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Sometimes Life can be a Doormat.
mkureth10 June 2009
Absolutely funny... When I watched Sally Kirkland's performance in this absolutely funny short film. I said to myself that this brilliant actress/producer needs to work more often. Growing up watching Sally's performance in movies such as Anna (Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winner) I came to admire and love her work. Til' this day I believe she was robbed for the Oscar over Cher. Cher did not deserve that award, it should have went to Sally for her awesome delivery in Anna. Not to many actresses can hold a film together like she does. The horror director Francis Xavier takes great care in her performance in The Ear of the Beholder because he knows he is dealing with a pro. I'm sure it was a treat for this director to roll with. I can only imagine if he cast her in one of his written films what it would be like. But here he is not the writer, Sally is and also the executive producer. Great job guys.

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