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"American Idol" Hollywood Round No. 2 (2009)"American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" Hollywood Round No. 2 (original title)

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"American Idol" - "Hollywood Round No. 2" - Feb. 4, 2009

We are down to 107 contestants and Ryan tells us that there will be tears, triumph, and tragedy in the group round.

We get a recap of Round 1.

The contestants split into groups but there are a few strays. Including the giggly Tatiana, who takes over the group she joins and gets all bossy and then all desperate and dramatic. She goes to try and work with a new group and while Kristin is accepting, Nancy and Nathaniel don't want her.

We watch the groups rehearse. Some are happy, some are not, like Rose, who is in a group with Bikini Girl who she is clearly not on the same wavelength with. The two best friends Danny and Jamar are enjoying their group and sound good.

At 1 a.m. some groups are still rehearsing, others going to bed, and Tatiana is having second thoughts about the group she bullied her way into. She tries to reconnect to her old group. The second group gets mad at her for leaving them and comes to yell at her. Tatiana apologizes.

It's 2:30 and the group Tatiana left is trying to rehearse and have fun. The one she rejoined is trying to come up with choreography. She starts to fight with one of her group members, who realizes Tatiana's psycho.

Back at group she tried to join they are fighting about taking a break. Nancy is yelling at Kristin, who is mad about the drama. Nancy keeps yelling saying Kristin clearly doesn't want it as bad as everyone else making Kristin cry, Nathaniel stands in the background incredulous.

Rose's group is mad that Bikini Girl wants to go to bed instead of rehearsing. Bikini Girl goes to bed and cries.

It's 4 a.m. and the Nancy-Nathaniel-Kristin triad is all atwitter. Nathaniel is crying about everyone's dreams, Nancy is mad about taking a break, Kristin doesn't want the drama, she just wants to rest her voice since she's been singing all day.

It's 7 a.m. as the contestants awake. Contestants talk about how little sleep they got. Folks rehearse.

The Rose group goes to find Katrina. Her roommate answers the door and informs them that Katrina's not feeling well and doesn't want to see anybody. (The other two girls in this group are never introduced so I'm guessing they don't make it through and Rose does).

The Kristin-Nancy-Nathaniel group is still splintered and worried. The Rose group tries to rouse Katrina. They can't. She quits. Rose tells her to have a fun trip home and tells the cameras that she can't believe someone would give up such a big opportunity.

The groups practice with an accompanist, it's not going well.

The happy groups dance and hug and rehearse, including Tatiana's group who are all happy now.

Someone calls roll and Rose tells them that Katrina quit. We cut to Katrina, fully dressed and making her way to the ballroom, exhausted. Her "strategy" when going up to her group is to be honest. She flops down and joins them, they look annoyed. She asks them to teach her what she missed. They get up and walk away from her. Rose tells the cameras that they will be that group who is a train wreck.

They are all seated in the theatre nervous. The judges arrive and Simon informs them: "forget the words, you're out." Of course, this makes them worried about forgetting the words.

The first group starts with beatboxing, rapping, and a fun quartet version of the Jackson 5's "I Want you Back." The three boys sounded okay but the girl didn't do much actual singing. It was a great upbeat performance though and all four are through.

They show us a montage of groups mangling "Get Ready"by the Temptations and messing up the words and choreography. A few from each group make it including Jorge and Nick.

The next group is the "Action Squad" and they sing "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac. It's kind of hokey and some are better than others, Ryan is particularly good. They all mess up the words though. They send away Ryan and Emily, who were much better than their counterparts who got to stay. Emily cries and hugs people on the way out. Ryan feels manipulated and insulted.

We get a montage of groups and Simon complaints and insults. Sample: "A succession of horrors."

The Danny and Jamar group- which includes two girls- are doing "Somebody to Love" by Queen a cappella. They kill it. Randy liked the harmonies and Simon liked that it was a cappella. They all get through.

We see a mixture of groups doing "Some Kind of Wonderful," and most the singers they show us are varying degrees of good.

We see Rose's group, Team Diva, rehearsing. Apparently they patched it up with Bikini Girl and Rose is feeling more confident. They take the stage and sing "Mercy"- Lauren sounds good, Jasmine is great, Bikini Girl actually isn't that bad, but Rose totally blows it, muffing the words and flailing around. Simon says he can guarantee that they didn't work together. Lauren tries to explain their woes but Simon tells her to name names. Lauren says she and Jasmine stayed up. Bikini Girl becomes a fountain of excuses: in heels since 5 a.m., up til 3.a.m., scoliosis. Simon calls it a good excuse, but then says he's kidding and yells at her and asks who's to blame. Only Jasmine makes it. Rose hugs her. Bikini Girl walks by with a little wave. Kara says she must be ready for her close up and calls her something that Fox censors. The girls debrief and when Lauren tries to say that some didn't have a good work ethic, Katrina gets mad, stalks away and calls them "fake girls." (How quickly will she be hitting the cover of "Playboy"?) Then they try a group hug which Katrina says she won't be part of. Rose walks away crying saying she hated her group. (Lauren and Jasmine too?) .

We get a montage of the rejects including the Osmond boy and other people we met.

It's time for the last two groups, the ones spotlighted from the night before- Crazy Tatiana and Nancy-Nathaniel-Kristin.

The Tatiana group does "I Want You Back" - they only show us two of the singers- they sound pretty marginal. Tatiana keeps singing after they finish the audition which the judges put a stop to. They put them all through. Tatiana melts down afterwards thanking God and everyone involved with the show in a psychotic burst of teary histrionics.

It's finally time for Team Compromise, who have a little prayer circle before they go on. They explain that they are not friends. They sing "Mercy" by Duffy. Nathaniel is very flamboyant. Nancy is sassy and prety good but muffs the words. Kristin isn't bad either and hits a crazy note. Simon thinks the girls were sabotaging the back-ups, the judges say it was uncomfortable. He says one girl is safe and one isn't. Nancy cries. Paula is sad everyone is sad. Kristin and Nathaniel are through, Nancy is out. Nancy cusses out Kristin on the way out. She goes in the back to cry. She should be crying because she was better than plenty of people they put through.

We see a montage of rejects- including free, dancing naked girl- crying as they get the news. And then a montage of folks they put through celebrating.


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