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Top notch one act plays - excellent cast and writing
HillstreetBunz7 December 2010
This series of 'one-act plays' reminds me of the quality one off dramas that seemed to fill schedules in the 60s and 70s. Excellent scripts and top notch casts. A wide variety of story lines, moods etc, but one thing in common, a general feel of all round quality. Shown in the afternoons, made me wonder why not during prime-time? Possibly because its hard to market a one-off one hour play these days, evidence of the schedules suggesting that everything has to be open ended (more in the American style) in case it is a hot and can therefore be used to lure advertisers etc. Still, we all ought to be able to watch things when it suits us these days, so worth setting the recorder for. Credit to the progammers for commisssioning such a series.
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Clever Scripts and superb acting!
adeleheys28 October 2016
I came to this series quite late and would love more episodes to be available online. I have recently caught up on a lot of this series of Drama's and love the interesting way that they are written to be clever complete stories contained in 45 minutes. The writing easily allows you to connect quickly with the characters. Each one a distinct story with a message for the viewer. I look forward to many more and particularly liked the episode with Lisa Riley. It demonstrates that sometimes simple stories are the best to depict human nature and the repercussions of decisions made. Keep them coming. With series 8 due to come out I look forward to seeing more interesting stories to add.
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Trapped in all the emotion of a tabloid murder story
specialfriedowl22 January 2014
I have to admit that I've only seen two episodes from series one of Moving On (described as BBC series consisting of standalone contemporary drama). The first was about a bully and the second about a woman who unwittingly gets involved with a drug dealer. Perhaps I've been unlucky and the rest are truly moving parables, timeless yet contemporary. However, in my opinion, this is underwhelming fodder for the daytime dazed. It's almost as though an inexperienced fifteen year old decided to create a number of one dimensional characters whilst leafing through the Littlewoods catalogue and later on, an over zealous parent decided to add some "broadly credible" circumstances for them to stumble woodenly through and then, p1ss1ng themselves with the opposite of creative excitement, entered the entire shambles in to a competition in a shopping arcade. What upsets me most are the pathetic female characters who, unable to stand up for themselves in any coherent or believable way, could easily be expected to suddenly pour themselves a bubble-bath whilst deep throating a Dairymilk and trying on all their shoes whilst chanting in monotone, "That's men for you! That's men for you!". Bl00dy sh1t! There are thousands of excellent screenwriters in Britain who could offer a short story for daytime TV with realistic dialogue and contemplative moral quandaries. There are thousands of incredible actors who could transport us to that fully relatable state of semi-detachment. Those two episodes made me hate my eyes.
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...really? What was that?
Aaron Matthews26 February 2016
A series of standalone stories with forced drama and poor acting, simple as that. The problem with a standalone series like this is you only have 45 minutes to try and create an engaging story and engaging characters in a limited amount of time and that just doesn't really happen.

A 45 minute "drama" about such incredible epics as... a car gets scratched and two brothers (one a "hard man" and one a spineless wuss) decide to blame a skip driver and block the road. 45 minutes straight of people going "MOVE UR CAR", "No, you apologise!" "No, MOVE UR CAR!!". "Maybe we should give in" "No we shouldn't"

Five minutes later: "MOVE UR CAR," "No, you apologise!" "No, MOVE UR CAR!!!!!" "Maybe we should give in" "No, we shouldn't"

Five more minutes later: "MOVE UR CAR" etc.

45 minutes and you see the same scene 5-10 times with the characters saying exactly the same lines of dialogue, the exact same scenes happening and then a forced resolution based on a massive contrivance when the show realised it needed to end.

This is not good drama. It's barely even drama. The characters do not progress, they don't change, they don't learn anything and they don't do anything.
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