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[Maggie has made a pre-trial motion to remove Eli from the opposing team because he claims to be a prophet]

Maggie Dekker: Last year he predicted the Silver Terrace earthquake to some public notoriety.

Eli Stone: Which actually supports the idea that I could be, you know... special.

Maggie Dekker: Which is an unfair advantage in a jury trial. What juror wouldn't be swayed by the fact plaintiff's counsel counts God as one of his clients?

Eli Stone: She's right.

Maggie DekkerTaylor Wethersby: [together] She is?

Eli Stone: Insofar as the personal details of the trial attorneys may prejudice the jury.

Maggie Dekker: Your honor...

Eli Stone: [interrupting Maggie] So we should make sure that they don't find out that Ms. Dekker and I slept together last week.

Maggie Dekker: That is totally inappropriate and prejudicial!

Matt Dowd: [talking over Maggie] You dog! I knew it was just a matter of time.

Eli Stone: Come to think of it,

[indicating Taylor and Matt]

Eli Stone: she's also sleeping with opposing counsel

Maggie Dekker: That's irrelevant!

Eli Stone: And now she's carrying his unborn child. And did I mention that Ms. Wethersby and I used to be engaged?

Judge Marcia Phelps: Uh, uh, uh. So basically what you're saying is, I'm the only person in this room who's not having sex with one of you.

[Paul Rollins raises his hand]

Eli Stone: And that Ms. Dekker's motion might be motivated more by personal issues than legal ones.

Maggie Dekker: You wish!

Judge Marcia Phelps: Enough! Save it for your inevitable reality show. If Mr. Stone does work for God, I'm not gonna chance damnation by disqualifying him. But, if I hear any of you utter one more word about prophets, prophecies, or especially who's sleeping with whom I will hold you in contempt, I swear... to Mr. Stone's boss.

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Taylor Wethersby: [to Eli] It's like the aneurysm woke up every part of you, except your heart.

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