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Little action packed movie without much of a story
filmreviews@web.de2 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Three Bullets" is an American 8.5-minute live action film from 2009, so two more years and this one has its 10th anniversary. Director is Ron Yuan and he also produced this film together as well as wrote the script together with his lead actor Michael Jai White ("The Dark Knight"). The rest of the cast, fittingly with Yuan's origin, is predominantly Asian(-American). Yuan, a highly prolific television actor, also plays a small part of course. This is the story of a cop whose partner is murdered in cold blood. MJW takes revenge and finds the guys responsible for it: a crime boss surrounded by loyal helpers and henchmen. Now if only he had a few more bullets or guns to cope with the situations. But luckily he has his wit and his fighting skills. You probably already guess correctly where this is heading. Yes there really isn't too much to the story and plot and the explanation for the second half early on is not enough I would say. It is all about the action in my opinion. Catchy tune during the film and closing credits, but most of this short movie is not really memorable. I give it a thumbs-down.
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