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ksf-213 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Fast paced, straight forward telling of the assassination attempt on Hitler. The narrator introduces the story of Claus von Stauffenberg, but there isn't a narrator listed here, so not sure who it is. Someone with a Brit accent. We DO hear accounts from the actual members of the von Stauffenberg family, so that's pretty cool! Great early black and white footage from WW I and WW II. How unusual to see "Claus" with a C... its usually a K. The usual telling of Krystalnacht and the events leading up to the invasion of Poland, leading into WW II. VERY serious telling of the events leading up to Stauffenberg's plot. Directed by Jean-Pierre Isbouts, who seems to do mostly documentaries. I really dug this one. Doesn't mess around. States the facts, lots of interviews from family members of the players involved in the plot. Well done! Good diagram of who was in the meeting room at the event, and what went right and what went wrong. It's odd that both THIS one and the Hollywood full length film "Valkyrie" were done in 2008.
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