special events, and acting as an ambassador for the school to promote its achievements and enhance its profile both nationally
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Alex Garland Wants You to Know ‘Annihilation’ is the Anti-‘Ex Machina’: ‘It Demands an Open Mind’

Alex Garland Wants You to Know ‘Annihilation’ is the Anti-‘Ex Machina’: ‘It Demands an Open Mind’
Alex Garland has been one of the most reliable names in science-fiction cinema over the last decade, first as the screenwriter of titles such as “28 Days Later” and “Never Let Me Go” and later as the breakthrough director of “Ex Machina.” The latter was one of the big critical hits of 2015, winning an Oscar for VFX and recently being named one of the best sci-fi films of the century by IndieWire. All of this is to say expectations are sky high for Garland’s new sci-fi offering, the studio-funded “Annihilation.”

Read More:‘Annihilation’ New Trailer: Natalie Portman Leads A Mind-Bending Science-Fiction Survival Mission

Annihilation” is based on the novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer. Natalie Portman leads the cast as a biologist who must enter an ecological disaster zone in North America to try and figure out what is threatening her husband’s life. The supporting cast includes Gina Rodriguez,
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Alex Garland’s sci-fi Annihilation heading straight to Netflix in the UK

Director Alex Garland’s upcoming sci-fi Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, is set to be released straight to Netflix in the UK and other territories outside North America and China.

The film, which is Garland’s highly anticipated follow-up to his Oscar-winning debut Ex Machina, is due for its Us release on February 23 and will now arrive on the streaming service less than three weeks later, Deadline reports.

Paramount is handling the release of the film in the USA, Canada and China, with Netflix in control for other territories.

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The deal is similar to a recent agreement made between Netflix and New Line Cinema for their Shaft sequel.

Annihilation is an adaptation of the first novel in Jeff VanderMeer’s sci-fi trilogy Southern Reach and has been building buzz as a result of its director.

Garland made his directorial debut with Ex Machina,
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Action Adventure Snowblind casts Karl Urban and Ashley Greene

Karl Urban (Dredd) and Ashley Greene (Twilight) are set to star in the action-adventure film Snowblind.

Variety reports that Marcus Alqueres will direct the film and Hank Woon is penning the script based on Don Roff’s novel Snowblind. It follows the story of a U.S. Ranger haunted by painful memories of a family tragedy, who becomes stranded with his platoon in a remote cabin in the woods. As they fight for survival, they find a box filled with $5 million in cash, and a dark, disturbing secret.

Alqueres is known for his outstanding visual effects work on films such as 300, Source Code, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and The Adventures of Tintin.

Urban can next be seen in Marvel’s upcoming superhero flick Thor: Ragnarok. Greene is best known for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight franchise.

No official word on a production date or a possible release date.
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Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Game For Another Thor Movie

With Ragnarok almost upon us, comic book fans continue to pose the big questions about Thor‘s future – or lack thereof – in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A female-led reboot has been touted as one potential avenue for Marvel to explore, which has already gained the backing of Kevin Feige (kinda) and former Dredd star Karl Urban, who plays the part of Skurge in Taika Waititi’s critically-adorned threequel. But what about the chances of Waititi circling back to helm another project for Marvel Studios? Turns out it’s not out of the question, after the New Zealand director told Radio Times that he’d “love to do another Thor” movie.

First spotted by Cbm, Waititi began by singling out Marvel Studios for its support, not to mention the sheer amount of creative freedom that he and his team enjoyed on set (“They kind of gave me a lot of free reign,
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A Female-Led Thor Movie? Kevin Feige Says It’s Not Out Of The Question

Arise, Jane Foster, rightful wielder of Mjölnir?

That’s a changeover that has already occurred in Marvel Comics, but what are the chances of Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder giving way to Miss. Foster on the big screen? Fairly slim, we imagine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s off the table.

Not only is Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd) a big fan of the idea, but Kevin Feige himself recently weighed in on the possibility of a female-led Thor movie. Currently in the midst of promoting Ragnarok, the Marvel boss admitted that the studio’s pool of writers always “look back to the comics” as their primary source of inspiration, hence the decision to adapt the likes of “Planet Hulk” and “Civil War.” Could “Original Sin” be next in line for the big-screen treatment?

To his credit, Kevin Feige didn’t outright confirm a female-led Thor
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Dredd Actor Karl Urban Lobbies For Female Thor Movie

In the fallout of The Dark World, many were left questioning the future of Marvel’s God of Thunder.

Sure, the Norse god still enjoyed an active role in the McU thanks to Age of Ultron, but it’s fair to say that Thor somewhat fell down the pecking order circa 2014. Heck, even Chris Hemsworth admits that he was beginning to get bored of his musclebound deity prior to Thor: Ragnarok.

What changed? Taika Waititi, who made a point of crafting a rip-roaring and at times bizarre adventure for Marvel’s Norse god. By all accounts, it looks as though Waititi has knocked it out of the park, creating a relatively standalone threequel that doesn’t get caught up in the looming shadow of Avengers: Infinity War. But what’s next for Thor? Well, Karl Urban has an idea, and it may involve drafting Jane Foster back to the fore.
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Karl Urban On What It Will Take For Him To Return As Judge Dredd in Mega-City One

Back in August, it was rumored that Dredd star Karl Urban would be making his return to the role of Judge Dredd in the upcoming TV series, “Mega-City One”. And today we have news about what Urban thinks of donning… Continue Reading →

The post Karl Urban On What It Will Take For Him To Return As Judge Dredd in Mega-City One appeared first on Dread Central.
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Ant-Man and the Wasp set photos, Jared Leto praises Suicide Squad 2, Black Panther trailer and more – Daily News Roundup

Tight Costumes

Some set photos from Ant-Man and The Wasp landed online yesterday, showing off the tight costumes for Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne. Check them out here.

Fincher Is No Fan Of Marvel

After some harsh words from An American Werewolf in London director John Landis, it’s the turn of Fight Club helmer David Fincher to shoot down the work of Marvel Studios. In an interview with Yellow King Film Boy, Fincher took issue with the often light-hearted, and less-risky storytelling of Marvel’s ongoing shared universe. “Look, there’s a very large talent pool of people who don’t feel there’s much for them in terms of sustenance working for Marvel. And I think that if we can make a playground for them that is thoughtful, adult, interesting, complex, challenging stories and figure out ways to pull them into it,
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Karl Urban on what he needs to play Dredd for Mega-City One TV series

  • JoBlo
Earlier this year, Im Global had entered a partnership with Rebellion to create a TV series based on the comic-book property to be titled Judge Dredd: Mega-city One. As soon as the news broke, fans of Pete Travis' 2012 action sci-fi adaptation Dredd were eager to know if Karl Urban would once again don the character's signature helmet in an effort to lay down the law for the... Read More...
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Karl Urban lays out the conditions for suiting up as Judge Dredd once again in Mega-City One

2012’s Dredd was just one more film — in a long line of films — that received very positive reviews, and tanked at the box-office. As a result, the Dredd film franchise was left dead in the water. However, as luck would have it, a Judge Dredd TV series was announced this summer for (potentially) 2019.

Mega-City One is being produced by Im Global, producers of 2012’s Dredd, and it was revealed last August that Karl Urban has had talks to potentially join the series as Judge Dredd. Since then, we haven’t really had much news concerning Urban’s involvement (or really any Mega-City One news, for that matter). However, at a recent press-junket for Thor: Ragnarok, Urban did talk briefly about Mega-City One, and the conditions that would seal the deal for his return (via Screen Rant):

“Well, Rebellion, who owns the rights to Judge Dredd, are currently developing a television series called Mega-City One,
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Karl Urban Still Game For Judge Dredd TV Series: “The Ball’s In Their Court”

When he’s not being badgered about the embryonic Star Trek 4 – for the record, Paramount is still playing things close to the vest – you’ll likely find Karl Urban fielding questions about Judge Dredd and, specifically, the spinoff TV series coming by way of Im Global and Rebellion.

Aptly titled Judge Dredd: Mega-City One, Urban has expressed his interest in the project multiple times before, and even confirmed that he had opened talks with the Powers That Be about potentially suiting up as John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s square-jawed law enforcer once again.

But there’s still no sign of a deal just yet, and that’s something Urban reaffirmed to Screen Rant while talking to them about Thor: Ragnarok. Essentially, it seems the decision rests in the hands of Rebellion.

Well, Rebellion, who owns the rights to Judge Dredd, are currently developing a television series called Mega-City One,
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Dredd: Karl Urban on potentially returning to the role

Simon Brew Oct 16, 2017

Karl Urban confirms his interest in returning to role of Judge Dredd, in the TV show Mega-City One...

It’s been over five years now since Karl Urban debuted his take as Judge Dredd on the big screen, in the much-loved financial disappointment, Dredd. Plans for a sequel, as you probably know, quickly petered out when the box office tallies came in. And in spite of a concerted fan campaign, it became clear that Dredd 2 wasn’t going to happen.

However, in recent times has come the happier news that Rebellion has been working on a television show that’ll be Judge Dredd-centric. And Urban has suggested in the past that he’d be interested in being a part of that.

In a new interview, he’s pretty much confirmed that now, albeit with a few caveats.

“Rebellion, who owns the rights to Judge Dredd, are
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Karl Urban On Star Trek 4: “You Know As Much As I Do”

Last we checked in on Karl Urban and his commitment to Paramount’s dormant Star Trek universe, the former Dredd star stressed that he’d return for Star Trek 4 without a second’s hesitation.

That was back in July, when J.J. Abrams was kicking around a story idea that would see Chris Hemsworth reprise the role of George Kirk, father to the swashbuckling Captain James T. Kirk, as played by Chris Pine (Wonder Woman). But things have changed quite drastically ever since, what with Abrams signing on to helm the untitled Star Wars: Episode IX – much to the frustration of Paramount brass.

It’ll be some time yet before film fans are invited back on board the Enterprise, then, and that’s something Karl Urban echoed in a recent interview with Screen Crush.

Indeed, Urban stressed that he knows absolutely nothing about the status of Star Trek 4, before
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Rumor: Dredd’s Olivia Thirlby Linked With Joss Whedon’s Batgirl

A new name has been reportedly linked with Joss Whedon’s upcoming solo movie for Barbara Gordon Aka Batgirl. According to The Daily Popcorn, actress Olivia Thirlby is on the director’s radar for the title role.

Comic book movie fans will know Thirlby from her turn as Judge Anderson opposite Karl Urban in 2012’s Dredd. Her performance in the cult favourite movie was praised at the time, so we know that she has the chops to play a badass character. At age 31, Thirlby is potentially a little older than we expected the on-screen Batgirl to be, as previous reports have stated that Whedon would be drawing from Gail Simone’s college age iteration of the character, but the actress’ youthful looks shouldn’t make it too difficult for her to play younger than her years.

Thirlby’s casting would also make sense based on comments Whedon’s made about
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Annihilation Trailer Takes Natalie Portman Into a Strange New World

  • MovieWeb
Annihilation Trailer Takes Natalie Portman Into a Strange New World
Paramount Pictures has just released the first trailer for Annihilation, following a first look at Natalie Portman's character Lena released yesterday. That photo showcased Lena examining a bizarre albino alligator, which is certainly unusual, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the oddities Lena will find in this mysterious place. Whether or not Lena finds what she's looking for remains to be seen, but this trailer shows that this film will certainly give fans a unique experience.

The trailer debuted on Paramount Pictures YouTube earlier today, and it's possible that the first poster could be just around the corner as well. The film is based on Jeff VanderMeer's best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy, with this film based on his first book in the series, 2014's Annihilation, which is followed by Authority and Acceptance. Director Alex Garland revealed in an interview yesterday that he has
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‘Annihilation’ First Trailer: ‘Ex Machina’ Director Alex Garland Returns With a Major Science-Fiction Vision

‘Annihilation’ First Trailer: ‘Ex Machina’ Director Alex Garland Returns With a Major Science-Fiction Vision
Alex Garland first made a name for himself in Hollywood as the screenwriter of “28 Days Later,” “Sunshine,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “Dredd,” but it wasn’t until he decided to step into the director’s chair with “Ex Machina” that he became a household name for cinephiles. His 2014 directorial breakthrough was a thrilling and cerebral slice of science fiction that earned massive critical acclaim and an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. IndieWire even named it one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the 21st century.

Read More:‘Annihilation’ First Look: Alex Garland Returns With A ‘Very Weird and Very Beautiful’ Science-Fiction Drama

Garland is finally returning early next year with “Annihilation,” an even bigger science-fiction movie based on the Jeff VanderMeer novel of the same name. The film stars Natalie Portman as the head of a group of female scientists who venture into an environmental disaster zone in order to save her husband,
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Natalie Portman Puts Her Head in an Albino Alligator's Mouth in First Look at Annihilation; Plus New Details

Natalie Portman is putting her beautiful head in danger's way in this first look image from her upcoming science fiction film Annihilation. Portman plays a scientist, who is part of an expedition tasked with exploring an area which has been taken over by a mysterious force. Writer and director Alex Garland (Ex Machina) explains the plot to EW:

“[She] finds a very strange, dream-like, surrealist landscape, and goes deeper and deeper into that world, and also into that mindset.”

Annihilation also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuva Novotny, Gina Rodriguez, and Tessa Thompson who costar as Portman's team members, while Oscar Isaac plays her husband.

The image above is the first thing the expedition comes across that is mysterious. Garland says:

“It is their first tangible encounter with something strange. The alligator has physical elements to it that should not belong on an alligator. They’re starting to get their heads around how weird the place is.
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Natalie Portman Tangles with an Albino Alligator in First Annihilation Photo

  • MovieWeb
Natalie Portman Tangles with an Albino Alligator in First Annihilation Photo
Paramount Pictures has released a first look photo from the upcoming thriller Annihilation, which features star Natalie Portman in quite the precarious position. The actress is seen peering into the mouth of an alligator, although, given the gator's albino skin tone, and the nature of this story as a whole, this dangerous animal seems to be dead already. It's possible that this first look photo could ultimately hint that the first trailer is coming, but while we wait for that announcement, director Alex Garland sheds some more light on this film.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the photo, with the movie in the works for a few years now. Alex Garland took over directorial duties in October 2014, and Natalie Portman joined the cast in May 2015. The project is based on the Jeff VanderMeer 2014 novel of the same name, the first in his Southern Reach trilogy that is followed by Authority and Acceptance.
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First Pic For Alex Garland’s Annihilation Surfaces From Area X; Director Teases “Strange, Dream-Like” World

Area X is not your average patch of American land.

Over the years, no less than 11 expeditions have crossed the border into Jeff VanderMeer’s preternatural territory, only to return with strange illnesses or crippling cancer. Assuming they returned at all. Undeterred by this horrible track record, the Powers That Be mount an all-female 12th expedition to Area X, featuring a team comprised of an anthropologist, surveyor, biologist, and psychologist.

That is, in a nutshell, the elevator pitch of Annihilation, VanderMeer’s literary trilogy-starter that’s headed for the big screen under the watchful eye of Alex Garland (Dredd, Ex Machina). Pegged for a release in February of 2017, Garland’s adaptation has tapped an all-star cast headed up by Natalie Portman, who can be seen getting up close and personal with the bizarre wildlife in EW’s first-look still.

On board to play the curious biologist, Portman will be flanked by Jennifer Jason Leigh,
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