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"Nip/Tuck" Roxy St. James (2009)

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Open with Candy Richards in a consultation with Sean and Christian. She tells them she's recently decided she is African "in nature," is calling herself Coco and wants butt implants to assist her new career as a rapper.

Sean suggests Christian attend a breast cancer support group to help with his fears. Sean leaves when an angry Liz comes into the room. She tells Christian that she did, in fact, have an orgasm during sex and is now confused about her sexuality. Christian is convinced the issue is the mystical powers of his genitalia.

Olivia tells Sean she wants to have a facelift to look younger. Julia (who is also in the room) thinks it is a bad idea. Olivia lets slip that the couple is planning a move to New York in three weeks. A shocked Sean begins kissing Julia in the waiting room, telling him he still loves her and misses being with her and the kids.

At the breast cancer support group an unsympathetic Christian tells the women if they don't get reconstructive surgery they are "choosing" to be victims. An attractive woman named Roxy is sent out of the room when she lights up a cigarette. Christian drops a handful of business cards and walks out.

Outside Roxy tells Christian both her mother and sister died of breast cancer. She agrees with Christian's philosophy of taking charge of one's destiny which leads immediately to the two ending up in bed. Post-coitus Roxy reveals that she plans to have both of her breasts removed as a precautionary measure. Despite not having tested positive for the gene she's tells him she's been living in fear and wants Christian to "cut them off and replace them."

During Coco's butt-implant surgery we are shown the video for her new gangsta rap single "Yo Stank."

While drawing surgery lines on Olivia's face, Sean tells her he plans to spend every weekend in New York. After admitting he can't accept Olivia and Julia's relationship, Olivia asks how she can trust him to perform the surgery. Sean assures her he never lets his personal life interfere with work.

Before beginning Roxy's surgery, Liz expresses concern that Christian's own fears are influencing his decision to operate on a currently healthy patient. Roxy wakes up to Christian apologizing, telling her he was unable to perform the surgery. She tearfully reiterates her belief that she has been given a death sentence.

Over a few hits of prescription marijuana, Liz tells Christian she is going on a date with a male anesthesiologist. When the man walks in Christian is clearly bothered by the situation.

During Olivia's facelift Sean daydreams a conversation with Olivia in which she asks him to kill her since it would make his life so much easier. When he snaps out of it Olivia has gone into cardiac arrest.

Liz tells Christian that Olivia has stabilized and that Sean is with Julia at the hospital. Liz says her date went great and that she had an orgasm with the anesthesiologist.

During this conversation Roxy has walked into the waiting room and asked for Christian. After being told he is unavailable Roxy plugs in an electric knife and cuts off her left breast. Christian and Liz rush to her aid.

In the waiting room Julia and Sean are told that Olivia has died. An enraged Julia tells her she will never forgive him and plans to ruin his career if an autopsy shows he was responsible.

While working on Roxy Liz apologizes to Christian for giving him bad advice. Sean walks in and gives them the news about Olivia.

Christian tells Sean that Olivia's death wasn't his fault. Sean admits to the in-surgery fantasy he had about killing Julia. Liz comes into the room and tells the men Olivia died because she didn't tell the doctors she was taking antidepressants.

Julia tells Sean she doesn't understand why Olivia kept the medication a secret. She still intends to go to New York and tells Sean spreading Olivia's ashes there is what she would have wanted. At this point Eden enters the room, having flown in from Hungary. Eden tells them she was aware Olivia was taking antidepressants and that the primary reason was that it was Olivia who shot Julia. Eden wonders whether Olivia was essentially committing suicide by having the surgery without telling anyone of her medications. Eden then throws Olivia's ashes into Sean and Julia's faces.

After tucking Will into bed, Liz and Christian have a heart-to-heart. She admits that she lied about enjoying sex with the man on her date. Liz doesn't like men, she likes Christian. Christian tells her she's the only woman he really trusts and that he loves her for the way she is with him and his kid. He takes her hand and the two go into his bedroom.


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