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  • At Chloe's birthday party, a mysterious woman named Zatanna, offers to grant Chloe one wish and the next morning, Chloe wakes up transformed into Lois Lane. With the real Lois out of the country, Chloe teams up with Clark to find the mysterious sorceress to find a way to reverse the hex spell. Meanwhile, Zatanna approaches Oliver to ask for his help to recover an ancient book of magic which she plans to use to resurrect her dead father.

  • Chloe nearly cries herself to sleep after everyone bailed before or at her first birthday party after the break-up with Jimmie. Zatanna Zatara, an apparently innocent circus act, promises people one wish, but the results are often contrary to the true intent. Thus Clark becomes 'normal', without superpowers, Chloe gets an exciting life of action but in Lois's bodily person. Oliver refuses a wish and is first to learn she's after the magic book of her bereaved father, a famous magician, which could do immense evil.

  • Reflecting on her status in life, Chloe finds that she's not all what she dreamed of becoming, so when a magician asks her to make a wish, little did she dream of it coming true...becoming Lois.


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  • At Chloe's birthday party, Chloe is out on a balcony looking kind of sad reflecting on things that have happened in her life. Her party seems to be at the 'Ace of Clubs', the only nightclub in all of Metropolis. She looks over and sees Lois having fun. Oliver hands her a present that says, 'From Clark'. Apparently he and Bart are off on some mission somewhere. Chloe opens it and sees an old familar tattered book, Tales of the Weird & Unexplained. Chloe admits that she is wondering how her life turned out the way it did. She was suppose to have Lois's life. Working with Clark at the Daily Planet and being a all-star reporter. Lois suddenly comes over, gives Chloe a cupcake with a candle on it and says that the Daily Planet has called. She is off to cover some story in Mexico. Oliver's phone suddenly rings and now he is also off to somewhere. A sexy looking magician wearing fishnet stockings who is somehow a guest at Chloe's party tells Oliver that he looks like someone who could use a wish. Oliver re-directs her to Chloe since he has to go. Zatanna, name of the said fishnet stocking magician, tells Chloe to make a wish. She glances over to Lois and blows out the candle. Just as she is doing this, Zatanna's eyes kind of glow blue.

    The next morning, Chloe wakes up and we only see her feet. They can completely sticking out of the fuzzy slippers. She walks up the mirror and is completely shocked to see Lois' face staring back at her. "I am Lois!!" She proceeds to put on Chloe's clothes onto Lois' body. Let's just say that everything is really really tight in the chest region. Chloe/Lois calls the real Lois in Mexico where is riding through the desert in some dirty looking vehicle. Real Lois is fine and is wondering why Chloe/Lois sounds so weird. She goes to the Daily Planet and does a quick search on Zatanna. She is currently performing in town. Clark cracks a few jokes about how she got deported from Mexico so fast. Clark is also wondering why she is dressed in a not so Lois fashion and why her clothes are so tight. He also mentioned why real Lois called him so many times last night before she left for Mexico. Chloe/Lois asks why Clark had time to take 4 calls from real Lois and not have time to call Chloe on birthday. Clark mentions that he understands Jimmy's side of the story. It must be hard on Jimmy that Chloe did believe in him. Clark sees something on his computer about a police standoff. Chloe/Lois does not do anything and Clark is wondering why she has not dragged him out of the building already. It is one of her rules. Apparantly, Lois wrote down some rules for reporting and Clark had it framed.

    At Luthor corp, Oliver is looking through a newspaper about police looking into the murder of Lex Luthor. He looks like he regrets killing him. Zatanna suddenly appears at his office. It turns out that her father is suppose to be the greatest magician ever and he had some kind of book where he wrote all of his secrets. Lex apparantly bought it at some auction after her father died. She wants it back. Oliver says that Lex's lawyers have not allowed him to look into Lex's private collection. She tells him that she has the power to grant a single wish to anyone. She tells him that if he get's her that book, she will grant him any wish he wants. He looks at the newspaper article again and when he looks up, she is gone.

    When they are walking to the police standoff, Chloe/Lois trips on her 4" inch heels. Where she got them from, I have no idea. Clark catches her and he looks into her eyes. Chloe/Lois says that he has never seen Clark look at her like that. At the police standoff, some crazy guy is yelling latin out of bull-horn. No one can understand him. Chloe/Lois translate saying that some woman cursed him with magic and then proceeds to yell Zatanna Zatanna. Chloe/Lois quickly tells Clark that he needs to 'superspeed' over to the place Zatanna is performing. Clark is confused and says that they did not bring a car. Chloe/Lois tells Clark that she is really Chloe. He does not believe her until she starts telling about standing her up at the prom, Brainiac, Jorel, etc... Clark now believes. They are now at the theater where Zatanna is performing. Chloe/Lois mentions the book he gave her. Clark says that sometimes he wishes that he was just a normal reporter because nowadays, weirdness is an everyday event. Clark breaks a doorknob and they are now inside. Zatanna is talking to a picture of her father saying, "It won't be long now." Chloe/Lois demands that she remove the curse. Zatanna said that it was her wish at that very moment. It will also wear off once Chloe/Lois really wants it to wear off. Zatanna walks over to Clark and wonders what he would wish for. Her eyes glow blue again and she disappears. Chloe/Lois is freaking out that something has happened. Clark says everything is fine. They exit the building to see a mugger trying to steal a lady's purse. Chloe/Lois tells Clark to do something. Clark pulls out his cell phone and calls '911'.

    Clark now thinks that he is regular dude. Chloe/Lois pulls him to the roof of the Daily Planet and proceeds to tell him his heritage. He thinks that she is crazy and no longer believes that Chloe/Lois is really Chloe. She locks the door and tells Clark to open it. He rips the handle off. He looks at the handle and tells Chloe/Lois how it is all rusted. She tells him to listen, really listen. He starts to hear the noises of the entire city. He mentions, 'Wow, the acoutics up here are amazing!!!' She rattles off his superpowers(superstrenght, speed, x-ray vision, heat vision, etc..) and then Clark says, 'Is flying one of them??' Chloe/Lois picks up a huge steel pipe and tries to hit Clark over the head with it. She misses and Clark thinks that she is crazy.

    That night, Green Arrow shows up where they are keeping Lex's private collection of stuff. He steals the book and meets up with Zatanna at some alley. She says that she knows that he is really Oliver. He tells her that there is some pretty dark stuff in here and that she should not try any of them. He throws the book into the fire but she magics the book into her hands. Green Arrow tries to take it back but she casts some spell where a bunch of chains flies out of her hands. Green Arrow is now tied up a few feet off the ground on a telephone pole. She leaves telling her father that she is coming.

    Clark and Chloe/Lois are at some hospital where that crazy guy yelling Latin is being kept. He now speaks English and says that he should never had told her where to find the book. Zatanna wants to bring her father back to life. In order for that to happen, a sacrifice needs to be made. A life for a life, a soul for a soul. And of course, she is going to cast this spell on the roof of the Daily Planet. Chloe/Lois and Clark run there. Chloe/Lois tells Clark that he is not a normal guy. He is a hero and that the world needs him. She believes in him and he is the only one who can stop Zatanna. Chloe/Lois suddenly reverts to Chloe. Clark is shocked and he looks at the yellow/green cloud coming from the roof of the Daily Planet. Clark does a Neo like pose from Matrix where the group ripples and he 'jumps' to the roof to the Daily Planet. He remember now. Clark is trying to convince her that this is not right. He tells her about how he felt when his dad died. She is prepared to give her life so that her dad can live again. Chloe opens the door and accidently runs into the yellow/green cloud. Clark tells her that no one gets to choose who dies and who does not. She stops the spell and Chloe is ok.

    Chloe wakes up the next morning and once again see her put on her fuzzy slippers. They fit this time and she smiles as she sees herself in the mirror. Clark brings a peace offering for missing her birthday and not calling her. She mentions how he should not be afraid to love again with Lois. She noticed the 'puppy dog eyes' when he caught her. She thinks that he should allow himself to love again. Clark asks if she is still talking about him or about her and Jimmy.

    At Luthor Corp, Zatanna appears in Oliver's office again. She apologized for everything and that she was going to make her father proud. She gives him her card saying that she would be on his side if he called on her. Oliver asks if the card is somehow magic. Does he just say her name? She says that it has her phone number on it.

    Real Lois is back now and she is quite amused of Clark's adventures of Chloe/Lois. She asks him how long it took for him to notice. Lois asks to see the framed rules. Clark is kind of embarrassed but Lois seems to be genuinely touched that he kept it and had it framed. She jokes with him that they should hang it up so that everyone can see. Lois is about to leave for home and says that she has a date with some guy she met in 1st class. Clark mentions that maybe if something happens tonight, he could call her. She says that they should not do that since he already stood her up once. She says that they should add that to the rules, keep things professional between them.

    Chloe is walking with Oliver at the Isis foundation. Oliver asks her if this is what she truly wants to do. If she does this, she can never go back to being a reporter. She says that she is sure after spending a day in Lois' shoes and that this is what she wants to do. She opens the secret door to the computers where it shows pictures of Justice League.

    Cyborg Online.. Black Canary Online.. Aquaman Online.. Impulse Online..

    Oliver takes his bluetooth headset, "Arrow Online.."

    Chloe takes her headset, "WatchTower is now Officially Online.."

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