Slackery News Tidbits, June 14

It's Monday morning and time for a roundup of Austin film news! Let's see what's cooking:

The Austin Critics' Table Awards focuses on art, music and theater (and not film -- what, film isn't art?) but the group's 2010 awards include a local film composer, Graham Reynolds (A Scanner Darkly, I'll Come Running, Holy Hell). Reynolds won the John Bustin Award for Conspicuous Versatility. In addition, Golden Hornet Project, of which Reynolds is a founder (and the group's Facebook page also includes Tim and Karrie League among its Board of Directors), took home the Symphonic Performance award for "Symphony VI." You can hear some of Reynolds' work with film scores on Wednesday, June 23 when he performs a score he composed during a Paramount screening of the 1927 silent film Wings.I just found out that I'm not going to be able to attend Austin Film Society's gala Make Watch Love Film party this Friday,
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Aff Review: Holy Hell


What happens when a financially strapped Church can't afford to continue? They make a horror movie, of course.  At least, that's the premise of Holy Hell, a well-named Austin film by Rafael Antonio Ruiz and co-writer L.B. Bartholomee.

Reverend Lane (Ken Edwards) as a humble man who lives the Bible, instead of forcing it down other's throats.  But his flock is dwindling, and his church doesn't have the money to keep the doors open.  The decision to make a film stirs up more controversy than they'd ever expect, especially as word gets out it's a horror film.  Suddenly they find themselves at odds with a superchurch, which sends an army of protesters to shut them down.

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