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Open with Sean and Christian meeting with Giselle Blaylock and Legend Chandler. They are Sangs (people who suck each other's blood) and want to get teeth marks on their necks repaired.

We see Sean preparing a romantic dinner while Teddy gets ready in front of a mirror. After putting on a red wig we see Teddy ignore a phone call from Sean. Sean leaves a message asking her where she is. We then get a skyline shot of Las Vegas and see the red-haired Teddy, in scrubs, kissing an older male plastic surgeon in an operating room she clearly has worked in for some time. The doctor calls Teddy (who now has a Southern accent) "Dixie," and there is a reference to the two having just gotten married.

We see Kimber try and get into bed with Eden and Ram. They unceremoniously dump Kimber and tell her they want her out of their bed because she is getting too old.

During an exam Legend gives Giselle some steak blood since they are "weaning themselves" from the real stuff. To that end, Giselle takes out her fangs and gives them to Christian. Leaving the room the couple tells Christian "you only go around once." We see Christian sterilize the fangs and try them on.

Christian tells Liz, Sean and Matt that he wants to be cryogenically frozen. The process involves him being packed in ice just before death and placed in a chamber to be preserved until a cure for his cancer is discovered. All three break out into laugher but it seems Christian is serious. Given that the procedure will cost $200,000 up front and $60,000 annually, Matt makes a comment about the money being better used by those who are still alive. Christian calls him a "dick" and begins tossing 20 dollar bills at him. Matt storms out of the room, leaving with: "even dying doesn't make you any less of a dick." Christian asks Sean to visit the facility with him.

Teddy shows up late for Giselle and Legend's combo surgery. Afterwards Sean rips into her for not showing up for dinner. Teddy makes up a story, complete with tears, about an aunt dying and having to fly to Houston to identify the body. They agree to dinner that night.

Kimber shows up at Matt's house and asks him to take Jenna for a few weeks. She tells Matt that Ram kicked her out after telling her she looked "too old." Matt tells her she's beautiful and suggests the three of them get a place together. She laughs off the notion. Matt says he can't watch Jenna and tells Kimber that Christian is both marrying Liz and dying.

Teddy makes chili for Sean, supposedly one of her aunt's favorite recipes. She tells Sean she can't attend the wedding because she'll have to be at the funeral. During sex Teddy takes a few puffs from a nitrous tank, saying that it heightens her orgasm. Sean appears to consider taking some himself but thinks better of it.

Kimber goes to see Liz and tells her that Christian doesn't love her. "I'm the one he loves," Kimber says. Kimber offers to marry Christian and says she's willing to take care of him. Liz counters that the recently dumped Kimber is only after Christian's wallet and threatens her if she ever comes near them.

During his tour of the cryogenic facility Christian is upset to learn he would have to share a chamber with another person. This appears be a deal-breaker.

Sean tells Christian on their way out that he's just going through a normal stage in the dying process. Christian breaks down and Sean offers that he will live for decades in stories Sean will tell.

Having trouble with his vows, Christian calls Liz for help. She suggests something simple and heart-felt: "one sentence is all you need." Christian hangs up and jots something on his laptop.

Back at the office Christian walks in on Giselle and Legend going at it in the operating room covered in blood stolen from the practice's supply. Christian tosses them another bag and tells them to leave.

Cut to Teddy fooling around with her Vegas doctor in his operating room. Teddy takes a few hits of nitrous, but before giving the mask to the doctor we see her crank up the levels. She holds the mask over his face and keeps it there until he dies. "You poor fool," Teddy says. "Why'd you have to fall in love with me?"

Sean helps Christian get ready before the ceremony. Christian asks if Sean plans to marry Teddy. Sean answers "Who knows?" but has has clearly thought about it. Matt comes into the room and Christian apologizes for his earlier behavior.

Just before the ceremony we see the uninvited Kimber make her way down the aisle and find a seat in the packed church. As the ceremony progresses Kimber gets increasingly emotional. Christian gives his vow: "Liz Cruz, I will love you for the rest of my life." The priest gives the 'forever hold your peace' line and a teary Kimber stands up in her seat. "Sit down!" Matt barks at her. Kimber stares at Christian for a few seconds before excusing herself and leaving the church. Christian and Liz kiss and the crowd cheers.

We see Sean wandering around the office later that night, staring wistfully at the signs and equipment. With tears in his eyes he goes to the nitrous mask, places it over his mouth and inhales.

As the new couple prepares to leave for a family vacation/honeymoon Wilber asks Liz if he can call her Mommy. Just then Christian's phone rings with his doctor. (Here it comes.) Turns out there was a mix-up with the blood work and Christian's cancer is still in remission. "I wish you and your bride a long, happy life together," the doctor says as a car arrives to take them to the airport.

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