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Shaiman is the Maestro
coblgdt8 January 2009
Celebrity soap-boxing can be annoying, but I don't think you can say "mind your own business" when a gay person in California writes a piece that protests a measure people in California.

Anyway, Marc Shaiman's music is the star here. Whether writing songs for movies or for the Oscar telecast, he is the master of blending humor and note-perfect parody of musical conventions. The music is rollicking fun and the enthusiasm of the performers is infectious.

If you enjoyed this, go back to the 2007 Oscar telecast and watch "A Comedian at the Oscars," also written by Shaiman and also starring Jack Black and John C. Reilly (plus Will Ferrell.) Here the target is the Academy's dreary taste in melodramas over comedy, and it's a hoot.
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NO on H8!
SunflowersUnity10 January 2009
I think it is great to have actors using their talents and tools to add to the many unheard voices, especially regarding Prop 8. Straight to the point, there is NO reason why these types of videos are bad or negative in any form. There are many gay and lesbian actors and actresses and why can't they and their friends/supporters of gay marriage make a video to get the cause heard by more.

I think its just very sad when first gay rights are restricted and denied and then to even worsen the stinging, there are such harsh criticisms of harmless and entertaining pieces such as this one.

Be sure to stick your heads further down in that hole if you think this is in any way wrong.
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A weapon against hate? Try harder next time.
aleusong15 May 2010
First of all: I'm not religious and I fully support and sympathize with gays and their right to marry.

Now that that's outta the way. I will say this about "Prop 8 the Musical". It's lame...really lame and incredibly disappointing. And this was done by Hollywood celebrities nonetheless.

The problems are many but I am aware of it's intent. The bitterness and upset of many who are gay and their supporters is felt too strongly in this three minute short that it leaves no room for anything clever or original. Villainizing Christians as hate spreaders? Yawn, I can go out into the street right now and find 100 people with that exact same sentiment. This is basically saying everything that everyone else has been saying about their hatred for Prop 8 since it passed. Wasting all this time, production, and money on making this musical, which doesn't do much but entertain musical lovers, is kinda pointless. The money could've been better spent on a more dynamic campaign against Prop 8. I personally believe that Prop 8 passed because people were too focused on whining about the Proposition instead of working on a stronger campaign to fight back against it. So now we have even more whining, scapegoating, and now this musical...which is far too little, too late.

Also the quality of this short is quite bland and reminds me of a very mediocre Saturday Night Live sketch. Makes me wonder if this was done by SNL writers because if it was, then I guess that explains everything.

This is not meant to be harsh against gays or their supporters in any way but I feel there is too much whining/blaming and too little real effort when it comes to fighting for their rights.
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Good message, bad execution
filmreviews@web.de11 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
You know it is actually possible to be pro gay-marriage and be vocal about it without insulting the Bible harshly. This 3-minute musical short film is nothing more than blasphemy. Another weakness is that it's all in your face and the people in here need a lesson on subtlety. Badly. Still I cannot deny it was fun to see John C. Reilly in here. Neil Patrick Harris wasn't bad either and I can see why he was in here with his background as this issue especially concerns him. Jack Black was truly embarrassing. I always thought that he was a bad actor, but here he takes it to new lows. And then Maya Rudolph. Oh well, what can I say about her... She is not attractive, not a good actress and completely annoying in basically everything she is in even if Hollywood has tried to convince us differently for a long long time. Literally, she made a career out of being together with one of the best directors of our time, but she has no talent, no versatility herself. really nothing. The director here is Adam Shankman and I am a huge fan of his "A Walk to Remember". One of my favorite films of all time. The writer is Marc Shaiman, who received 5 Oscar nominations already in the music categories. Still what the duo came up with here is not funny, it's a die in my opinion. Not recommended.
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