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  • Arthur is a rich, alcoholic playboy with no regards to his working life. After another drunken run-in with the law, his aloof mother has had enough and forces him to marry Susan, a proper business woman, or else he will lose his inheritance. Just as he's engaged to Susan, he meets Naomi, a free-spirited girl who Arthur thinks is perfect for him. Any attempts at holding down a job are fruitless, so Arthur has to decide, what is more important: love, or his mother's money.

  • A drunken playboy stands to lose a wealthy inheritance when he falls for a woman his family doesn't like.


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  • Arthur (Russell Brand) is a drunken playboy who revels in party and drinking. On the way to a dress party, he and Bitterman (Luis Guzman) dress as Batman and Robin, get arrested, then bail out everyone from jail.

    The next day, Hobson (Helen Mirren) cleans up after Arthur and kicks out various hookers. Hobson nannies Arthur, trying to keep him sober. She takes him to see his mother Vivienne (Geraldine James), who tells him he must marry Susan Johnson (Jennifer Garner) to stabilize the family business. Arthur proceeds to spend money as fast as possible, then bumps into Naomi (Greta Gerwig). They share a moment, and Arthur asks to see her again, but he still has to marry Susan.

    He goes to ask Susan's father Burt (Nick Nolte) for her hand in marriage. Burt approves, only because he thinks Susan will straighten him out. Arthur goes to dinner with Susan, and she begins to manipulate him. Arthur refuses to abide by the decision, and he clears out Grand Central Station to have dinner with Naomi (Pez). She's impressed by his wealth, but prefers simple fun. She takes him to her house to have dinner - canned pasta - and they bond. Atrhur enourages Naomi to write the story she's been working on. Susan finds out and works to destroy the relationship with Naomi. Naomi also tries to make friends with Hobson.

    Arthur decides to get a job, and goes to an AA meeting. Hobson stands up and describes Arthur's life at the meeting, embarassing him. Arthur explains his situation to Naomi, and she throws him out.

    Arthur prepares for the wedding, but Hobson begins to see how miserable he is. She goes to Vivienne to plead for Arthur, then goes to Naomi and tells her Arthur loves her. Hobson falls ill, and Arthur and Naomi share concern over her. Naomi tells Arthur that her book was bought, but Susan intrudes and tells her that Arthur coerced the purchase; she gets angry and leaves.

    Arthur starts to care for Hobson, feeding her canned pasta at first, but gradually improving, remaining sober. He finds out that Hobson has made sacrifices for him, and she passes away. Arthur is devastated, and starts drinking again.

    The wedding day arrives. Arthur finds a note from Hobson, telling him to go to Naomi. Arthur refuses to get married, and Susan yells that she needs to marry him to take control of the company. Arthur renounces his wealth and leaves the chapel, stripping nearly naked. He visits Naomi, but she spurns him. He goes to church and stops drinking. He finds Naomi's new book and sees it was dedicated to him. He visits her and apologizes for his behavior. They kiss, and he tells her his mother has forgiven him and they leave together - in the Batmobile.

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