Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

And I thought the supremacy of The Original GTA IV was enough!

Author: stee_nolan from Ireland
26 April 2009

WELL! Just when I thought Grand Theft Auto 4 was superb, they went and brought out something that rises above the already extreme grand yardstick! Cruisin around Liberty City on your Harley Davidson, messing around with your sawed off shot gun, blowing people across the boundaries as well as knocking them over... But wait... You have a gang of other bikes on your side following you in formation where ever you go! Really Rockstar have outdone themselves again and I'd have confidence in them for every chapter they have to sell us.

I won't be second in line to get it this time.

GTA fans, do not hesitate in any way to buy this fantastic Expansion, especially at such a cheap price. It is well worth it, Believe Me! Overall rating: 10/10

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The Loved and Damned

Author: Jules
17 April 2010

Being one of those unfortunate Playstation owners who had to wait for the much anticipated slice of Grand Theft Auto's DLC I can certainly say it was worth the delay; delivering a fantastic story that links into to the original instalment as well as a new protagonist, new weapons and pretty much everything a faithful DLC is made up of.

Johnny Klebitz is a member of the ugliest biker gang in Liberty City - The Lost (There is yet to be a playable character of the series that doesn't look like a shaven monkey - Sorry Rockstar). He has to, as expected; deal with all sort of shenanigans set to come his way within the course of roughly six to eight hours of story gameplay.

Now if you haven't already played the marvellous Grand Theft Auto 4(though you probably have, if you didn't purchase Episodes From Liberty City), then it is strongly recommended to play through Niko Bellic's story since plot details, characters and the ashamed knowledge that you know Liberty City better than your own city will all be very important to helping you appreciate the finer details of this DLC. If you do the unthinkable habit of skipping cut scenes then this obviously wont matter too much, but will help never the less.

The gameplay is the exactly the same as before so players who haven't used their dusty console in a long time shouldn't have too much trouble remembering the basics. The Lost and Damned adds plenty of fun elements to the sterling gameplay though - such as whacking people in the face with a baseball bat while racing and a Grenade Launcher that makes the old RPG look like an antique. Helpfully there are also some more useful elements such as checkpoints in long missions meaning no huge back tracking that was seen in the end of Grand Theft Auto 4.

The story ties up some unanswered loose ends of GTA 4, and creates new ones which The Ballad of Gay Tony will inevitably finish off. Also the plot despite using similar ideas seen in the previous game displays them in a different context and scenarios throughout, which does justice to the gritty tale of GTA 4 and makes the shoot-outs and killings feel more significant and varied because of this strong sense of story.

Rockstar have made a DLC worthy of any gamer's attention and made it in keeping with the tone, realism and depth fans received when they first stepped into Liberty City.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A Fantastic Gaming Expeirence For Those Grand Theft Auto Fans.

Author: kylehaines96 from United States
31 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After Grand Theft Auto IV There were 2 Semi-Sequels came out. One was this and the other was The Ballad Of Gay Tony. But lets take a look at The Lost And Damned.

The game is about Johnny Klebitz voiced wonderfully by Scott Hill has been acting president for The Lost Motorcycle Gang. Then Billy Grey who is the real president of the club and wants to commit very sadistic and violent acts. Later on Billy is arrested and A little twerp named Brian blames Johnny but Johnny fights through his goons and eventually kills Brian and now has to go after Billy because Johnny found out from his junkie girlfriend Ashley that in order for Billy to get out of prison has to testify against Johnny and if he does Billy gets released and Johnny gets 15 years.

This was a short yet awesome, Dark, Gritty video game that is vulgar, sadistic and violent game that may be hardcore that GTA IV But some of the characters are annoying but other than that a fantastic game.

Rated M For Blood And Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content And Use Of Drugs And Alcohol.

340 uses of the F-word during the story.

23 levels.


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Whether you do or don't

Author: abgkasjlkasjla from Denmark
22 January 2015

Whether you do or don't You are Johnny Klebitz, the VP of the bikers The Lost, having improved their business, and being pragmatic, having helped bring about a truce with the rivals, the Angels of Death. The president, Billy Grey, returns from rehab, and is unhappy with the state of affairs. He wants to bring them back to being all about the old values, brotherhood, independence, macho culture. If this plot sounds too weak and clichéd to be the focus, that's because it is. Along with overly straightforward, with few twists. It goes where you think it will. Not a classic tragedy. Don't expect double-crosses or switching sides. This does run parallel to its parent, so we do meet some of those characters again, and hey, the new ones are badasses, and along with offensive stereotypes, we have the suck-up, the family man, etc. Surprising again yet we should expect it by now, you really get into the identity. Convoys, road captains and the like, in spite of how awkward it can be, becomes fun.

The value again lies in the MP. And that is very limited here, since it's essentially dead. The new modes replace(read: copy) the old ones, and today, few are still along for that ride. Witness Protection has one team must try to eliminate a bus carrying witnesses while the other is NOOSE who try to protect it as it delivers them. Checkpoint racing(SP, too) now lets you be on bikes, carrying bats and smashing each other, similar to Road Rash. You can knock other off their wheels! There's a free for all style one where one is the Lone Wolf and all others try to stop and become him. Whoever was it for the longest time, wins. You can try to gain control one section by another, clearly colored by who owns them, based on San Andreas' gang wars, and not only serving to remind us of that. AI defend each of the handful of ones, in addition to anyone who might be along with them, or capturing. There's a version of this offline, as well, stop a van or eliminate a group, and it's as generic as it sounds.

While not MMO, it's chaotic, open and crazy, with the reaction-heavy NPCs, traffic, respray shops, even police. Those can go after one or multiple, and respond proportionally… escape by leaving their sight and/or not attracting attention – that can be too easy. It just has some of the deeper mechanics removed, taking place in the same city, the imitation of New York with three main islands, authentic and realistic as the rest of this. There, you don't move like you're morbidly obese. You will see some lag. We get a server list! With filters! Four people can be in the same car(if that many seats), and all of them can fire, if and when they want to! Hold down Enter Key instead of just pressing to not take over car. The 360 free camera, in this case not requiring constant manual adjustment, allows you to keep the same thing in your sights regardless of how you're moving. You can customize the model, a male, and a female, by body part: head, torso, legs, glasses, hats. You do start out with few options, 4 at the most, and, not the developer's fault, however, since today, well, I rarely found even a handful of others on, so you don't rank up and never get the extra options. Unlike Max Payne 3, there are no groups to skin separately, and less personality to them than that. Ugh… I get chills any time I say something positive about that title. 12 different locations, and they're diverse: docks, prison, etc., and sizable chunks. You may respawn very close to where you died, which means there can be lengthy shootouts.

I completed this in 7 hours. Add 8 and a half for side stuff, and it brought me to 71,25%. Even for a DLC, that's very little. This adds, fixes or changes fairly little. Like IV, a lot of what it improves are the physics, graphics, things that don't alter the gameplay much. We have less features than before, and a number of the ones we have just aren't that compelling. A lot of the content isn't even interactive, it's TV you can watch, Internet you can explore, and radio you can listen to. While we do have proper third person gunplay, it's not as smooth as its unnumbered predecessor. It does have crouch, strafe, a target health indicator(the appearance of which doesn't mean that you won't just hit what you're standing close to…), and, of course, the cover system(so bad that you end up making sure not to use it). You hold down the trigger to fire, which is awkward and screws up timing when others are ducking out to attack, you press at the right time, but there's half a second or so of delay. "You" are too heavy and slow to respond for it. Why doesn't it let you stick your head out when you hold down Focus Aim… same for shooting from a vehicle, and worse, they actually do it right when you're not the driver, so they were able to do it.

Flying is more involved than driving a car in this, unlike Just Case 1 and 2, and I would almost rather play JC1 than this. Yes, steering a helicopter is complicated. But with how streamlined driving a car is in these(no dealing with clutch, gears), air travel should be more simplified, as well. You can't use planes(there are always ones taking off from the airport. You can't blow them up or stop them by blocking them), there are only helis, but some come with gatling guns, with explosive bullets!

There is a lot of bloody violence and a little full frontal male nudity in this(avert your eyes!). I recommend this only to completists, this you can and should skip. 7/10

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Gta 4 Tlad

Author: DesertDogMedia from Northern Hemisphere
2 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Title: Grand Theft Auto 4: Lost and Damned

Developed by: Rockstar North

Completion Time: 6 hours 10 minutes

Storyline: You start off by being introduced to Johnny the Jew who is part of the motorcycle club called The Lost. The first cutscene will establish all of the members of The Lost, along with a cameo appearance of Niko. This introduces you to the president of the MC, Billy. A quick note about the cutscenes is that they cannot be paused like in GTA 5, only skipped so this means you'll have to pay attention to them. You mission will either come from Billy or Jim for the first segment of the game. Billy's missions will revolve around the war between the Lost and the Angels of Death, mainly because Billy is back in charge and is a violence instigator. Whereas Jim's missions will seem to have more of a purpose for explaining what type of jobs The Lost do, such as stealing bikes and other stealing missions. From very early on you get to see the story line involving the corrupt cops unfold, but it is ended in the next Jim mission as you kill them in an ambush.

One of your close team mates die, so this makes Billy use emotional blackmail to get you to kill more people. I am not sure if the death was suppose to make you feel sorry for them or not, mainly because I cannot connect with any of the characters in this game and do not feel anything for them. It looks like they have tried to flesh some of them out, such as fleshing Billy to be a power hungry dick, Johnny to be a good guy who makes bad choices, Brian is a kiss up and Jim to be a voice of reason who looks out for his friends for the most part. But throughout the game you can feel that Billy is using any emotional blackmail that he can to get you to do what he wants.

It is not recommended for you to play GTA 5 then to take a step back and play GTA 4, mainly because you'll find yourself missing all of the improvements that were made, such as regenerating health and other perks like that. But one of the things which is a welcome relief is that the police AI are as dull minded as intoxicated sloths, compared to the GTA 5's police AI which are like ninja cats trying to catch butterflies. You learn that the heroine you stole from the Angels of Death belonged to an Asian gang, but if you watch the cutscene from BOGT you also see that Billy made a deal with them to kill you, but this leads to him getting arrested instead. This makes Brian think you set Billy up so he takes his faction of those still loyal to Billy and makes them fight against you and those who follow you. You then have to chase the survivors down and kill them, this brings me to one thing I always have a problem with in GTA games, those parts of the scenery which don't load until it is too late to avoid them. They are the most annoying thing for high speed chases. At one point you have to hide behind a toll both to ambush a drugs vehicle, 2 cars go by before the main van. I am pretty sure most of the guys in those cars saw you hiding behind the booth with an automatic shotgun. These come alongside the Ray missions involving the stolen diamonds, this is where the other parts of BOGT start weaving in as you see the main protagonist from that shoot up the museum where you are trying to sell the diamonds. You also try and keep the diamonds, but Ray finds out and tortures Jim to get them, but you're able to save him. Only to have him die offscreen later... Kind of crap move just saying he died and not saying how or who killed him. You also find out from Stubbs that Billy is going to rat out the Lost and blame them for the drugs, this leads you to break into prison and kill him. This ends the campaign with you now at liberty to freeroam sandbox.

Overall Feel: I like how the graphics, especially for the in-game cutscenes, not a good as GTA 5 has shown, but this is 5 years ago. Not really fair to compare them together. The storyline makes sense for the most part, but you really need to play all three games and see all the cutscenes to get the bigger picture for most of the games, but mostly for TLAD. Constantly getting asked to go to play pool with Clay and Terry can get annoying after a while, but sadly i've been playing GTA 5 for too long and miss the fact that you can have multiple of each weapon type, even if I only ever use the SMG and shotgun types. The police are very predicable in this game, almost to a sad extent where you can avoid them all due to their AI being very basic. The fact of them randomly spawning infront of you when you're trying to get away makes it unhelpful, along which their x-ray vision which can let them see you hiding behind the massive dustbin. The car handling is a nightmare at the best of times, I will just leave it at that, bikes and helicopters are much better. My main problem with it is that it does not work well with the graphics when you're going really fast and an object appears infront of you just when you have no time to react.

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A good companion piece to GTA 4

Author: KillerK1991 from United States
19 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

LAD carries on what makes GTA games so fun, having the hilarious characters, the gritty storyline, and wicked soundtrack to boot. The radio ads are still fun as ever; gta does the impossible and makes advertisements fun, if only the real world could accomplish this. People may complain that the biker characters are a little shallow, however I find it refreshing to have characters that aren't in denial of their psychotic tendencies; I'm looking at you CJ. The storyline will keep you hooked just to see sly connections betweenit and the main game. Unfortunately, the biker saga ends rather anti climatically. It also happens to be incredibly short; you can burn through this in a few hours, which is forgivable since it is essentially dlc. The new guns are awesome; favorites of mine being the auto pistol and devastating machine-shotty. While not quite as robust and game-changing as red dead's zombie nightmare, this game reminds me of the fun that can be had in the gta universe. Recommended to those who want more out of their GTA 4.

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Enjoyable extension to the GTA4 world even if it is not as good as the main game (Major Spoilers)

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
17 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While playing Grand Theft Auto 4 you will have had contact with a lot of characters within the criminal underworld – all of whom have their own stories in this big city. The first extra chapter to the game sees you step into the shoes of one of the motorcycle gang "The Lost", who you will have met a few times already as he was involved in the diamond theft and double-crosses with mobster Ray. In Johnny's story he has been doing good business with the gang and now the President Billy has returned from jail, hell-bent on war and destruction – threatening everything that has been built. This plus some other characters sees Johnny sucked into actions and situations that he would otherwise have avoided.

Starting with the story it must be said that it is not as engaging as GTA4, but then it is not as full a game so perhaps that is understandable. The lack of "you decide" options is therefore understandable as well but I would have liked at least the allusion of choice in regards some of the missions. Things move forward in a rather linear way and I didn't feel a sense of building that happened in GTA4, where small crimes led to mobster involvement led to high-level political corruption. Here it is what it is and in particular the conflict with Billy could have been done better to produce more of a sense of drama – it does this well early on but it gets lost in the action and the final mission (a high-risk prison assassination) offers no real emotional punch or reward, indeed you enter a room and Billy stands there till you kill him – no words, no cut-scene, no drama.

This aside though the story does have some good things about it. I liked the way it did dovetail so well into the stories I had already been part of – filling in other perspectives and details while telling its own story. The one female character is used well as a plot device and doesn't try to force emotions onto her. In GTA4 we were expected to feel for a woman that had just shown up and only annoyed me as a player – with Lost I didn't get that, Ashley was used well and fitted the world I was in. Talking of people not bugging you, I liked that in this game people were not constantly asking to go and do "social" (boring) activities with me and that I wasn't punished for just playing the story. I still had the option to do this but it didn't feel as forced on me as it did in GTA4. I have finished the story now but there are still things to do and as usual Rockstar have plenty of side missions or distractions to add time to the game – the gang wars are fun as are some of the other side stories. The races I hate simply because I still don't love the bikes even if they are vastly easier to drive than in GTA4! A few more achievements would have been better though – I know the points are limited by Microsoft but fewer could have been given for completing the story and more spread out over races etc.

The game world is as impressive as GTA4, even if at times it seemed a little emptier in terms of NPC characters and traffic. One horrible decision about it is the way that they tried to make it gritty by making it look gritty. For the first few hours of play it was bugging me regularly, the game seemed blurry and fuzzy like I had a bad connection on my cables. I checked them and then Googled something like "why does L&D look awful" and found endless people asking the same question and getting directed to the menu to switch it off. This aside it does look great and the characters in the cut scenes look convincing and have plenty of expression. As usual the sense of humour and mischief is there too with male nudity and other comic creations amongst the drama.

Overall Lost & Damned is not as good as GTA4 in terms of story-telling but it is still a great fun little game. The different style of play works well as well and it kept me entertained and made Liberty City feel fresh again. Fans of that game will enjoy this and now I look forward to playing through another overlap with The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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7 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Grand Theft Auto is Lost and Damned? Hell NO!!

Author: sharkattack1978 from United Kingdom
3 March 2009

Forget GTA4 as Lost and Damned is the game that GTA4 should have been. Better Missions, better characters and even better music tracks too. I had more fun and excitement playing as the member of the biker gang than I had playing Niko in the proper game of GTA4. The story is good and the action is actually quite realistic, more realistic than GTA4. The music is to die for as it has grand bands providing the tunes like Deep Purple and Motley Crue for starters. It really helps you get into "the Zone" and then the concentration on the game becomes more clear and then the fun really begins. Also it incorporates some of the original characters of GTA4 into the new storyline which is a great touch, I think they did that just so the original characters are forgotten. If you wanna ride, I guarantee it will bring out the biker in you.

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