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It had potential, but...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
17 April 2011

"The Inheritance" had a rather interesting-looking poster, and that was what initially lured me to this movie. So based on the poster, I decided to give the movie a go.

Now, the movie's history is somewhat interesting, and it is what keeps the movie afloat, because the scares in the movie are virtually non-existent. The movie is labeled as thriller, but it hardly managed that at all. There are moments where the movie builds up some suspense, but that is as far as it gets, unfortunately.

The cast in the movie was actually quite good, both for the younger family members and the elders. The movie was carried by Keith David, though it wasn't his most impressive performance.

"The Inheritance" could have been more than it turned out to be, but sadly it failed to impress or shine. And it will be a horror movie that came and went without leaving a lasting impression.

If you like movies of dark nature, then there are far better choices available. "The Inheritance" is a tame experience, at best.

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Don't watch this movie folks!!

Author: whiteshadow1606 from Malaysia
19 April 2011

I don't know why i even wasting my time watching this movie! Seriously, the acting was bad, the actors, the setting, all of it was bad! (If there other bad word to describe it, it would be it!)

The acting was the worst. It's a movie with a great poster but worst in everything else!! (Believe me when i said it was bad!! You don't want to waste your time watching this).

The scenes are gibberish! At a time you was here, and suddenly you just there (somewhere else) without even logic explanation. You don't even know how the characters got there.So, as for you guys who doesn't watch this movie yet, DON'T!!!

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Ex-slaves rule a family with blood

Author: ziploked from United States
17 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie doesn't live up to its potential. It starts out with a group of twenty/thirty year old African Americans driving through the winter snow, mostly complaining about a family reunion being held in winter. We aren't told a lot about the characters, and there is minimal added regarding who they are as the story unfolds.

This is suppose to be a horror/thriller, yet it doesn't do too much of either. Too bad, as the cast seems up to the job, and does a fine job of acting--the story/script is just too weak to make this a memorable movie. The premise of a family that lets their children be sacrificed is difficult to swallow, and doesn't make sense as far as sustainability of the family line...sooner or later the family tree would have to stop growing branches.

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inherit some talent, please...

Author: idiotproof-1 from Australia
22 June 2011

I downloaded & watched this because it had Keith David in it & it looked like it was an African-American horror film. Yes. Both correct, but both tragically bad attempts. And you co-produced this? Man, what were you thinking. Snorefest. Poor character development, pathetic continuity, molasses styled pacing. It takes over 20mins before someone even bothers to pick up a script.

And seriously, could they not even afford a second camera. Watch carefully, no don't even carefully watch, just look at the screen & see glaringly the lack of 'cinematography'. The one camera & badly placed one at that, screams at the viewer for attention. Boring...

Okay, granted that the snow bound Minnesota setting was not a clichéd location for the cast & they tried to give some historical slant to the proceedings. But major fail on all accounts. It had no real bearing on the plot.

And did they have to stereotype them, despite them being uppity black folk, by having them smoke weed. C'mon. Was that to give them cred for the potential audience despite them all being rich greedy w@nkers.

And the white couple. what was the point of them & especially their only lines of dialogue at the beginning that just happened to imply racist attitudes. Amazingly transparent writing.

and white folk act pretty damn stupid in horror films, but the staggeringly inept action in the woods was shameful.

Def By Temptation stands as the best in this genre.

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The Inheritance (2011)

Author: SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain from United Kingdom
13 December 2011

What could have been an interesting African American Wicker Man turns into a chaotic shambles of mixed messages and genre incompetence. The film starts with a prologue focusing on slavery. I sat there hoping it wouldn't turn into some preachy guilt trip. Luckily, it did not. That would have completely killed it. Even though the disappearance of the white characters is met with complete ambivalence, which doesn't suggest racism, just poor writing. The slavery themes are confusingly mixed with religion and voodoo. As people begin to rise from the dead, some awful effects come into play. It seemed like they used a computer to do something that was created convincingly in the Victorian stage days. What it all comes down to is a rushed story and a bunch of characters you want to die. It also falls into familiarity, which is a shame, as a convincing horror based around slavery, superstition, religion etc. could be very powerful.

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Good Idea, Poor Execution

Author: gavin6942 from United States
8 May 2011

A family has a reunion in the snow where they plan to ask their rich uncle for money. However, the uncle has other plans.

What attracted me to this film was Keith David being in the cast, whom I have loved ever since "They Live". His role is a bit smaller than the rest, but he still had enough screen time that it went beyond a cameo and was quite enjoyable. (He also served as an executive producer.)

What might stand out for people is the almost all-black cast. Producer Effie Brown says the film was designed to be "universal", in that although the family is black it is not a "black movie" and can appeal to everyone -- the theme of a group of people stranded somewhere facing death is a common horror motif. And Brown is right -- although the background to the story ties in to slavery, there is nothing about this film that would alienate the audience due to race. Interestingly, this had been a concern of the marketing department, and hence the figure on the cover was made racially ambiguous.

For those who really find watching a film with black people uncomfortable, the inclusion of the white couple, with their cracks about black people, snow and barbecue, should help smooth things over for you. But if that is what you need to survive the film, I am not sure what it says about you.

The story itself is decent, though at times it drags on. The cinematography is good, though some of it came across as MTV-style with its quick cuts and time-elapsed scenes. I am referring in particular to the montage in front of the cabin where we see the snowmobile coming and going, but apparently never leaving the front yard. What I found to be the best part was the clever idea of making "The Flesh Is The Strength" deteriorate into another phrase. (Though why Shakabazz prefers English is a mystery.)

This is not the horror film of the year, but it is not a failure, either. The creators tried to do a little something different, and in that they succeeded. The goal was also to make it capable of becoming a franchise... whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but the potential is there.

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Their heritage awaits

Author: TheHrunting from United States
4 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ever fancy you were born into a wealthy and successful family: the lazy wish where you wouldn't have to struggle and things are easily lined up? "The Inheritance" is a story that puts a twist on that pipe dream by mixing aspects of ancestry, race, religion, folklore and the supernatural all together into a boiling cauldron of horror and drama with a little bit of humor about scary movies and black stereotypes. This is an original tale that has enough of its own to get by though some homage is given, such as "The Evil Dead" with the cabin in the woods and occult manuscript, "Candyman" with a slave having an injustice but gaining a vengeful upperhand, and "The Wicker Man" with sacrifices for the benefit of the tribe or family.

Five cousins--two woman, three men--from rich, black families dating back to the 1800s meet at an isolated house during a snow storm for a reunion, along with--get this--a "token" white couple that one of the cousins used for a ride. Uncle Melvin (Keith David) left a note that he'll be there tomorrow but left alcohol and ganja behind to have a good time with in his absence. Everybody uses the substances to get loosened up by having fun and games until the prospect of money is brought up for their possible inheritance. Attempting to get the party back on track, one of them picks up a hand drum and rhythmically plays it, while another dances and someone else reads from an ancient looking book found next to it. Suddenly the last words read, "The flesh is the strength," appear on the outside window and the woman dancing freaks when she claims someone was there.

After sleeping off what was thought of as a bad trip, the elders arrive for the "family reunion," which is more like a traditional ceremony with a tale of how the relatives came to prominence. A flashback is shown during the time of slavery in the US with a man named Chakabazz who mysteriously arrived alone on a ship with crew missing. They attempted to lynch him but he survived. Something like a Wong Fei-hung with a dark side, he turns out to be a witch doctor who can help the desperate black community stand up against the intolerant white man and slave owners, help them attain their freedom, as well as give them wealth and prosperity, but all at an evil cost. Because nothing's free, right? Chakabazz accumulates followers who want in and requires the best and brightest of the people's children for a blood sacrifice, and for each generation after to maintain the riches they have to spill more of their own kin's blood. All of this is told to the young cousins who don't take it seriously until more things go awry and get spooky. Though if everything the elders said were true, it makes you wonder why they were even told at all since they're more than old enough to know better and fight back.

This is a story where money is the root of all evil: a young generation who wants a hand out and doesn't entirely care about family relations, and then an older generation that achieves wealth and success but at a price of sacrifices of their own blood relatives. Not really a win-win situation. The story is somewhat confusing at times, which interrupts the experience and pacing. It's mentioned that the current elders were once chosen themselves but it's skips over why they're possessed to the point of enjoying being sadistic--maniacal laughter and all--rather than doing it out of necessity. Though apart from the greed aspect, what's the message or the relating factor? Don't accept anything such as a handout you didn't work for? Don't meet at an isolated location during a storm? Don't trust your distant relatives, stick closer with your intermediate ones? Overall, this just seemed like it wanted to rush through the ground rules with the main intention of showing a bloodbath, except for such an oppressive horror tale you can minus the copious blood as killings are done off screen and there's very little gore.

Eventually this starts to feel padded with filler that goes into a repetitious circle: the elders and these strange straw-henchmen-like things appearing and disappearing and the cousins running back and forth to get away makes you feel like you're being strung along instead of providing answers or even substantial action. It doesn't even delve into if unreasonable traditions should be broken since they made more sense in slave days, or adequately show that these young folks have any growth, hope or strength of character instead of having them fumble around and strike lucky. It feels like the filmmakers bit off more than they could chew and got too far ahead of themselves, even with the ending feeling like a cop out and not as developed from previously having so much time invested in the cousin characters.

Even with everything said, "The Inheritance" had potential, as the performances weren't half bad, the music was well-timed out to lend some feeling, some specific scenes were indeed effective and somewhat creative, and with the budget considered this didn't feel entirely cheap. Though the script, continuity and pacing left some things to be desired. Multiple genres are ambitiously tackled and sometimes it's hard to know what the filmmakers want to portray or make you feel as a viewer. Not to mention random things happen at random times, which can make you scratch your head rather than grab your heart as the suspense and scares can feel somewhat forced at times. Though this does have a few that work more on being uncomfortable than frightening. (Also submitted on

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The Inheritance

Author: consistantgal from United States
30 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The only interesting part about this movie in my opinion is the part where The Uncle and the elders explains how a pact was made in slavery times to sacrifice family members in order for the family to continue thrive financially and academically etc... etc.... For those knocking the movie take a look around you and tell me if you don't see sacrifices all around you everywhere you go? Whoever wrote this movie know something. There were some corny parts. But that part right there make a person think wow.... what's really going on for real for real. I also like the part where Lily's mother comes to the family estate and explains what the elders are up to, she bares the family secret trying to save those who are called to be sacrifice.

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worst horror movie lately

Author: blackbeard34 from 73071
13 May 2011

This movie starts out boring...and then just gets progressively...worse...boring characters...boring plot...I believe the whole budget of this movie went to buying cover art for the blue ray and DVD. Don't watch it...don't waste your want a good horror movie...go rent...Matrys or Piranaha better than this'm surprised Uwe bull didn't direct it..I can't believe I wasted time watching this movie...Even the camera angles/lighting...all folks in this movie...should definitely not quit their day jobs and actually read the script before they decided to just work it for a paycheck.

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Slave Mentality Film

Author: Moviemanb2014 from United States
26 February 2014

Racism is internalized by the people who are victimized by it. How else can you explain a movie where a group of enslaved Africans turn to an African "witchdoctor" to free them in exchange for sacrificing their children. Right - I won't say what happens in the movie, but the depiction of African religious beliefs -you know the religious belief of Africans when they were free in Africa before they were enslaved and made into "Christians" -are horrible and misleading. If people who consider themselves "white," made this movie - the NAACP, the NBA, and all of Compton would be up in protest. Yes the slave mentality exists so much that people today would rather stick to the religion given to them by their slave masters than take time to really learn about what their ancestors actually believed when they were FREE in Africa. The saddest thing is that there are some good actors and notable actors in the movie - one guess they hadn't read the script until showing up or were so desperate for a check due to Hollywood's paucity of acting jobs for black people they decided to do it anyway. It's very sad indeed of the stereotypes and pure ignorance that black people have been indoctrinated with regarding their natural belief systems. I guess our hair and skin were not the only things whitewashed or we were made to hate over the past 400 years. The search for positive and accurate black images continue -shoot, right now I'd just settle for something accurate based on Hollywood's continual racist b.s. This time done in black face.

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