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1 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.1
Ally Kovac's sister Nat Manning makes a re-appearance after being away for several years in the UK. Meanwhile, everything is going really well for politician Tim Williams. But will the reappearance of his ex-lover Ally at their son Max's 15th birthday party put a spanner in the works? Elsewhere, Ally wants to try for another baby but is her husband Vince's mind elsewhere? Max discovers the body of a dead runner in the woods and his fascination about it gets him messaging and showing the body to his friends.
1 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.2
Max and his friends break into the dead man's house and have a mini party. Vince's best friend Gabriel comes back to Melbourne from Russia and everyone but Ally is aware of his attraction to her. A struggle develops for Max between his step-mother Christine and his birth-mother Nat. Romeo and Max silently fight over who will win over Charlotte's affections.
8 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.3
Vince brings Gabriel along on a skiing break to mask his affair with Em. Gabriel is not pleased and ends up having to cover for Vince when Em has a skiing accident. Romeo puts the pressure on Charlotte as they go back to the dead man's house one last time. Christine is not pleased that Nat is getting re-involved with her son Max. Tim tries to stop the press bringing down a political ally after the paper found dirt on her but to no avail. Nat gets a job at a TV station after an auspicious start and then brings Ally out on the town with her which leads Ally to behave ...
15 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.4
Vince drops Gabriel in it when he tells Charlotte that Gabriel is Em's new boyfriend. Romeo challenges Max and Charlotte to go back again to the dead man's home but are caught by the police. Max calls Nat instead of Tim so as not to implicate him. Christine begins to suspect Tim has something to hide and her insecurities are further heightened by Max turning to Nat after the police raid.
22 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.5
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29 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.6
Max finds out from Romeo that he slept with Charlotte. Vince becomes jealous when Ally confesses she kissed a guy on her night out with Nat but is his frustration coming from the fact that Em won't see him or take his calls? The teenagers are all sent to parent/child counseling sessions where Charlotte reveals that she had sex but not who with. Tim's political mentor Pat Mahady commits suicide after Tim takes his job as Health Minister.
5 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.7
After his former mentor's funeral Tim goes out for a boozy night with Nat which ends up devastating Christine. Gigi tells her mother that Gabriel and Em's relationship was a lie. Ally confronts Gabriel and he admits to Abby that he has always loved her. Meanwhile, Vince seduces a powerful woman, in the school underground car-park, who has a daughter at Gigi's school. Elsewhere, Romeo is filmed having sex with one of Charlotte's friends and Max tells Christine he no longer wants to do band practice.
12 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.8
Ally finds out from Em that she and Vince had an affair and immediately takes refuge in a hotel with Nat. Tim plays political hardball with the Treasury Minister to secure more emergency funding after being contacted by Gabriel. Max asks Tim if Charlotte can move in with him, Tim and Christine.
19 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.9
Em tells Tim that Vince is buying up all land surrounding the proposed new hospital site which will more than likely compromise Tim politically and could potentially destroy his career. Vince struggles to manage his family with Ally gone and ignores Tim's calls to talk. Nat finally manages to get Tim to confess that he is still attracted to her. As things get difficult the teenagers Max, Charlotte and Romeo are involved in a car accident.
26 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.10
After discovering a naked man in their house after they come back from the hospital Vince and Ally are not thrilled with Nat and Vince threatens Nat which makes her very scared and she moves in with Gabriel. Tim tells Vince to back off the hospital build project but Vince ignores him. Later Nicky Barnham offers to buy Vince out so that she can keep Tim and the government sweet. Ally goes to see Gabriel and after they kiss he asks her to marry him but she leaves telling him her life is a mess. The doctors tell Christine that Max has an auditory problem caused by the ...

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