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There are a couple of scenes of pure, sentimental genius, as well as appealingly boggled turns by Rudd and Wilson.
Village Voice
Not that How Do You Know doesn't have its moments of shamelessly entertaining shtick, much of it furnished by Nicholson (watch for a very funny visual gag about his proclivities for much younger women) and by Wilson as Lisa's current squeeze.
From its bland title to its fair-to-middlin' story, mediocre is the word that fits How Do You Know perfectly.
The sad part is that How Do You Know is nowhere near as dumb as it looks. A couple of comic set pieces are inspired-or would be, if Brooks's timing weren't off.
The Hollywood Reporter
A low-impact romantic comedy-drama from James L. Brooks in which the central characters are strangely disconnected from one another as well as from the audience.
Orlando Sentinel
Too cute, too star-studded and entirely too long.
A terrible title for a not-much-better movie, missing a grammatically correct question mark and most of the point with romantic comedies.
Boxoffice Magazine
Even Reese Witherspoon, whose adorable scrunch-face projects the romantic travails of lovelorn women everywhere, looks unsure of herself.
Listen to the rhythms of "Broadcast News" - from Holly Hunter's daily crying jags to William Hurt's cock-of-the walk patter - and you'll hear how romantic comedy can approach an art form, a roundelay that requires the ear of a conductor. How Do You Know, James L. Brooks's latest, has such tone-deaf passages that it feels made by a totally different man.
This wrong-headed dramedy peddles forced warm-fuzziness and insincere sentiment on the backs of an all-star cast.

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