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In the middle of the film, there's a 1990's generation Lincoln Town Car on the crowded streets that did not exist in 1987.


Drew is seen walking with a foam hard case for his guitar. However, this type of guitar protection wasn't introduced until the 21st Century.
At one point outside the Bourbon Club, a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron convertible (the sleeker model without the hidden headlights) is visible.
At the record store, one of the walls has a spread of Iron Maiden's 1986 album "Somewhere in Time" on it. The artwork featured is the artwork from the 1998 CD remaster; the artwork that the album had until then had the band's name and album title displayed much smaller and to the top left corner.
Lonny makes a reference to Dirty Dancing, which debuted in August 1987. However, based on Sherrie's time card, that part of the movie takes place in May.
There is an Eddie Van Halen "Wolfgang" guitar hanging on the wall in the record store. The "Wolfgang" wasn't available until the early 1990s.


When Sherrie Christian walks outside after breaking up with Drew Boley, her big hair has already flattened and is wet without having walked into the rain.
During the song "More Than Words", sung by Sherrie, there is a scene where Drew is adjusting the microphone and the scarf is already tied to it even before the Lonny even does the "sound check".
When Patricia is explaining to her husband about her "roommate" in the car,she is holding papers. There is a office clip holding the paper together. The metal flaps on the clip switch between being up and being down.
Hough's belly button ring hole flips between being hidden with makeup, and completely open.
The angle of Stacee's head changes during his interview by Rolling Stone magazine. At the beginning of the interview, he sits up and leans forward on the couch, and starts to say, "I think, due to the changing nature of the music industry..." with his head leaning to his left. The camera angle changes, and his head is instantly leaning to his right.
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When Stacee is being interviewed his fingernails are clear. When he gets up to take a drink he has black nail polish on.
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When Lonny is testing the mike for Drew, he puts the scarf on it. However, when they originally get on stage, the scarf is already on it.
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It can be noted in the ending scene in which Sherrie and Drew reunite, Drew is wearing a red shirt which buttons to the neck. When Sherrie takes off Drew's jacket he appears to only be wearing a black vest, the red shirt having disappeared.
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Factual errors 

At the end of the scene where Drew's band opens for Stacee Jaxx, you can clearly see that the microphone Drew is using is designed to be used with a cord, yet it has no cord plugged into it.
The fictional Bourbon Club is supposed to be on the Sunset Strip which is located in West Hollywood, California. Previously an unincorporated county region, West Hollywood was incorporated as an independent city in 1984. The mayor of the city of Los Angeles would have absolutely no jurisdiction in regards to businesses located there.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The story is set in 1987 but many of the songs are not: Warrant - 'Heaven' (1988), Extreme - 'More Than Words' (1990), Poison - 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' (1988), Skid Row - 'I Remember You' (1989). It should be noted, however, that these songs are meant to be representative of the mid-late 1980s era as a whole, since this film is a musical/fantasy rather than a historically accurate period piece.
During Drew's first performance on stage in front of the crowd, Drew keeps switching the way he is holding the guitar. This is due to the mirror effect that is shown by the fact that the writing on his shirt also changes.

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