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"Eli Stone" Sonoma (2009)

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Eli, Maggie, Taylor and Matt all go on a road-trip to Sonoma to fight over a client. During their vacation, Matt recognises a woman that he went out with before, which he never called back. It just so happens that she is the judge in their court case. It's all fun and jokes from there onwards when she holds him in comtempt for no reason and throws him in jail. Taylor fights back with her for throwing him in jail, and she ends up in the cell next to Matt. Maggie and Eli are left alone, and by day they carry on with the court case about a woman and a painting, and by night they are sleeping together. The morning after they have sex, Eli reveals to her that he has a second aneurysm - hence the nose-bleed in the previous episode. Meanwhile, back in San Fransisco, Jordan takes Patty out on a "date" and bumps in to his ex-wife. They end up leaving and have supper at a shabby cafe. Soon, everyones back in San Fransisco, and Dr Chen tells Nate that he kept a copy of his dad's journal, and also that the performed some dangerous technique on his father, and one week later he died. It cuts to Eli in his apartment. Matt and Dr Chen walk in. Dr Chen confesses that he kept a copy of his fathers journal, and also that he "killed" him. Eli is shocked and tells Dr Chen that he cant look into his eyes anymore, and that he must leave.


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