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Enter The Rayen
jaspliu17 February 2010
Why they are dragging this through its fourth version I will never know. but the new Asian twist is refreshing. All the main actors are decent but some of the bit part actors are awful.

The prince - Chris Geere does a great job as always, and the sidekick - John Firth is really hilarious. The princess - Kam Heskin is looking hot as ever, but the new character Rayen - Selina Lo is soooo hot that she steals the show I am officially now a fan of Rayen and will sit thru the next version just to see her kick some more ass.

The story is generic but the action and fighting and Asian twist make it cool. It has almost nothing to do with the original Prince And Me, but maybe that's a good thing?. Don't expect anything too deep here, but great for kids and lots of eye candy and spinning kicks.
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Better than I expected
Kristine29 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Watched all 4 parts of this movie franchise. I saw that the directors changed as well as the cast and the production companies.

For me it is usually irritating that they change the main characters. And both the male and female actors where changed during all 4 movies.

The first one was O.K. Very predictable and banal though. The previous two made me want to poke my eyes out and cut my ears of from the banality and boredom.

But this one was actually funny and interesting to watch.

Good job done with this one. But, please, stop here. Don't ruin the good impression that this last one made of your work. ;)

p.s.Just expressing my subjective opinion. Nothing personal.
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WAAAAYYY Better than the third one...
Atala Arsyaf20 December 2013
The movie was not that bad, it's actually pretty good compared to the third one which is really boring, this has a better plot and atmosphere in it, and had a good moral too, but still the first one was so much better.

The Story is also very interesting than the second one, it would have been a better movie if Luke Mably and Julie played in it, it's a shame that they had to change the cast and all that :(

there was some minor problems to in this movie, the characterization is not that excellent and I think the person directing this movie is not as good as the person directing the first one. I just wished the 5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on will be improved to be more better that the 4 and the first one, the acting as far is kinda great and was better that Luke Mably since he read his lines while he was on set at the second one, witch is really imbarassing. but the couple was so much better when it was just Luke-Julie, don't get me wrong but the 3 and 4th one are also had good couple it's just not as good as the couple in the first one!

It's worth watching in a cold night with some cold beverages and snacks but not a very enjoyable movie to watch in the summer sun morning.not very highly recommended, but suggested to watch rather than watching the old boring third sequel, have fun watching the movie :D !!!!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful adventure with an important message!
minmagi504 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love the P&M sequels - especially 3-4. Kam Heskin and Chris Geere are so perfect as King Edvard and Queen Paige of Denmark.

Their chemistry together is a lot better than the original couple: Julia Stiles and Luke Mably. I didn't believe in THEIR love story - I believe in Kam Heskin's and Chris Geere's!

Eddie may look very boyish - but has added humour and warmth to the part - which Mably lacked. He is also able to act with dignity and authority - even in ridiculous situations.

Same with Heskin - she is adorable as the stubborn doctor/queen.

John Firth is as usual hilarious as Søren.

Unfortunately I fear that the lack of PR for this movie and all the negative critics (mostly unfair!) may have ruined the chances for further sequels. I hope not, though?!!

The movie is not perfect - at places the plot seems a bit uptight.

On the other hand that doesn't spoil the positive experience watching it. Whenever I watch it it leaves a big smile on my face. The actors look like they had so much fun doing it.

A delightful fairytale - with the very important message: watch out for cruel dictators who only want to exploit/destroy nature and natives for financial gain! Give it a second chance!
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Really bad acting
mariondowning-427-4693448 September 2017
Terrible acting actually. They all acted like they were reading the lines off a piece of paper. The ending dance scene was rubbish too. Throughout the movie, the fictional country couldn't make up their mind if they were a part of China or India. Really really bad and nothing on the first movie where the actors playing the main couple could act and had palpable chemistry.
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